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  1. @dmiranda Sure you get something else not related with carsh427
  2. This is about https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/issues/427 Some people get crash but I don't, made a patch for them. codeberg file was wrong, now it is fixed
  3. Yes they have added new stuff, but it worked for me regardless, I think can fix this next version. And I finally got old P4 like yours with SSE2 only, I shall replay later
  4. The new version is out, сrash and time bug may be fixed, Is this about this, I try it
  5. @AstroSkipper Intel Pentium 4 631 Cedar Mill has SSE3 as well. I try find older then, knew one around very old P4 with SDR memory About logger in single process I have found that if to click anywhere off window it suddenly goes alright
  6. @seven4ever This require many effort, so not soon at all, I think few people use this OS, its just poor if have hardware supporting x64 and 4g RAM even vista64 is better. @AstroSkipper I have checked ublock in the single core P4 machine and was no error with filters installation, what else it may be.
  7. @AstroSkipper Huh but I mention AdGuard inside uBlock.
  8. @AstroSkipper Why I asked about AdGuerd, so what about other things there? Evrething is the same or not, does it pass to the network.
  9. @genieautravail If 5 users will gether, okey next version will have SSE. What doesn't suit your already existing version, because new version is more bloated and likely has new errors. @AstroSkipper What about other things or this is happens only with Adguard, soon I shall make testing on P4 single core, @AstroSkipper@NotHereToPlayGames Multiprocess is not about cpu cores. Windows OS multiprocess itself since 1993 I think, and Intel 386 the first CPU which supports multiprocess. Also Firefox is not like Chrome here, they try be it latter at 100's, I think making every piece on the separate process is overkill. In general mp is good for performance, and stability too. If you have ar least 2gb ram prefer stay mp. Furthermore POSready updates installed everywhere on my side, never heard about issues with this.
  10. Uh, how could it be. Good, assume this will be in the next version I shall check with this var date = new Date(); const jan = new Date(2024, 0, 1).getTimezoneOffset(); const jul = new Date(2024, 6, 1).getTimezoneOffset(); console.log(Date()); console.log("jan " + jan + " jul " + jul + ' '); console.log("toString().match " + (new Date).toString().match(/([-+][0-9]+)\s/)) console.log("toString " + (new Date).toString()) console.log("toLocaleTimeString " +new Date().toLocaleTimeString());
  11. @AstroSkipper Blame is not uploading, so what type of the crash do you get? Ublock: as you see below, I have installed all, stuff and its works fine, multi or single no matter But logger on single @genieautravail I asked there 5 users vote so you will be the first https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/issues/164 And please tell why do you want newer SSE version?
  12. If you tell here about Proxomitron, then I suggest to try Privoxy once I had moved from Proxomitron to it, I think it is advanced even more and its fast.
  13. @AstroSkipper About ublock: obviously but I ask did you try the vanilla install https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/issues/426 about codeberg: I get BUFFER_OVERRUN crash only when blame very big file, still no clue what buffer and where. And what type of the crash do you have
  14. https://codeberg.org/Theodor2/Mypal68/releases github still not, don't know, I have set autoupdate from codeberg https://www.mypal-browser.org/download.html just now
  15. That's was all folks Applied to my new 68.14 you may check it already has been published
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