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  1. so if i have an uA_WXP_CD , stabil version , nLited , BTS's driver packs included with VLK PID , if i dont want to make another CD with OEM PID to enter the correct serial (who isnt accepted by my VLK kit) after i install XP with VLK , if i boot from OEM/DSP !? , and i choose REPAIR option , this can change for me the license type without damage my drivers and hotfixes already installed ? maybe some apps alredy installed ! and i can introduce the OEM PID ? where/when ? after sysprep ? this i dont get ! i am interested because can be an alternative instead to hold 2 sets of uA_CD Pro / also 2 sets for HomeEd .
  2. you can format/install windows unlimited . its just about your harddisk life here. i use quick format . i test a lot of stuff on my computer so once a month i really need a fresh install .
  3. related with <<Play Audio In WPI>> = NOOOOOOno matter your <<Language>> is .
  4. @1to1 , maybe you arent so specific with what you want i understand some , @blinkdt give an answer very documented with what he understand . normally all of us as last command we use something called cleaner , this can be one or more commands (.cmd) , and/or , one or more set o registry commands (.reg) , for cleaning links , move links , folders...etc executed like @blinkdt show you in different ways . be sure that this entry of WPI have the bigger number here to be the last command executed and of course is selected when you run your WPI.if you can be more specific with what you want ...
  5. dont matter since you use a path to run them . normally i use a folder called APPlications (near the WPI directory) where i store all my stuff . if you dont want to copy all to harddisk , use a folder outside of $OEM$ folder and run them from the CD (isnt normally to copy 200..400 MB to harddisk and after that to run apps who need just 10..30 MB space .)
  6. my icons, part of them are not polished (not 128x128, not white background)
  7. i spent some time to wincustomize.com to get some icons and polish some of them . i think that is a good ideea to share them here , maybe i can get from you some icons i havent yet . i use them with white background in useroptions.jsi have more if you find this usefull !
  8. romanian lang.js segment ready . please copy & paste all small changes beside the requested . LOL ! 4.0 ! with so much changes i think is normally . lang_romanian.js
  9. i had this message when I DONT put in DriverPacks folder the massStorage driverpack . i did that for my uA_XP_CD used with sata systems . if you ask , i think is not your case . maybe is not the latest version of BTS_DriverPacks_BASE !?
  10. very nice things i can read here . when can we see them ? @kel , i agree with you : wpi.ico is the method who can work in both ways : uA_CD_with_WPI and separate_WPI_CD . so win51 funs can made some minor changes who are very clear now for me.
  11. please edit your post end choose regular font . my eyes are burning..
  12. to solve this problem : right click on this disk in disk management , and choose there import foreign disk or somethink like that .
  13. is not enough , must to change in default themes in generate.js wpi.ico <-> win51 in 2 places . 3.6 had there win51 and dont work for me till i change with wpi.ico and no need to change wpi.cmd . 3.6.1 and 3.6.2b have there wpi.ico , no change need here for my separate WPI_CD.
  14. i tried 30...40 times to enable QL . no succes . why ? i dont know . all guys here said that work for them , different variants. finnaly , i install my XP , and before anything else , i enable manually my QL and i arranged it what i want , i found and export the reg key above and that WORK for me , of course via cmdlines.txt . i dont know why , maybe because of regionals , dont matter now , but this was the only way for me to enable QL .
  15. maybe because most of us dont understand why sp1a ?maybe you want to jump directly to sp3 ? ... in windows directory you can find for most hotfixes installed via svcpack , log files like : KBxxxxxx.log read into them and maybe you can find the answer .
  16. directly you can use http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=XXXXXX where XXXXXX is your needed hotfix number . EDIT : welcome to MSFN
  17. read all three post above i think @Ghost82 try to say that would be nice if , with 100..200 apps in WPI_CD , we can get there two or more default buttons instead one , so we can choose between 2 or more preset default apps for installation . i heard this ideea before somewhere here , and i like it to.
  18. just for thinking about some boolean no rush for next version , but usefull dependency with hidden program generate error for example if i have a program set for default as choice and it is hidden, do not generate error, i like that ; counting programs for room in no column break in categories
  19. maybe because of the name ? try to use an 8.3 name like KBxxxxxx.exe /bla bla bla instead ? i use only svcpack method , never had problems with that . of course all names 8.3 .
  20. darkblue text also . WPI is WPI . dont need more arguments .just simplicity . more small text there , all will try to read it and maybe they will loose this : WPI just a fun opinion oneLess
  21. @kel , i use only a separate WPI_CD i dont make the change you suggest above and all works fine . i will not even try this change because all its ok and i have not reasons to change some . all my already past problems was generated by win51 file who dont exist on my computer or my WPI_CD (in ver. 3.5.1 & 3.6) in 3.6.1 & 3.6.2b i found already changed win51 with wpi.ico.
  22. version2(7.0 B27.071)219B0 changed before installation , bad luck . maybe bad order ?

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