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  1. You'd need to create a batch script of some sort from the exe's you have already, I've never done this before however, so can't really give you any advice. I imagine it would be relatively trivial of a task to generate new lines to install silently every 'windowsxp-kbWHATEVER-x86' update executable in the folder with some kind of regex to fill in the info more easily. On a side note I'm quite sure you can slipstream individual update files into an XP image using nLite. Presuming you still have original install media that isn't damaged or hacked about with, you could try that as well and save time after install too Always test things like that in a VM or secondary partition though first to save hassling on real hardware or your main partition :p
  2. Yeah, happens in a lot of scenarios, for example also in the car industry (Renault Avantime anyone?) and how nowadays in music we don't get the likes of B-sides normally from most Western bands... heck even the idea of bands is going as social media wants it all to be about one person at the spotlight of a creation, I feel. Grant Nicholas from Feeder has mentioned this a few times, about how deep down we do want to be united like a band, but society basically tells us to show off only individually, especially nowadays. Went offtopic there but yeah, self-held and generally-held attitudes to things changing over time, good/bad memories, etc. can really greatly affect others' opinions, aggression on beliefs with certain subjects, and experiences.
  3. I forgot about that one. And yeah, I noticed that trend creeping in on software, to not bother drawing using the native UI format. One of the reasons GUI-based Linux bugs me is that things can get pretty horribly inconsistent without a lot of fiddling about (no idea why buttons/dialogue boxes/colours and such annoy me so much when they don't align right)
  4. @jasongeo2 Thanks for taking the time to come by and share your words, with utmost respect from the MSFN community. To the Windows 9x/ME part on this forum he was/is almost a father figure in terms of his influence on the people in the current scene and his work will never be forgotten due to everything he's brought in his time. Even if the works aren't the type of thing you'd see too often, if at all, in a commercial environment, isn't life supposed to be about happiness, and passing the happiness onto others even after you've ascended from life? <3 Make sure you keep that in mind yourself, and for anyone in your future life, or well, anyone you can possibly pass that onto. Be content with what positivity you've brought, regardless of how small it seems: one person might not like it, is another person may treasure it for their life.
  5. @hpwamr You should still attempt to make it unique in a way that competing editors don't offer (and something that is useful, not simply a modern-day gimmick). Simply being an alternative for the sakes of being an alternative leads to bitter competition and drama, normally, aside from usual lack of focus. I dunno if NP++ can bind keyboard shortcuts Vim-style but maybe something like that would be a great idea for those who love terminal text editors... I'm guilty of hitting CTRL+O a lot due to excessive nano usage :P
  6. A sprite version of this avatar in the style of SMB3 would look pretty good huh?

  7. Did the 3.x branch run on Windows 98SE / ME or not? I always assumed it only went up to 2.0 SP2 on those two systems, so maybe there was a change of plan (making this a very old leftover). Or maybe they just didn't bother changing the IE dependency from earlier versions that included it, due to the lawsuit back in the 2000s leading to MS's gradual disintegration of Internet Explorer from the OS. (It always weirded me out how IE7/8 looked so out of place on XP, and still does to me now. I guess that's what developed my OCD for interfaces that don't look right with the rest of the OS , aka 'why I don't like using Linux').
  8. I still think if we ever make a chat room for anything like the extended kernel project for instance, best bet would be do it on an IRC server rather than Discord. Less likely to end up seeing random id*** joining the chat who don't really care for talking any sense; it's not under a frighteningly increasingly monopolising duoculture killing off the whole idea of independent communities along with Reddit, and best of all IRC works really easily on any OS, same with a simple message board or wiki for these types of things. Kinda unrelated I guess, though I was making a point especially if @win32 sees this for instance.
  9. Surely interesting find, and extremely impressive! You should show off a few pieces of homebrew and commercial games running in DX11 mode somewhere... if only a YouTube alternative existed that wasn't full of 'le redditors trying to be cool by mocking 2008 YouTube' or literal fascists/communists.
  10. It's very interesting how people used to use that exact same description to describe the jump between Luna and Windows Classic, and now people want the likes of Luna and Aero back regardless of their criticism at the time. :P
  11. I mean, I'm interested enough to notice that you made a spelling mistake in the emulator's name in your post, right there. XD I'll have a look at some point, but it's also worth noting (if you want to put these here) that the latest development builds of FCEUX work (tested the x64 version on both NT 5.2 and 6.0), as does the latest stable of Snes9x (1.60 if I'm not mistaken) which is a nice breath of fresh air. I have a real PS2 anyway so there's no legal implication to using the BIOS providing I use the one from my model (SCPH-50003), as I don't actually know how to dump it despite it being FMCB'd - I think something like that would require extra hardware-mods to dump properly. For more unified options in regards to console emulation, RetroArch broke compatibility some time ago without anyone noticing it (in fact I was the very person who pointed out their website info was inaccurate as well as the fact that using the MSVC2010 builds meant not having advantages like DX11), but I'd recommend Mednafen over RetroArch anyday given it actually makes some form of sense to the user and isn't a bloated mess.
  12. Would it even run at a playable speed on such hardware, though? You're looking at a pre-2004 CPU here pretty much, I might be wrong when paired with a good graphics card but I imagine more recent versions of PCSX2 are more accurate - thus requiring more powerful hardware to run the same content? I might be wrong, I've seldom if ever used it (though have heard negative opinions about its codebase, lol). On a side note, anyone tested this under 64-bit Windows XP, or (if native 64-bit is possible) able to compile it for 64-bit? Would be an interesting thing to do.
  13. Can confirm the 64-bit builds work on Vista SP2. No idea about Windows XP/Server 2003 x64, but here's a sigh of relief as I was expecting it to break (due to the use of VS2019). On a side note, eMule's website strongly reminds me of ZSNES's...
  14. Thing is you shouldn't need to use external tools to make an OS simply bearable to use, that should be reserved for additional tweaks and cool stuff. I think that's what most peoples' gripe with Windows 10 lies in too, the fact it requires 3rd party tools in order to improve performance tl the point it won't thrash the page file constantly on systems with less than 8GB RAM for instance (which believe me are not as uncommon as the internet wants you to believe).
  15. Has PicoTorrent been mentioned in this thread? The most recent stable, native x64 build works on Windows Vista SP2. It's also got a portable version, so it's worth a nod towards. Requires the VC++ 2015-2019 redistributable to be installed.
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