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  1. There's also the megatools CLI utility which has an XP-specific build, go check it out. :P
  2. Given Server 2012 R2 has the same EOL date as R1, I doubt it, unless some embedded version is supported. MS want to desperately kill off anything that's below the current release of Windows 10, essentially pulling a Firefox with the 'rolling release on top of ancient codebase' mechanic which introduces obvious stability problems.
  3. On a side note it's worth noting there's definitely some weird polling going on with Google/YT - whenever a copyright claim or Content ID match is made on a video it seems to 'restrict' something. Not really sure what exactly, but it seems like a lot of the YouTube downloaders which don't essentially download the video to their own server beforehand, fail on any Content ID-matched videos instead simply erroring or returning a video with no sound whatsoever. Might be some use to someone out there, I find it rather intriguing that this happens with any of them that clearly use the YouTube API or whatever to retrieve the direct URL. I've also had the weird 'can't view my own videos' thing in the web interface from a non-Gmail account as well at some point (2016 or so?) which seems to be somewhat related. As for your videos supposedly 'screwing up' over the years that's likely down really to YT re-encoding them from [original format pre-upload] to FLV [whatever that used] to H.264/AAC-192CBR+WEBM/AAC-192CBR. I will still never understand why HTML5 didn't specify a single damn codec, WEBM/WEBP is completely useless and MP4 is inefficient as a container format: probably some sort of lobbyist behaviour over at the Google/CrApple department with them going "WAAAAHHH THAT'S MY CODEC!!!11!11!1!111!1" or something to be honest as one of the draft specs did specify Ogg Theora, then this was removed in 2007 with no explanation as to why. Flash, regardless of its security holes, could at least play H.264/AAC no problem, dunno why no one couldn't just use Flash and then serve the MP4 to the Apple devices lol. That said, an open alternative was needed, just not one so poorly implemented :/ Also lol I've seen you over at board2 @kuja killer - interesting coincidence (I just lurk as I have no reason to register lol, but I thought I recognised your username!)
  4. This immediately just reminded me of this and given we're targeting Windows XP it's amusingly fitting (plus right after was the infamous 'PINGAS' scene...)
  5. I've never heard of anyone doing this but I am curious if using any of the early Longhorn WinPE's and modding them would work in such a case seeing how close they are to NT 5.2. It'd involve a lot of work, but it'd be a rather interesting project for certain heh.
  6. They've mainstreamed it in the past couple of years since they realised they killed off the traditional forum singlehandedly for good.
  7. If you're referring to those like they have on private/corporate networks (say, college wifi) then that's doable, I've done it before. It's just a complete mess, it took me a good half hour to figure it out and I don't remember how now.
  8. Windows XP x64 Edition = NT 5.2 (Server 2003 x64), essentially couid be considered a 'consumer edition' SKU of sorts as a response to the Athlon 64's release to home users. @TECHGEEK Pentium D is horribly inefficient, but yeah Windows 7 definitely tends to be a hog compared to Vista SP1/2 (as @Dixel pointed out, SP1 performs pretty decently, it's just the RTM that has issues which were mainly hardware related at the time). In fact 7 is honestly just a marketing term for a re-issue of Vista...
  9. I still think deep down we all want to be part of a band, it's just that individual success has overtaken because of the likes of social media and the likes :/ Ooooh that's pretty amazing, got any particular tunes on hand you could share? haha Yeah. There was definitely a focus on lightweight and fast up until what, about 2016 or so? It was slowly slipping away from about 2012 onwards to be fair but because of the huge abundance of younger people who could legally be tracked by corporate media I suspect they wanted to shove as much of that down the later generations' throats to ensure social media monopolised our minds... I'm pretty worried, stuff like Discord (which basically breaks in anything that isn't Chromium based) essentially took over a lot of the 'independent communities' I used to frequent, and even the older people who were on forums for years 'switched over'. That never particularly sat well with me given how social media has been gradually stripping away customisation features and 'subgroup-like' features especially in the past few years (think how Facebook basically abandoned Groups for Pages and Twitter killed the ability for a user to have a custom colour on their profile page). It's trying to tell us to all be the same, and to stick to the same few sites, isn't it? And because most of people are so used to it they just buy into it instead of looking for alternative platforms anymore...
  10. @MS-Russia Apologies, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions :/
  11. Why are you continuing to use a modified version of Windows XP? I'm unsure if @dencorso's ban on you was completely in order, you don't seem too awful of a user from what I've seen so far and given where you're from you probably picked up some modified copy without really thinking about its origin/legality. Still, there's a rule about multiple accounts here and I don't know what happened after that post (if any PMs were sent around by you or whatever) so it's not really up to me to decide or anything as I just semi-lurk :|
  12. Ah, thanks for the clarification @win32 :3 I don't deal with 2K at all myself, I just wanted to help out in some way and searching for that file took a little while. Had to google the executable's name and one of the only results was that link on this forum from another post half a year ago asking for it...
  13. Ironically I prefer this to most news websites and that should say a lot lol. (Also why does a site trying to emulate 90s Geocities stereotypes use a valid HTTPS certificate?) What about the dropdown links that used to then pop up in a new window, which most browsers will block. There's one on the bottom of xeogaming.org, a mostly dormant forum from 2005 running a modified AcmlmBoard 1.92.
  14. https://www.jumpjet.info/Application-Software/Windows/Programming/1/dotNET/NetFX35W2KRC3a.zip This is for vanilla 2000, no KernelEx. Found it by searching the executable's name and it returned a backup link, just tried it and it seems to work here
  15. Windows 10: The 'ow' starts now

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    2. Win10-Hater


      I used Windows 10 on my Dell Inspiron 15 3567 (my secondary laptop) with an Intel core i3 6006u, 4 GB RAM and a Toshiba 5400 rpm HDD, and it was eating up all it could, it was horrible!! Now I have Windows 8.1 (I even used Windows 7 on that laptop) and it is very fast compared to Win10 or even 7. Don't you think?

    3. Koishi Komeiji

      Koishi Komeiji

      8.1 is surprisingly well optimised, it's probably the best out of the NT 6.x line. Vista SP2 comes in second place I'd say. But yeah, 4GB RAM and a 5400RPM SATA drive on Windows 10 is just asking for trouble due to the invasive telemetry querying things as well as the pagefile being in constant use.

    4. Win10-Hater


      8.1 is the perfect mix of traditional and modern stuff. It has many useful features such as fast startup, delaying updates up to 2 days etc. Vista is the second best only by a really tiny margin to me too because it does not have fast startup (but I don't really need this as my primary Vista laptop has an SSD) or delay of update installation of up to 2 days (only up to 4 hrs). 

      Otherwise, Vista and 8.1 are equally good to me.

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