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  1. I have the 100Mb boot drive (hidden) and 2 other drive as C: for old Windows8 and D: as clone Windows8, BUT: - when I boot the old Windows 8 I have its drive set to C: and the Clone win8 as D:, having C: as the system drive - when I boot the clone Windows 8 I have its drive set to D: and the old win8 as C:, having D: as the system drive this is because I did not change the MountedDrives registry keys yet I used CloneZilla linux dist to copy the old Win8 partition to a bigger partition I will try this method too
  2. Upon release, I installed Windows 8 in dual boot with Windows 7, and it was ok. But Windows 8 partition was small. Now I wanted to use Win8 as primary, so I cloned the small Win8 copy to the part where Win7 was, and it works but not as expected: The boot manager shows the old Windows 8 as a Windows 8, quick boot when selected, but the new Win8 copy is detected as another OS, and selecting it will reboot the whole machine, and goes into that copy of Windows 8 (As what used to happen with Win7). Also, the new Windows 8 clone has the system Drive as D:, while the old Win8 is still on drive C: and some app shortcuts now still point to C: (the location of the old Win8) Is there a way to fix this partition mix without reinstalling windows? I tried using recovery option to fix boot, but it found nothing. Also Visual BCD, and nothing... help is appreciated
  3. What about adding support to convert and extract .daa files (PowerIso compressed iso format)? i found a free open source converter called daa2iso here: http://aluigi.altervista.org/mytoolz.htm#both it will be great to have it in UniExtractor
  4. Well, even that vlite is out since before vista was RTM, but i started using it only now. I Have an MSDN copy of Vista Ultimate SP2, english, x86. and i want to integrate the italian and french language pacsk and do a couple of tweaks. I installed everything related to vlite, selected the vista source folder, inserted language pack cab (converted from exe with exe2cab), upon applying i got a message of whether to apply to all editions or only ultimate, my question is: will it take 5 times longer to apply the language packs to all editions or just a bit more? many files are common between editions... it took nearly 30 minutes to apply the 2 language packs to the ultimate edition, i didn't want to try with all editions yet.
  5. yes, it has this option, but only for the default main tabs, the contect tabs (table layout when you select a table and the others) will still be shown. update: I even got a free registration code from them because i fixed the italian translation of the interface
  6. I have just discovered this addon for Office 2007, which gives you back old classical Office 2007 toolbars and menus: http://www.addintools.com/english/menuoffice/default.htm but it is not free, costs $30 ....
  7. Well, when I wanted to learn 3ds max (now I don't have time to continue ), I found a lot of websites, I have these 2 which helped me do the above object: Ever Motion CG Genie
  8. I am learning 3ds Max at home, and here is one of my first experiments, how do you evaluate it?
  9. since yesterday the RSS fedds are not working properly, they are not providing anymore the link of the feed, for example, todays feeds are showing: <item iid="20343"> <title>Microsoft killing Vista betas tomorrow</title> <extra>Frontpage</extra> </item> there is something wrong with the feed generator, please check. Thanks
  10. it is always allowed to go in standby mode, but i have only 3 icons... anybody have a toshiba notebook? update: after a search, i found this page with the pictures of what i wanted: http://spaces.msn.com/anqi/Blog/cns!EE...0!890.entry and the ms article gives info on how to do it, but i cannot find the required version of the msgina.dll file...
  11. You all know that the "Turn Off Computer" in windows XP brings up the blue window with 3 icons (stand by, power off, restart), and when pressing the shift key the standby becomes hibernate. but yesterday, i saw a notebook computer from toshiba, that has 4 icons !!! the hibernate is put before the standby. HOW CAN THIS BE DONE !!!! any idea? or it's a special toshiba application?
  12. I am building an Athlon 64 system, I have the choice to install Windows XP x64 (MSDN e-Academic license). reading around, i found that the x64 uses GPT (GUID Partition Table) instead of the normal MBR. and that to convert a disk to that system you need to do a destructive format. Currently I have two harddisks and both has a copy of WinXP SP2: one for everyday use and one for messing up with experiments, both disks have many partition with some that contain important data.. so my question: how can I install Win XP x64? can i just format the OS partition during the install process? or do i need to prepare a complete empty hard disk to install x64 on? how did you install WinXP x64 on your systems? Articles I read includes: * http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/storage/GPT_FAQ.mspx: it contains a paragraph saying that WinXP x64 cannot boot from MBR disks. * http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=1910: while this one says it's straight forward installation in the same way as installing xp dualboot after win2000.
  13. Yep, i've just discovered this, only 1 instance at a time. Question: can IIS be hacked to think of being on server OS? the same way disk management is hacked to enable software Raid5 on XP Pro?
  14. Ok, there is an english version of this since very long time, it's here: http://groups.google.com/group/microsoft.p...7df7903d9b477d8 but I have a question for those who already did this: Does the hacked IIS server allow running multiple sites at once? IIS5.1 with XP Pro edition will allow 1 site to run at once.
  15. Thanks, what I wanted to know is the number of activations before required to call customer service, which seems to be 5. Thanks...

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