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  1. Thanks for the reply, A real shame! is it still possible to get hold of a copy of Xpcreate?
  2. Hi everyone, I too would like to know what has happened to GreenMachine and if it is still possible to download XpCreate. So if any peepz can help please PM me. Thanks in advance
  3. thnxs for the replies, I have found my silly mistake Just to round up for those that may be looking for answers..... 1st i wouldn't recommend using this just put your logon script in the "%allusersprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" folder Points to remeber when setting up logon scripts for local users you can use any directory you like really but need to share it as netlogon this directory is read only - so bare in mind when writing script, this was my mistake Case closed, problem solved many thanks
  4. thnxs for the reply but as i stated these are stand alone not on network. used by multiple users
  5. Hi all, Hoping someone can assist I have some stand alone XP pro pc's that i want to run scripts at logon, however my first thought, using the logon script part of the users profile properties wont work. I know i can use mmc to load local policy etc and do it that way, and it works, but it should also work as i describe in the first part of this thread, the fact its not is bugging me now that i have to find out what i'm doing wrong. One error i did get was to state that the path i used was not relative!! Using . or %systemdrive% then the rest of the path cure's this error but the script still dont run. Any ideas???
  6. DOnt matter have sorted problem. Me and my puter arent on good terms at the moment Spot the problem $OEM$ $0EM$
  7. Simple question really, can you use cmdlines.txt to run runonceex.cmd etc when creating AUCD? many thnxz
  8. [url="http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/drivers/raid.htm"]http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/drivers/raid.htm[/url] this method mainly or setup a network share then this method works. Bare in mind most modern mobo's will boot from sata drive just like if using IDE. You only need the raid drivers loaded if you using a raid level on drives your booting from
  9. set this optoin in win.sif to "no" UnattendedInstall="Yes" it should then allow the use of the F6 key and allow everything else to function as per your unattended cd according to the winnt.sif file
  10. Are they domain users with no local profile? if so you could temp add them to the local admin group via a script then remove after the install, you can also use (the mostly forgotten) RUNAS command from a batch file as part of the install the only problem with RUNAS is that you would need to use a third party app to pass the the admin password to RUNAS
  11. Since my last post in this topic i have tried unsuccesfully to create another uacd using this method..... (M$ make me a fibber again!!). I tried everything still no go, so i checked M$ web site and found this interesting article [url="http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;234536"]"You cannot perform an unattended installation of mass storage drivers when you run the Setup program from the Windows CD"[/url]. This would certianly confirm why the method described here seems so hit n miss when used from CD. The only succesful repeatable method I have found from UACD is the txtsetup.sif method.
  12. not sure about the touchpad driver issue but in the unattended cd guide there is a download section where you can find a little util to change video settings
  13. **DOH** having bad day just to clear up a few points raised in this post... from experience $OEM$\TEXTMODE\ Is the only place you need to add the files for installation from a CD *.cat files are for WHQL [b]dsik1[/b] refers to a "tagfile" not a directory and is required to identify the correct diskette is inserted when ask for by setup. For correctness it should be included on the CD but will work if not. Under the [MassStorageDrivers] heading in the winnt.sif file you have to include "IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller" = "RETAIL" else you will get a BSOD at some point after first reboot. The other enteries MUST match those take from the TXTsetup.oem file. The backslah at the end of this line is important d1 = "NVIDIA RAID DRIVER (SCSI)",\disk1,\ this is why Directory = \ Directory on the diskette where the installation files are located. The directory must be specified as a full path from the root and must not specify a drive. This must be a period if you have partitioned or formatted your hard drive with (FAT) or FAT32 file system and you initiate setup with Winnt.exe from DOS or a backslash If you have partitioned or formatted your hard drive with the NTFS and you initiate Windows Setup with Winnt32.exe (like with an uacd), You will get an error if you get it wrong! Error message illegal or missing file type specified in [Files.scsi.yourhardware] is as a result of a known issue - see [url="http://support.microsoft.com/kb/275334/"]KB275334[/url] [quote]Okay you need to open up your txtsetup.oem file (notepad or any text editor will do) and change any reference to "DLL = " to "INF = " (thanks to rcordorica for figuring this out). For some reason textsetup chokes on these entries. These entries should be easy to find and replace in the file. Save the modified file and close it. Again if you don't have any "DLL = " references in your txtsetup.oem then you don't need to change anything and you read this entire section of the guide for nothing[/quote] distibution folders refer to the directory structure used to carry out unattended CD installs or installs from a network share. The structure is identical apart from one important fact, on a uacd the distribution folders are not under the i386 dirctory but are on a network share. I hope this does not come over wrong but am in a rush Any how did a complete guide to the txtsetup.oem and what each bit means etc if any1 is interested i will post it, as you can install other drivers this way! I even think another member has an extensive post on how to do it hope this is helpful
  14. I skimmed through your post and the only issue i can think of that could have a bearing on your problem is that windows XP prior to SP1a wouldnt support HD with capacities larger then 140Gb. Though this normally results in the op sys only seeing the 1st 140Gb of your larger disks Suggest you slipstream SP!a or SP2 hope it helps
  15. DOH! DOH! just a quick update..... raid was enabled in bios but you have to F10 and add drives to raid. This cured the "install source not available" error. Unfortunately I still cant boot from uacd with drivers on cd as still get "txtsetup.oem caused unsupported error (18) at line 1747". Dont get any problems if i use std cd and press f6 Any one got any ideas...... Bâshrat the Sneaky ?

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