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  1. I think this is the third release in a row with no intermediate Beta release, the last of which was September 24, 2019.
  2. Saw egrabrych's post and hoped that coins would pour out the front of my machine when I ran heinoganda's updater. Dashed again.
  3. Definitely modified installation sources are included; this is why I referred to: The point is, in no instance is USB function achieved. Not with factory-standard / vanilla W2k Pro, nor in any known package. If anyone has information otherwise, I am wide open to it.
  4. re: my sound card Are you referring to the integrated audio chipset (Realtek ALC889)? As with the LAN, if you're trying to make the Gigabyte driver work, your better bet may be the Realtek website drivers. I use R.274. I notice they also have an older one (A.4.06), which I have never tried. Softpedia appears to have some earlier Realtek audio driver versions for W2k Pro that you could try: https://drivers.softpedia.com/get/SOUND-CARD/REALTEK/Realtek-HD-Audio-Codecs-Driver-222-for-2000-XP.shtml Seems you're on a roll, so...keep rolling!
  5. That has long been a wonder of mine, as well. Or maybe the BIOS could be modified--the ASRock motherboards I use actually have an option in the BIOS called "USB Compatibility Patch" to deal with it...but when tested its application has been unreliable (YMMV). In my case the boot-up time is no problem, and though I have read of the CPU temperature issue over the years, have never experienced it myself.
  6. 16. Allow Microsoft Windows Update to do its thing 17. finishing up it looks like this 18. now plug in a USB stick and get USB Mass Storage and Disk Drive notifications as Microsoft Windows Update continues to automatically install the appropriate drivers Instead of "Wellsburg" (X99) your Z68 will refer to "Cougar Point".
  7. 13. looks like this after rebooting; right click on yellow bang "Standard Universal..." to update driver 14. here W2k Pro tries to regress to the original (non-working) drivers 15. Choose "Install one of the other drivers" and go with "Standard Enhanced..."
  8. 10. choose "Microsoft Windows Update" and proceed 11. the installation continues 12. allow the restart
  9. 7. and so 8. then this 9. usb root hub and usb generic hub can be seen installing (click "Next")
  10. 4. choose "Standard USB host controller..." 5. choose "Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controller" (click "Next") 6. W2k Pro warns; click "Yes"
  11. 1. right click properties / update driver on one of the yellow bangs beneath "Universal Serial Bus controllers" 2. choose "display a list" 3. instead of the default choice pictured, choose "Show all hardware..."
  12. I wonder why you can't access the internet...are you using the driver from Realtek's website? Better by far than trying to wrestle with the Gigabyte driver. As for solving the USB problem, you don't need internet access--the drivers are already on your machine. The trouble is the default W2k Pro selections, which are wrong and must be overridden using Microsoft Windows Update in Device Manager (not online). After all the years and all the times this has come up, I'd like to go through one example of the installation procedure, which varies based on motherboard, mouse, the particular OS package and God only knows what else, but this site's not letting me post the pics (there are 18 of them). If I can load them a few (or even one) at a time, I will do so.
  13. On newer hardware such as your Z68, you will need to use a PS/2 keyboard to enter Device Manager and install the USB drivers manually (working drivers are already present on your machine). Start by forcing Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controller. From there, use Windows Update to go after the yellow marks in Device Manager and install the remaining complement of USB drivers (but don't let it take you back to the original / non-working ones). As I've said before, it can be a bit of a runaround.
  14. No luck on an integrable add-on, or even an all-in-one package that can be run after OS install. That leaves the old-fashioned way, at least until the update servers are shut down. Might be a good time to note the required updates per MU and download them manually while they are still available.
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