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  1. (another delayed post , i've been a lil busy) but seems with 21, Snes9x 1.55~1.60 works (if you rename d3dx9_30.dll to d3dx9_42.dll and set to atleast KernelEX on it to win2k to allow it to get past the error) but it obviously cannot initialize audio (Xaudio) or DirectX input properly so Sound by DirectSound and Keyboard input only (though Snes9x will still map gamepads just fine, just ingame you get nothing.. nada.) if you could get the required version of said DirectX (DXInput) library working it would leave on some configurations good Snes emulation *with* the bonus of MSU-1 Audio support. (since Snes9x has had support for it since 1.55, and versions past 1.52 havent been working till recenbtly in KernelEX)
  2. sorry for long reply, i guess my worry was something akin to issues dualbooting 95/98 dont know why i didnt think twice about how XP literally had functionally for this. (and that i had gone w/ this back in the day w/ an Dell latitude laptop(but w/ ME instead of 98)
  3. to be honest, i dont know which this question belongs in (98 section or here in the XP section), outside separate drives, is there any safe way to dual boot on the same drive but by multiple partitions? the system i'd do this to doesn't have the room for 2 drives (Low profile form factor case) [Optiplex GX 260) + theres a few games that cannot be bruteforced to run w/ KernelEX that'd i'd want to run on it.
  4. so one last lingering problem to iron out w/ this Optiplex GX260, "Networking" this particular one based on service tag, uses the Intel 8254x 1000 NIC (windows 98 installs it as "Intel Pro 1000 MT Desktop Adapter" ) but after reboot from installing drivers, an endless loop of "Windows Protection Error" untill i remove the installed device in Device manager in Safe Mode. (the driver they provide is https://downloads.dell.com/network/R54402.EXE ) successfully installed atm is Rloew's Ram Patch, Main Core files for U98SESP3, IE6SP1, KernelEX 4.5.3(beta 17) total ram: 1256 MB any way to get Networking fixed? (would be nice to do Filesharing over the network,) and if memory serves once it is working dont i haveto do some optimization to get high network transfer speeds?
  5. Well so far so good, clean install did as @rloew suggested , everythings installed atm except the extra stick of ram (it's late here and im winding down for bed) but miltiple reboots no laggy mouse and since installing IE6 before anything, no broken "as a Web Page"
  6. i couldnt install IE6 Post U98SESP3 for some-reason (it'd create the setup log blank then would be unable read from it,) because it doesnt take long to wipe clean n rebuild, i formatted the hard drive n tried again, Now at some weird random point the Video adapter and a system Device is conflicting. (i had planned to remove the extra 1GB Ram to get everything installed n patched then put back in to get around some of teh headache having 512MB+ Ram causes)
  7. so about another month another system in my home (i like building these and giving out to local friends intrested in retro computing) this time i got my mits on an Dell Optiplex GX260. Driver acquisition was easy as its hardware was supported and everythings still up on Dell's Support page nothing wrong here but its post-setup after windows things go wrong. (here's what i did in order) Install 98 and wait for first reboot, boot using floppy and install Rloew's Ram patch. after Windows 98 Finishes, install system's Drivers Install Universal USB for Windows 98 (NUSB33e) n Reboot (this is where USB Mice break for the first time on me) Install U98SESP3 Main Files first (this is where "as a web page" breaks) then everything else marked "Install Separately" One by one Reinstall Rloew's Ram patch due to what U98SESP3 updates (maybe i should of just removed the extra ram untill i got this far in the first place?) Install everything else for U98SESP3 Installed KernelEX 4.5.2 Update to 4.5.3 Beta 18 (breaks and at boot "Cannot find Kernel driver") forcing me to install over it Beta 17 (then my usual list of games etc) This is the first time i've had As a Web page view break and the Mouse move so laggy (its a 1 in 3 crapshoot on boot if its going to be like that or not, if it lags , reboot till it doesn't) any idea Why the mouse is like this and why the "As a Web Page" view is broken? (things that display on the left side display and/or the entire folder view breaks not listing folder contents when stuffs clearly there by changing to view - details)
  8. whelp the old 30GB Hard drive in my old Dell X200 gave out today (went to fire it up as i didnt feel like lugging my 98 Machine to my game room and its monitor and i neede dto flash a new ROM to my old PS1 Gameshark 2.1 cart. (the old ones that plugged into the Parallel I/O on older PS1's) ) its a lil easier to know whats neede din 98 (Autopatcher/USESP3.56 and kernelEX for 98) but i dont understand Japanese for didly (i know maybe just enough to ask for a few thinsg should i ever visit the country) and Google translate does NOT help much w/ translating @blackwingcat's windows 2k Page. theres v28c i see and Extended Core? are the ones i want Windows2000-KB935839-v28iG-x86-ENU.exe & Windows2000-KB979683-v16a-x86-ENU.exe ? and i belive i should also get USP5 "HFSLIP2000-FullPack.7z" ? and in what order should i install things?
  9. i'm reverting the various tweaks found here: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/748494-windows-95-install-guide/ and going nuclear in the sense of undoing everything incluing glass8 untill it catches up to the Creators update. (i'm unsure what item in teh list is responsible but after updating i ran into a case i couldnt sign into windows. ) will i loose a registration count if i haveto reinstall later? Edit: noticed after going to backup my donation.key, there were alot of minidumps at the time i tried signing into windows after the CU, i'm putting them in an archive and will post em if needed here to find out whats up.)
  10. ok so i managed to get Java 6u23 installed (the installer works if you grab from filehippo), since the offical OSRS Client uses an incompatable MSI version, i decided to try OSBuddy after having to find Where 98 was thinking System Root is (C:\Windows\ instead of how it is w/ vista and up in c:\Users\name\) and copying a OSBuddy Folder thats normally in the User profile root to C:\Windows i can get the loader to show it tries to do first time download of OSRS but it just stalls there. No Disk Activity to indicate its downloading S L O W L Y (see my previous thread in thsi section best i get swapping cables and Port in my AIO Modem is 250kb/s) Has anyone had luck? or will it work in latest usable SeaMonkey? (Browser version) (2.6.1)
  11. Edit, Tried those No differance in Speeds even tried swapping cables.
  12. not sure the exact Lan adapter w/o Booting Hiren's Boot CD (machine's off atm) but i think it's the SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter (Built in LAN) when my main rig connected the same manner (all my machines unless they're laptops/handhelds i perfeer to hardwire ver going wifi) can easily max out at 3.5MB/s (which is the max per megabyte my speed package w/ comcast caps at.) so its not the AIO Modem.
  13. i understand Network speeds will be abysmal in 98SE, but seriously only 80Kb/s? i have a 30Mbit Down Connection, i know the Ethernet adapter is atbest never going to go blazingly fast but a 10/100 in full duplex should at least achieve alot faster No? anything to fix this?
  14. Thats helped teh only thing i had to manually install outside the few that haveto reguardless, was IE6up1 now to fine tune it to a few degrees more and this system will be Perfect
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