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  1. why ?

    so thats tha trick !! thx
  2. why ?

    Man, why on dvds it says 4.7 gb and i can only write about 4.390 on it? I have tried with all formats + and - and tha same prb, if u can only write 4.390 why it says 4.7gb ? thx
  3. k, but in the theme folder where do i put the cursors, there is no Cursors folder, and lets say i found the folder in another theme directory but if someone chage the theme the cursor will change too isn it ? So......any ideea ohhhh, u mean if i select the default cursor with my custom cursor and then i save the theme in the UA cd the theme will use that cursor ? k now i got it, but the problem is if i change the theme the cursor will change back to default. srry for my bad eng,
  4. I wanna add my custom default mouse cursors in the UA cd, is that possible, i mea ive modded everything, custom wallpaper, theme, shell, icons, only the cursors remain, AND the default start/exit wondows sound, how can i remove that sound w/ nothing ? thx dudes, appreciate ! awaitin' answers
  5. Guys....i have a prb

    WHAT on Usb ? What on ps2 ? i dont really understand, i have a problem shutting down the computer using XP, i dont know what do u mean with usb n' ps2 ! srry for that but can u explain ? thx
  6. Guys....i have a prb

    uhh...no, n' if i found in BIOS some features how do i set them ? a little example if u can Thx anyway !
  7. Illuminated Keyboards

    man, i dont throw money for keyboards, for 2 reasons: 1-I cokeahollyk -every keyboard is FULL of coke because i drink coke & i often spill on it 2-If im getting mad, especially in games, the firs thing im possibile to hit is .......tha holy keyboard .........so in dont throw money on keyboards i will put some pictures with my keyboard but somebody tell me a link for uploading thx
  8. Guys....i have a prb

    Heres tha problem: I have a friend that has an old computer and after a motherboard failure the guys from the service, it seems that they changed tha mobo with an oldest one, not ATX format, so that when (win XP) i turn off that computer it seems that only the monitor turn offs, the rest of the comp is still running like StandBy mode. I figured that the problem is because xp cannot poweroff the system because the mobo is not ATX, so im wondering if there is some trick or soft that can make xp turn off the computer the normal way. Till now after im shutting down windows is still need to unplug the AC to turn it off, and this is not lovely. thx for listening & srry for my eng if its bad Awaiting answers
  9. Is there any way to change the text in the Text Setup mode (where u need to select partition, file system etc) ? Srry if this had already been discused but i cant find a solution & srry for my eng thx
  10. AD-Aware Pro

    Does anyone know the silent swhitch for AD-aware, because if i use /S its install silently but then its starts the program, the help file, and the definitions update.Anyone know how to make that dont happen? thx
  11. Can someone?

    k, i'll try that in my VPC
  12. Sorry if sounds dumb, but from where can i get the "Appearence Wizard" ?
  13. Can someone?

    I used the CDswitch generator and it gives me this code line : cdswitch XPCD2 /g:XPCD1 Where do i put this? should i put this line here ECHO. ECHO. Importing Reg Tweaks REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\regtw.reg ECHO. ECHO. Importing WinRar registration REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\rarreg.reg ECHO. ECHO. Importing Services tweak REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\serv.reg ECHO. ECHO. Importing Cosmetics tweak REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\cosm.reg ECHO. ECHO. Disabling Win File Protection REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\dwfp.reg ECHO. ECHO. Changing logon screen REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\log.reg ECHO. ECHO Aplic crack-ul - Nu trebuie sa faci nimic.Se va aplica si inchide ECHO singur start /wait wpa.exe ECHO. ECHO Deleting Temp Installation Files... RD /S /Q %systemdrive%\install ECHO. ECHO. Introdu CD-ul 2 cdswitch XPCD2 /g:XPCD1 ------here EXIT ?
  14. Ive made my mst file for of2003 and then added to my WPI wizard with the command "%cdrom%\Install\of2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-" and when i select to install it a message appear saying that is preparing to install, after a couple of minutes its dissappear an then nothing is installed. Can someone help me?
  15. k, ive downloaded cd-switch but i cant get it to work. Heres what i want: -after the setup, the guirunonece starts up the start.cmd batch wich install some apps and some tweaks, and i want to ask me to insert the second cd, on wich i have the WPI apps wizard, but i dont know the codeline to write, so plss help!! The first cd has the XPCD1 label The second cd Has the WPICD2 labe I have more than one optical unit I have copied cdswitch.exe in my $OEM$\$$\System32\ I want that when the second cd is insered the autorun to start thx