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  1. My computer is an Emachines e730 , i found an old driver on the Intel website but when i try to install it say , The system doesn't have the minimun system requirements , so now i don't know what to do , i need this driver only because i wanna transform this laptop in a retro gaming laptop (kind of...) and the other problem is that my XP doesn't see the 4GB of ram.
  2. i wanna install Windows 2000 in this almost 10 years laptop , but the only driver i could find are only for Windows XP
  3. So , i only need to remove the apps and the packages folder from \Windows or \ProgramData Thank you
  4. I don't need any Windows store apps o Metro Apps , i use only Local Account with almost 3rd Party software (e.g Classic shell )
  5. I need to extract the install.wim?
  6. Sorry , but I got a legal product key of windows XP , can I use it?
  7. It works thanks , but I got another bad news my laptop has got 4 gb of ram , but XP only see 2.30 gb , why? I know XP can only see 3.70 gb not full 4 gb
  8. I don't find any graphics driver for the IGPU , There are any Intel HD graphics driver available for XP? At this moment i'm using VBE 3.0
  9. Start - Right click on My computer , settings if you can see Windows version is 2014 is installed Sorry for my bad english
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