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  1. Try this but before install update in 2018 in pc from my father not this bug with cancel in empty Is Windows xp french original with update posready french too,localization is good
  2. The installer (windows installer) with software is working but "the canceled button is no longer displayed, it is empty."
  3. I have Pentium 4 3.0Ghz HT and Athlon II Phenom Because my father on his computer installed the updates posready in his XP and since when he installs a software which runs windows installer, the canceled button is no longer displayed, it is empty. and my father when he closes the Winrar application has a win32 error? or he must reinstalled winrar after update?
  4. You know malwarebyte free is updated in XP in 2020 ? (for use with my antivirus)
  5. Non merci j'ai deja windows xp installé et si c'est un service pack non officiel cela ne m'intéresse pas,je prèfére les chose plus officiel.
  6. Oh in my other PC i have net framework 1.1...is need really remove ?
  7. And about stability or bugs? My office xp(2002) is stable with this new update?
  8. Hello i need install net framework 1.1 for XP? install net framework 2 or 3.5 ? Net framework 4 core or extended?
  9. But now is really need? because not update now supported but i use xp next years
  10. I have a new PC IBM pentium 4 HT and runs on XP Pro VL SP3 on the other hand before starting I need these answers: is it really reliable these updates? it does not modify the kernel of the real Xp? it will not be half Xp half posready my bone will remain an xp in the product code? doesn't that cause a problem now in terms of stability? some majors can cause concerns? I have office XP (2002) that will pose no problem? I used translate my english is bad

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