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  1. Doesn't have anything to do with the problem, all browsers throw non-sensical errors when they encounter code they don't understand, eg.: class Lc { bus; constructor(t) { "function" == typeof t.getVersion && Rc()(t.getVersion()) ? kc()(t.getVersion()) !== kc()(this.getVersion()) && Nc.warn("Proxying an event bus of version " + t.getVersion() + " with " + this.getVersion()) : Nc.warn("Proxying an event bus with an unknown or invalid version"), (this.bus = t); } getVersion() { return "3.0.2"; } subscribe(t, e) { this.bus.subscribe(t, e); } unsubscribe(t, e) { this.bus.unsubscribe(t, e); } emit(t, e) { this.bus.emit(t, e); } } And it's becoming very common, had this kind of code in another app at work for almost a year now, if not longer.
  2. Sorry, not sure if this is really (as) correct (as I thought). Maybe it works better out-of-the-box on stock Chromium 86 on supported systems, never really tried that. I know it's not as horrible on Edge 94 (with --disable-gpu) on my Win10 as it is on 360Chrome 13.5 on my XP. I also know 60FPS video is nothing special, my car's infotainment does it without a hitch. Finally, I know Android x86 of 2020 is pretty much unusable without real graphics drivers, can barely move the mouse around, especially on low-end hardware. Its compositor should pretty much be Google's code for the most part. On the other side, I guess most of us pretty much survived some moments without a real graphics driver on fresh Windows install, from old to new.
  3. Never mind, it doesn't work properly. Maybe the version that was loaded at my workplace back in December did, but it's full of defects now. File list doesn't load fully, there's no scrollbar, recent files don't load, refreshing just crashes the browser. Some critical errors: SyntaxError: missing : after property id Meh, so newer Mozilla Firefox or Chromium based browsers are still required to get by in real life. I could pay for a vignette using DARS website using Pale Moon, so it's still something.
  4. Added missing word... Edit: What a lame start of the new thread page!
  5. Google doesn't bother with optimizing software-rendering fallbacks. Yes, the slowdown from the old Chromium to new Chromium playing videos without GPU acceleration is normal. Expect no more from XP software forks other than it launches and kinda works (emphasis on "kinda").
  6. Sometimes I watch news to not be completely oblivious to what goes on around. My memory is good at self-clearing, so no worries that my head'll explode from it. Agreed with you! This is exactly what I am thinking too. Welp, we have to get through the day somehow. Journalists have to report something. It is what it is. Yeah, it is a silly and boring game as well. I'm glad I stopped playing it years ago. Related - https://venturebeat.com/games/talking-tom-managing-a-franchise-with-8-billion-downloads/ Don't know what else to say, so leaving the quote I came by:
  7. I might update my Firefox 96.0.3 to the latest 109.0, this version changed font rendering to be more consistent with system ClearType settings, like the old versions did and Pale Moon, SeaMonkey and other forks have done for the long time. Will have to look into updating my mods 'cause the rest of the browser looks all wrong! That's why I hate updating that sort of software 'cause customizations break all the time and can't be bothered with constant hassle of keeping up with "the latest and greatest". https://i.redd.it/gt4oiy8byvx61.jpg Aaanyway... Firefox 96.0.3 Firefox 109.0 I still have Edge 94 installed for reference, but continue to despise the way Chromium's engine renders fonts on Windows and they still don't look right to my eyes, even with contrast altering extensions or the enhance contrast flag, I get slight pain in my eyes while reading. Seems that change with font rendering in Firefox may not last because most people just want another Chrome clone...https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/10ed7o2/firefox_1090_released/ Speaking of fonts, there's a mod for older Windows 10 (and 11 with old taskbar) to have weather widget in the taskbar (ExplorerPatcher), which uses Edge WebView2. The fonts' blurriness make it stand-out in a bad way. https://i.imgur.com/sUCxEHF.png Will continue to use Pale Moon on the somewhat sane (read compatible) websites, which are fortunately still the most that I visit. There's not much on the modern internet for me anyway.
  8. At least on official Pale Moon, most of the time no, though every once in a blue moon an ad sneaks through. Judging by default user agent overrides, MCP may be open for actually expanding that list.
  9. The only console that was ever at home was Game Boy, the original one - look at the specs! I remember Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 and the game about the Smurfs. Same now (no consoles), only two computers. Dang it, thanks for the reminder, I should plug that laptop for a bit, these batteries self-discharge if left alone. I played some games at friends / relatives on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Strange feeling, almost alien, thinking about those times now. Edit: Wow, I forgot, I also played few games on Sony Ericsson K530i (the screen's really small). Before smartphones took over, before everyone walked around with them (smartphones) like zombies, when you could go out and the other person did not stare at the damn phone all the time! But, holy moly, J2ME - Java 2 Micro Edition. It's a bit like DOS era for those devices, games' size was in kilobytes and looks like devs even had to compile (maybe not in traditional sense, not sure) each game for different devices. Remembering Age of Empires III Mobile, The Investigators and Alien Scum. I found JAR file of Age of Empires III (video - that music, it's actually a MIDI!). Played with J2ME Loader for a bit, there are also few emulators for PCs, eg. FreeJ2ME.
  10. OK. Didn't think it was meant as a joke. Doesn't matter, I'm not mad. I love being able to STOP. Funny, my parents considered me the addict. But now that I spend more time than ever behind computer at some job, that's better!? Gaming didn't leave me exhausted. I earn money, but what's the point? Speaking of useless, how 'bout sports? On TV, they just won't shut up about Luka Dončić. Dončić this, Dončić that, blah, blah, blah...seriously, can no one else play basketball? How are they advancing society? All I see is few individuals earning absurd amounts of money. The world's backwards. On absurd, founders of Outfit7 made one of the most silly games in existence, Talking Tom. They have shitload of money because of it.
  11. Not XP systems. Funny, they marked libEGL in root folder as requiring kernel version 5.1, but left hard dependency on dxgi.dll->CreateDXGIFactory1.
  12. BTW, what would you guys use in place of GeoFlag in WebExtension world? IP Domain Country Flag (I guess it looks up geo-data online in real-time) Country Flags & IP Whois (uses local database that updates every week) Country Flag + (uses local database, doesn't update?) Something else?
  13. Those adults have some other underlying issue. Can't blame it on games.
  14. I mean, it can't be called a fix since he went out of his way to break it in the first place. I mean, it was backported and gets you laggy maps on meteoblue.com (and other WebGL content), no? SwiftShader has some history, before acquired by Google, the version from the old times provided software rendering for D3D8/D3D9 functions.

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