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  1. ATI 8-3-igp_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_sb_gart_enu_59746.exe install 100% VC++ 2005 Redistributable files a saw a flash window with this [on a fresh install with a RTM XP Pro SP2] 1 minute ago. [ASUS with ati 1100 on board mainboard , southbridge is ULI ?!]
  2. i just delete a reg key RegDelete ( "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" , "SunJavaUpdateSched" )[autoit code] same regkey for 6u2, 6u3, 6u4, 6u5 for now [ and MSFN will let me know when a new version is coming. ]
  3. where can i find a link to the new version ? [ still link posted on updatepack.nl ]
  4. thank you Acheron , i will wait the new version. please modify your first post here i didnt find full as option for setuptype .
  5. same error here , on lite edition , on both packs [enu/euro] tested on 2 computers [mine and other with a fresh XP install] with [ignore] the installation is finished [ok in my opinion] . i used autoit for pack the installer [fileinstall] i run silent the installer from autoit with parameters : $parameters = " /SILENT /NORESTART /USER=Owner /COMPANY=Home /SERIAL=0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000 /TYPE=SetupType" the name+company+serial are registered ok. i saw in an earlier post that NeroVMRmodules.dll was missing from the package in a previous version now , the file exist at his location but can be registered ?! something wrong in what i am doing here ?
  6. in case if somebody is interested to force a restart on windows update service works like a charm in my project . ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Func _kill_windowsupdate ( ) ; Stop the Automatic Updates Service RunWait(@SystemDir & "\net.exe stop wuauserv", "", @SW_HIDE) Sleep ( 250 ) ; start the Automatic Updates Service RunWait(@SystemDir & "\net.exe start wuauserv", "", @SW_HIDE) ; beg Automatic Updates Service to [re]check for missing updates Sleep ( 250 ) RunWait(@SystemDir & "\wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow") EndFunc ;----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. i can understand that XP home has not all XP professional features , most of them regarding network but i cant understand this : [from MSFN / unattended windows/ intermediate users / adding users ] http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/27/ any help ? work on XP home the other method [OOBEINFO.INI Method] !? [i just need to add one user , admin rights , different name than Administrator]
  8. i made my fist uA XPCD 2 years ago. since then , i made over 100 versions. all , XP PRO. yesterday , for first time , i made [for a friend] an uA DVD with xp HOME [i tried to..] simply , the user created during uA install [net user add method] is not created. so , i dont saw any user in logon screen . i dont change anything here. even i press ctrl+alt+del twice , with administrator and blank password i cant logon. today i made another uA DVD with XP Pro , and no problem with the user created. more than that , in the home installation i boot with an UBCD CD , and in documents and settings i dont see my user folder who suppose to be there ! i open the page on MSFN with uA installation / add users and i dont see there to be any difference betwwen XP HOME or PRO. any idea ?... why dont work for me in XP Home net user method ?
  9. yes . extract any of them [1 package or more , or all...] somewhere and point to this somewhere folder with Siginet's tool : Path Changer
  10. It is possible to extract the traditional Type 1 hotfix from the downloaded Type 2 hotfix file using WinRAR (7Zip, WinZip, etc.)... any benefit to keeping it as a Type 2? When I extracted the file, renamed it KB905474.exe, and ran it using switches /q /n /z, it installed fine, and all relevant files files were updated to version 1.7.0018.1. (For those of you trying to squeeze each byte of space, the extracted file is .04 MB smaller, 1.22 MB versus the downloaded file's 1.26 MB.) that is what i used [part 2 obvious , with extraction part]. and it was ok . anyway , 905474 is not anymore listed on Windows Update [for XP32 at least] !!? why you still need it ?!
  11. is sharing enabled ? ["Share this folder in the network"...]
  12. thank you ! but , before setting RunOnceHasShown & the RunOnceComplete Dword values to 1 i need 2 more tweaks : 1. keep the default searching provider 2. check the antiphishing box where are theese keys in registry ?
  13. for KB928365 and KB928366 the proper switch is /q also here , on an intel sistem i have a new critical KB936357
  14. updated after june microsoft patch day.

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