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  1. Your username is agreeable with here for sure :D

  2. Hello again, could you please change my name back to XP-x64-Lover? Thank you.



    Does anyone have these files? Specifically the acpi5048_x64_intel_only_final.rar (Any help would be great).

  4. Air Ending Full Farewell Song (1080p HD)
  5. Hello, could you change my username to WS2K8-x64-Lover Please and thank you!
  6. @TrevMUN Smart Defrag will assist you in Trimming your SSD Drives. That's what I use, and it's free too; simply run the program and click on Trim & Intelligent Optimize. Now, sometimes your SSD Device will show up as a Hard Drive instead of a Solid State Drive. Simply hoover over where it shows the HDD Icon and your Drive Name; and Two Arrows will appear, click up or down until you see it change your drive to SSD. As stated above, click Trim & Intelligent Optimize, just hoover your mouse over the arrow that's pointing right (It's next to the Trim button) and it will give you that option. I have yet to test Smart Defrag's Trimming abilities with NVME based drives but, I would expect it to work the same way; as long as windows sees it; it should also see it. Enjoy and Good luck!
  7. When I get the chance I will be testing out a particular Ryzen Motherboard that may just work Under XP x64. (We shall see when the time comes).

    1. i430VX


      Very nice. It'd be sweet to see XP Ryzen systems

    2. IntMD


      For Ryzen mobos (and generally for modern, new mobos), make sure you use the modded acpi.sys found here. Here are the instructions on replacing this file in the installation medium.

  8. For those of you that don't know. There is a new 2019 update for XP / XP x64 & Server 2003 / Server 2003 x64 ! https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/search.aspx?q=4500331.
  9. I've changed my mind. I'm going to keep it up. Y'all have inspired me to not give up. So, XP x64 will remain my main OS for a long time; I can still squeeze more life into it.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. dencorso


      Glad to hear it! :yes::thumbup

    3. Tengerecki


      But how? What programs can you use on it? Does anything support it? Skype? Anything? I love XP and Vista but my PC does not support it...:(

    4. XP-x64-Lover


      It takes allot of work sometimes but, it is possible to get many "modern" applications working or to simply search for alternatives; perhaps even create your own if you were experienced enough and had the time / passion.

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