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- Main Computer -

PC Name: Majestic White Tiger aka (Twin Tiger).

Notes: This computer build is my ultimate Dream Computer since back in 2011. I've always wanted to max out my favourite OS XP x64 with Xeons! Lots of planning and research went into this build.

OS: Windows Server Datacenter x64 Edition SP2 VL (aka Windows XP x64 with extra memory support and other goodies).

Notes: What can I say, I love this OS! :wub:

CPUs: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2699A v4

Notes: 32 Cores & 64 Threads usable on XP x64.


Notes: A board with many options, I am happy with my choice! Every computer has it's quirks and things to discover. Especially when you are trying to run older operating systems bare metal on newer hardware.

NVMe SSDs: SAMSUNG 990 PRO M.2 2280 2TB PCI-Express Gen 4.0 x4 (For OS) & PNY CS2140 500GB M.2 NVMe Gen4 x4 (For VMs)

NotesI got puppies at my local walmart for a fair price and they seem to perform well and boot with XP x64 which is lovely. (Referencing the "PNY CS2140 500GB") & The 990 Pro allows me to use the full speed of PCI Express 3.0 x4 on NVMe! :3

HDD: Seagate 16TB HDD Exos X16. (External Data)

NotesI always wanted this capacity hard drive. Although it's of course somewhat loud due to it's performance.

GPU: NVIDIA EVGA GEFORCE GTX TITAN X Superclocked (With ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III Graphical Processing Unit Cooler).

Notes: This video card is amazing, I always wanted to have XP x64 running with it. Although, that third party cooler took many hours to install. It was a bit of a nightmare, very worth the effort though.

RAM: Samsung M393A1G43DB0-CPB0 16x 8GB = 128GB DDR4 @1866 MHz (Quad Channel).

Notes: They work great, although using sixteen memory modules seems to prefer the 1866 MHz speed. With eight memory modules it will run at it's full speed of 2133 MHz though. Maybe in the future I'll grab eight 16GB sticks later clocked at 2400 MHz of course. | *My plans have changed, I am going for a terabyte at 2400MHz!

PSU: EVGA 850 Watt 80+ Gold Certified (With 1x be quiet! SHADOW WINGS 2 140mm).

Notes: It does it's purpose, and I've had it since 2015 in other computers.

Case: Rosewill Wolf Alloy (Custom Modded).

Notes: This case is very special to me, I've had it since 2015 and it is a younger cousin to the Rosewill R6AS5-BK case I used for my first ever custom PC build.

CPU Coolers: 2x Phanteks U-Type Dual Tower Heat-Sink CPU Cooler PH-TC12DX_BK, Black (With 4x be quiet! SHADOW WINGS 2 120mm).

Notes: This heatsink works rather well, matches my theme and the quiet fans add to it.

Thermal Paste: Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 5.5 g Thermal Paste.

NotesThis thermal paste seems to kick butt at it's job. *Grizzly Noises*

Monitor: Samsung S24B240K 23.6" 1920x1080 60 Hz.

Notes: Quite a decent 1080p HD monitor. I found it at a thrift store for a great price back in 2016.

Case Fans: 3x be quiet! SHADOW WINGS 2 120mm & 3x be quiet! SHADOW WINGS 2 140mm.

Notes: These things do a spectacular job at being quiet (Even at 100%), hence the name.

USB: Fresco Logic YEELIYA PCI-E to Type C (2),Type A (3) USB 3.0 5-Port PCI Express Expansion Card.

Notes: This USB card works quite well. The reason I am using it is due to my onboard Intel USB 3.0 no longer working when I use this newer version of ACPI mod for NT 5.2 / XP x64. That is okay though, since everything else runs fantastic with it.




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