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  1. UCyborg

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    Anti-virus and such software tend to guess about any file they don't know about so they flag a lot of harmless and useful stuff. It's safe. Just the feature that allows the same window caption text color as set in AeroGlass to be applied to ribbon windows doesn't work since the feature relies on Big Muscle's DLL to be injected in every process (which also causes the problem with .themepack/.deskthemepackfiles). Though there's a better way to set that color by modifying the theme's visual style file. This works flawlessly on Windows 8.x, but they made some changes in Windows 10 that causes inactive caption color to be mixed with another color that is hardcoded. Similarly for active caption color, 2 colors are used, one is read from the visual style file and can be changed and the other is hardcoded. Which one is used depends on the brightness of the window frame background color. Confirmed to work on Windows 8.x/10.
  2. UCyborg

    My account has been blocked

    Getting word out is not a problem, but going against terms of use is. Besides, it's a good netiquette to link to the official source of whatever you're promoting. This. A lot of people out there who think they're entitled to something. Anonymous mask that the internet gives tends to make people behave even shittier than they otherwise would. I like that idea. Then the general public won't be able to complain about debug windows and watermarks, though admittedly, there's always something to complain about. But honestly, directing frustration at Big Muscle, besides not helping in anyway, possibly even discouraging further development is misguided because ultimately, we're here due to the fact that Microsoft intentionally removed perfectly functional feature. In the old days, these types of programs were used to extend operating system with new functionality that wasn't implemented before, but today, we happen to also need software that restores features that were perfectly functional in previous versions. There is an easy checkbox in Windows 7/Vista for toggling transparency that satisfies the user with either preference. I remember the post where Big Muscle said he considered open sourcing Aero Glass, but decided against it due to other people's behavior. There was a similar story with Classic Shell, started out as closed source, then it was open sourced for a while before being closed again due to other people's behavior. The code was opened in the end when its author decided to stop developing it any further. Perhaps, as @DarkKnight said, changing things in one direction or another would just require more consideration on the licensing. Though in the end, I also agree there's nothing particularly off-putting or nonsensical about the rules already in place. You can never make everyone happy... Edit: Experimental builds can be downloaded only by donators in the first days. He must have downloaded it before it was available for everyone.
  3. I could get it to compile, but toasts aren't replaced. I could definitely use some hints.
  4. UCyborg

    Suddenly there are 80+ important updates

    I assumed it got messed up somehow. I managed to break things in the past when messing with updates.
  5. UCyborg

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    KB4467682 was pulled recently due to causing BSOD on certain systems. It happens to be well functional.
  6. UCyborg

    Internet keeps dropping out Windows 10 1803

    I tried Windows 10 1803 on my laptop again a while back for a very short time. I don't know how it used to work at one point with an older build, but once again, I encountered an issue when wired and wireless adapter are bridged, wireless adapter drops connection shortly after the another computer is connected to laptop's wired adapter. No such issue on Windows 8.1. I don't know what the issue is in OP's case, but when you have bugs in Windows' own networking stack, no driver update for the network adapter will be able to tackle the issue.
  7. If you are going to write a three word sentance for something most of us think is s**** then please have the decency to explain "why" I think it mostly serves to consume CPU cycles and network bandwidth. For serious crashing bugs, Windows Error Reporting has been a thing for many years. For the rest, there are concepts such as users providing feedback (where for certain things MS conveniently ignores it if it doesn't align with their vision) and testing done by professional quality assurance team. No telemetry can replace these things.
  8. Looks like someone expressed the same interest 4 years ago on SevenForums. It does actually work on 32-bit Windows 7 (and also 8.1), though access violation error pops up when logging off. Those binaries are 32-bit, but we'd need 64-bit ones for it to work on 64-bit systems. In best case scenario, code would just have to be recompiled. But since they're talking about porting it to 64-bit, it probably contains errors which would have to be corrected before it would work properly. If someone else won't do it, I may look into this again at some later point when I have more time.
  9. By changing the number after the first decimal point in string value Version under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectX.
  10. Can confirm, Aero Glass 1.5.9 does not work at all on Build 17134.441. Just crashes DWM and having manually downloaded symbols doesn't help neither. Despite the presence of appropriate debug symbols, the log file says that it's loading them from patterns instead of external files. minidump-12-01-16-29-04.7z (with debug.log) Experimental version for Build 17763 is not usable with 17134.441 neither.
  11. UCyborg

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Found the cause, Function Discovery Resource Publication service wasn't running.
  12. UCyborg

    Unsupported hardware in 1803 and 1809?

    I got version 1803 on my desktop. I found some under-the-hood changes beneficial in my every day usage. Didn't really think I'd be saying that after the experience from a year or two ago. I don't intend to switch to newer build at this time. I doubt anything that would interest me is coming, plus, the split personality between Settings app and Control Panel remains irritating.
  13. UCyborg

    Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    I'm noticing on my main PC where I got Windows 10 (Build 17134 (1803)) working relatively well that it's significantly less aggressive in page file usage compared to Windows 8.1. Having a browser opened with a bunch of tabs for several hours and one virtual machine running, almost maxing out 4 GB of RAM; when I get around closing everything, there's much less disk activity and programs close several seconds faster. It was pretty common for my usage on Windows 8.1 that I had whole 2 GB of physical memory free and at the same time, a whole gigabyte of junk in the pagefile. Transitions from/to certain fullscreen applications to/from desktop, most notably those reliant on DXGI/D3D11 are smoother, particularly with multi-monitor setup. And so are the resolution switches; the screen on which the resolution is changed doesn't result in the screen temporary blanking (only goes blank if refresh rate is being changed). There are less occurrences of other screens blinking when resolution on one screen changes. It appears Windows 10 specific graphics drivers play a part in preventing blinking in certain scenarios, mostly noticeable when resolution is changed on behalf of some fullscreen application that is using some 3D graphics API. Some of these things related to graphics are probably result of how the compositor (Desktop Window Manager) is integrated, which is still shaky at places. Switching users will move windows on the secondary screens, this one dates back to Vista. Sure you can turn off composition on Vista/7 and live with the screen tearing on the desktop. And ever since Windows 7, when composition is enabled, flickering can be observed when things are drawn with GDI. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17277622/dwm-in-win7-8-gdi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU_zhKZKzNA The issue described can also be observed in 7-Zip when drawing selection rectangle with the mouse. One really good example with this bug in action is the old Pinball game, the version that comes with Windows XP. Ball just seems to vanish when it's moving at high speed. There's a workaround (compatibility shim/fix) that can be applied on per-application basis called NoGDIHWAcceleration. Compatibility Administrator is needed to apply it, it's part of Windows 8.x/10 ADK or Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6 for Windows 7 and older. Not sure about the effects on performance with this option. They also haven't completely tackled the issue with alt-tab/taskbar programs' preview thumbnails being "forgotten". Another thing handled by the compositor. On the positive note, they don't seem to be lost anymore (at least from my experience) when doing regular stuff on the desktop and using power saving functions (sleep/hibernation), though they're lost when certain 3D applications change resolution. Whether it happens or not seems to depend on the combination of used graphics API and settings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStore, more specifically those with FSEBehavior in their name. I've only seen those FSEBehavior settings affect D3D9 applications. Doesn't seem to matter whether GameDVR_Enabled is 1 or 0.
  14. UCyborg

    Unsupported hardware in 1803 and 1809?

    There are also issues with older AMD cards on 1809. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-10-1809-still-broken-trend-micro-amd,38078.html