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  1. The only XP I ran in recent times is installed on bare metal, virtual machines suck for fun stuff, unless maybe with specific setup that I'm not too familiar with and is probably too much bother anyway...if I reboot, XP gets all available hardware resources...until capacitors on this old thing still work, I can still mess around with it and have eXPerience as was meant to be.
  2. The second one you also mentioned previously, but I didn't change any settings, "Acceptable Ads" is enabled by default...if this is actually considered an ad by AdBlock.
  3. I think you'll need to elaborate on your Chromium config, specifically the list that makes a difference in AdBlock extension. Those things you're showing never really bothered me, but I tried AdBlock extension on Edge and they don't disappear there either.
  4. Not sure if this is relevant when it comes to website manipulating extensions (ignoring limitations of Manifest V3). These types of extensions have pretty much surpassed those available for UXP browsers. At least I have trouble finding useful extensions for UXP browsers of that kind. UXP looks more like a browser platform catering specifically to programmers rather than simple users who just want things to work (I'm in the latter camp...).
  5. @NotHereToPlayGames When it comes to uBO's default lists, most YouTube filtering is taken care of from uBlock filters – Ads, I'd have to check whether the ones from uBlock filters – Quick Fixes add anything important for that particular site, I keep it enabled though. Filters mainly clear up responses from their servers dealing with video content, stripping bits that insert ads, basically a bunch of JavaScript proxies intercepting fetch/XMLHttpRequest calls.
  6. He might be rebasing his build on top of Supermium now as Chromium updates every 5 minutes and keeping up with it must be crazy and that was probably the most efficient way to catch up and it presented the opportunity to make a build that runs on XP. Still, are there any other Chromium builds with that specific patchset? They do make it a unique build.
  7. I liked the presentation. Programming is really a royal PITA. Sometimes I forget about that.
  8. While interesting project on its own, I can't get past that these super modern browsers in relation to old OS just feel weird and out of place on XP. Perhaps I'm too used to how they work in their native environment. I probably only have XP still installed because I hang on this forum too much... A lot of times these forums feel like people on them already know everything. I know some things but I'm too dumb for many others...funny how on forums it can easily happen, you post a question that apparently no one knows an answer to, and before you know it, in few short days, your thread is left behind on page #4 and counting. Even relatively frequent visitors probably won't be checking that far back, even if they might know something. Regarding legacy technology, that old WRT54GL router must have been the last truly legacy piece of technology I have. My PC got some old stuff, connectors like LPT, serial, even floppy, but then it can also run Win10 and even Win11, a least up-to December 2023 builds. That router is something else though, with processor speed measured in megahertz. But I'm not sure I can revive it, I had the idea to check those capacitors, just to see if they still work, but I still don't feel confident about desoldering them and don't want to bother anyone else with it. Though I think there's a good chance the power surge took out another more important component. Maybe I would have saved it if I dumped that power supply years ago, it was getting way too hot. Maybe that was best they could do back then, but I'm not sure...it was a budget router after all. Little money, little music. Kinda crazy times we live in, sometimes I think the digitalization has gotten out of hand. My car got a software update for its infotainment system last week. I also randomly discovered these types of units have a local database containing metadata about radio stations that you can manually update using a USB flash stick. https://www.phonostar.de/vw/en/download Who knew?
  9. That's some bizarre jumping through hoops. Converting CSS directives expressed in em to px...WTF? Makes one question the *underlying code quality. Reminds of all the weird bugs in old games I used to patch...now I can't even see that x86 ASM crap anymore... Both Supermium and Thorium still feel like Win10/11 browsers with band aid to run on XP. [*] I meant Chromium's code quality in general.
  10. On the bright side, I like the extended support for compressed archives. I've been using the good 'ol QTTabBar for several years now, it has the function to open folder in-place, a sort of popup with folder content appears if you click the down arrow that appears when hovering over certain spot with mouse near the folder. Extended support for such archives (7Z, TAR, RAR...) means the function works for peeking inside those as well, not just ZIPs. Is it an older printer? If it's semi-modern printer, chances are they could just print from their phones.
  11. Good tab on the left, broken on the right. Funny I only get this on Pale Moon forum recently, was easier to get it on all sorts of web sites on 360Chrome. Maybe if I used custom user CSS (with Stylus, which seems to be one of the factors involved in triggering it) on bigger variety of sites rather than few specific ones, I would encounter it more often. But many factors have changed since running 360Chrome without --no-sandbox for longer sessions and it's been a while since. The only CSS targeting Pale Moon forum, specifically URLs starting with https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php: div.postbody div.content div[title="This is considered off-topic for the current thread."] { opacity: unset !important; background-color: unset !important; border: 1px solid rgb(175, 175, 175) !important; }
  12. When I tried Supermium for the first time, --no-sandbox parameter made the browser fail entirely, hard-crashed. Right now, it seems to work as a workaround for font corruption issue. So no playing in the sandbox, that sounds messed up, can't sell that to kids! I get couple of these after startup if I use 64-bit version of the browser, maybe 2 or 3 of them, then they stop appearing, no idea what's the deal with that either.
  13. You haven't found anything I don't know yet. That site is triggering filters containing "redirect-rule=", it's not hitting any filters that contain "redirect=", so nothing is logged in But if any such filter using "redirect=" would be hit, redirection itself would be logged just like in 1.6.16b1.
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