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  1. So I have recently updated to Windows 7, again on my laptop and gotta enjoy the application compatibility freedom is back for me. Applied a Vista theme and make a few tweakings to confuse the hell out of me, but I was thinking: is it possible to modify authui.dll to add the Pearl post-boot animation, after the bootscreen and before the Windows logon screen appears? I do remember in early beta builds of Windows 7, they kept the Pearl animation. I know I can't simply throw in authui.dll from a working Vista install to 7, it would prevent the OS from showing the logon screen.
  2. Alright close this, I removed Vista unfortunately and moved on to 7 with that Vista look to confuse myself and strangers. I do however look forward to reinstalling the real deal in the near future.
  3. UPDATE: Did some headphone jack fiddling and removed Windows 8 dual-boot, can now mostly hear ThinkPad computer sounds, Windows startup sounds, logoff and shutdown sounds. Still gotta fix my error sounds even though I set it to "Windows Default" and uninstalled iTunes.
  4. I set it to Windows Default 1,000,000 times. And yes, I've got iTunes installed on my computer. Either I might try changing the default audio player or uninstalling the program. UPDATE: Uninstalled iTunes, Set the sound scheme to Windows Default 1,000 times. Still can't hear the error tones (but can still hear the Windows Logon sound). And because of that stuck stupid headphone jack, I can't hear the Windows Logoff sound (even though it was set, shutdown or the Vista Orb Animation startup sound.
  5. Alright so I got a few problems.... So over my long weekend my younger sister decided to take out the headphones the rough way, and all of a sudden it got stuck. I had to uninstall the SmartAudio driver and use the High Definition Audio driver; set Speaker to default and Headphones disabled and the Speaker on my laptop works now. However, on Windows startup, when the Vista orb animation appeared, I couldn't hear the sound. My volume's good, the "Play Windows startup sound" in Sound Preferences is checked and "Speaker" is the default. Is there anything I should change? And also I can't hear the Windows error tones. It's set properly with the appropriate sound effects, with Speaker working, but I don't hear the Windows error tones. But on the Volume Mixer I could hear the Windows Ding just fine.
  6. Guys, I just wanna confess that the latest version of TeamViewer works perfectly on Windows Vista. Connected it to my main PC (which is modernly better haha) with Hackintosh macOS Mojave. Also I'd like to point out that the latest version of f.lux is working, but you just need to Unblock the installer or else it will not work. I don't know when will TeamViewer, f.lux or anything will announce their end-of-service for Vista yet. I also done a Geekbench 4 test (which required Windows 7 as the minimum OS but it ran without problems on Vista!), and I did remember some service I signed in to on Windows Vista, and then I checked my E-mail, it showed the info of my system and thinks my OS was Windows 7 (no I didn't spoof anything haha)
  7. I am using a 28.x version. I might install the LAV dlls later on and give that a try.
  8. So I've been enjoying my Windows Vista installation on my T410 problem-free 98.7% of the time, speedier by 2x with a SSD. However there was one problem: when I was going on the KAN 11 website to watch my livestream, I couldn't play it. It tells me that "there are no playable sources found". However on Chrome (with the final version for Vista/XP), it plays the file just fine. Is there any codec I need to install or configure browser settings so I could play KAN 11's stream on New Moon? Here is the snapshot on New Moon for proof, but cannot show on Chrome because of how restricted the image uploader is.
  9. So according to my own research, I found out Vista doesn't have TRIM support. I'm getting my SSD in like tomorrow and am putting the Windows Vista installation from my ThinkPad onto there. I've been researching on Google some utilities, and even I don't think the Seagate SSD Seatools would have the Performance TRIM optimizer thing (I'm going to use a Seagate Barracuda SSD, yes it exists.) As using SSD without TRIM would affect performance and lifespan, any suggestions on a 3rd-party TRIM tool I could use on Vista besides the Seatools?
  10. Damn that Vista stereotype going true for new hardware. Anyways, would the drivers for Intel USB 3.0 (and HD 630) work for Windows Vista, even modified drivers?
  11. Wow. So about the services thing, wouldn't the ones that I could manually start would still work, or just barely any service, regardless would not start at all?
  12. So guys, I have seen a video on the internet showing Vista running on a Skylake processor without issues: After googling the processor from the System Properties, I found out and was surprised it was a Skylake processor, one of the post-Haswell processors. I saw something on this website before I signed up saying that Vista might not work good on Haswell and beyond processors, but for his Skylake computer it's kinda... working decently. So, is there a possibility on getting Windows Vista to run on Kaby Lake?
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