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  1. yea, i also posted this in r/windows98 only idea that came up was Just the Filesystem setting. setting it to ISO9660+Joilet+UDF worked in testing, but the "bad discs" do read in my eMac & easily read in this PC that burned the Discs. soon as roommate wakes up at this moment, i'll head out to buy more blank Discs (local place sells Maxwell branded Discs 25 for 7$ (XD havent seen Blank disc prices this low since the early to late 2000's)
  2. is there a easy way to properly burnt DVD-Data discs for Windows 98? as a handset of games are quite large comparativly to the small 20GB Hard drive i currently got in a system im building and would be nice to offset a chunk of the CD Images on a Set of DVD Discs. the last attempted i burnt in Imgburn Build mode set for Mode1/2048 (data type), ISO9660 + UDF (for Filesystem), and UDF revision 1.02
  3. after being reminded about it by Michael MJD on YT, i was about to ask the same thing, i think there's a post from 2 years ago about this showing it might be possible. (though @Mathwiz brought up this point, given they didnt do this w/ a prior OS, they MAY do this/have done this to Windows 7/7 POSReady) "My concern, though, is that once Jan. 2020 arrives, M$ will change the "ApplicabilityInfo" string for newer updates to just read "Windows 7.0 Embedded;" etc. and they will no longer install on our Windows 7 Client systems without patching. Edit: OTOH M$ didn't do that with Windows Server 2012 updates; they still install on Windows 8 Client, so maybe there's nothing to worry about. I guess we'll all find out in 2020."
  4. do correct me if im wrong @rloew but it looks like his son is missing some versions atleast uploaded on the site... bless your heart for dealing with the grief while continuing to help out the community. , some things catching by eye, looks like your possibly missing just going by file names, 1.9 of RFORMAT and 3.1 of RFDISK, if this is true and anyone Has these, for sake of preservation, anyone able to help him w/ these versions?
  5. they did mention thier searching thru Rloew's pc sorting out personal from non to find it all , but has released a fewbits sofar
  6. As far as i know, the oldest OS officially supported by Apple's Bootcamp is Windows XP, i've Tried 98 even via a Live CD that's patched together. big problem is that halts it right away are USB Drivers(no USB, = No Keyboard and mouse) if anyones managed to hackily patch something together, can these be linked? the older Mac Mini's that still had a Disc Drive would be pretty nifty for a 98 PC and to save desk Space (i have a Mid 2010 model ((hardware Identified as "Macmini4,1")) that has the Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz / Nvidia 320M iGPU, wouldnt mind getting it to work if it were at all possible as these things take so little space.
  7. i am ... So sorry for your Loss i just now found out when i recommended your father's Work to a Youtuber i watch trying to build a Windows 98 PC. my one Windows 98 PC (minus its current issues) wouldnt be here if it wasn't for your father's work, i wish i could of supported him more. understand you have a big family on these forums and many others out there, if you feel the need to help i wouldnt doubt that there wouldnt be a person who wouldnt mind helping where they could.
  8. (another delayed post , i've been a lil busy) but seems with 21, Snes9x 1.55~1.60 works (if you rename d3dx9_30.dll to d3dx9_42.dll and set to atleast KernelEX on it to win2k to allow it to get past the error) but it obviously cannot initialize audio (Xaudio) or DirectX input properly so Sound by DirectSound and Keyboard input only (though Snes9x will still map gamepads just fine, just ingame you get nothing.. nada.) if you could get the required version of said DirectX (DXInput) library working it would leave on some configurations good Snes emulation *with* the bonus of MSU-1 Audio support. (since Snes9x has had support for it since 1.55, and versions past 1.52 havent been working till recenbtly in KernelEX)
  9. sorry for long reply, i guess my worry was something akin to issues dualbooting 95/98 dont know why i didnt think twice about how XP literally had functionally for this. (and that i had gone w/ this back in the day w/ an Dell latitude laptop(but w/ ME instead of 98)
  10. to be honest, i dont know which this question belongs in (98 section or here in the XP section), outside separate drives, is there any safe way to dual boot on the same drive but by multiple partitions? the system i'd do this to doesn't have the room for 2 drives (Low profile form factor case) [Optiplex GX 260) + theres a few games that cannot be bruteforced to run w/ KernelEX that'd i'd want to run on it.
  11. so one last lingering problem to iron out w/ this Optiplex GX260, "Networking" this particular one based on service tag, uses the Intel 8254x 1000 NIC (windows 98 installs it as "Intel Pro 1000 MT Desktop Adapter" ) but after reboot from installing drivers, an endless loop of "Windows Protection Error" untill i remove the installed device in Device manager in Safe Mode. (the driver they provide is https://downloads.dell.com/network/R54402.EXE ) successfully installed atm is Rloew's Ram Patch, Main Core files for U98SESP3, IE6SP1, KernelEX 4.5.3(beta 17) total ram: 1256 MB any way to get Networking fixed? (would be nice to do Filesharing over the network,) and if memory serves once it is working dont i haveto do some optimization to get high network transfer speeds?
  12. Well so far so good, clean install did as @rloew suggested , everythings installed atm except the extra stick of ram (it's late here and im winding down for bed) but miltiple reboots no laggy mouse and since installing IE6 before anything, no broken "as a Web Page"
  13. i couldnt install IE6 Post U98SESP3 for some-reason (it'd create the setup log blank then would be unable read from it,) because it doesnt take long to wipe clean n rebuild, i formatted the hard drive n tried again, Now at some weird random point the Video adapter and a system Device is conflicting. (i had planned to remove the extra 1GB Ram to get everything installed n patched then put back in to get around some of teh headache having 512MB+ Ram causes)
  14. so about another month another system in my home (i like building these and giving out to local friends intrested in retro computing) this time i got my mits on an Dell Optiplex GX260. Driver acquisition was easy as its hardware was supported and everythings still up on Dell's Support page nothing wrong here but its post-setup after windows things go wrong. (here's what i did in order) Install 98 and wait for first reboot, boot using floppy and install Rloew's Ram patch. after Windows 98 Finishes, install system's Drivers Install Universal USB for Windows 98 (NUSB33e) n Reboot (this is where USB Mice break for the first time on me) Install U98SESP3 Main Files first (this is where "as a web page" breaks) then everything else marked "Install Separately" One by one Reinstall Rloew's Ram patch due to what U98SESP3 updates (maybe i should of just removed the extra ram untill i got this far in the first place?) Install everything else for U98SESP3 Installed KernelEX 4.5.2 Update to 4.5.3 Beta 18 (breaks and at boot "Cannot find Kernel driver") forcing me to install over it Beta 17 (then my usual list of games etc) This is the first time i've had As a Web page view break and the Mouse move so laggy (its a 1 in 3 crapshoot on boot if its going to be like that or not, if it lags , reboot till it doesn't) any idea Why the mouse is like this and why the "As a Web Page" view is broken? (things that display on the left side display and/or the entire folder view breaks not listing folder contents when stuffs clearly there by changing to view - details)

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