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  1. Thanks, myselfidem the above post done the job thanks again.
  2. thanks for repley. I have tried it but it is still not working windows get stop at last boot and i reboot it boots up ok but wpi wont start.
  3. Hi every body wpi stop to start after windows 7 setup i use setupcomplete.cmd batch file to automatically activate windows7 . deep in :\sources\$OEM$\$$\SETUP\SCRIPTS' so I can't use another setupcomplete.cmd batch file in same folder to run WPI. Anyway of making batch file to start WPI after Windows complete the installation and activation . Best Regards.
  4. Hi Kels. I tried to download the new version but my internet security (kis) warn me there is Trojans in the file, can you check it out. thanks.
  5. I can't wait for the version. and thanks a lots for the great work. best regards.
  6. use : /forceunsigned example dism /image:"C:\Temp\mount" /add-driver /driver:"C:\Temp\source\drivers\lan\ws3cap.inf" /forceunsigned hi can you explane a bit more the forceunsigned command is it used in autounattend file? thanks
  7. Hi, any success with adding drvers to \$OEM$\$1, I tried this way but no success for me windows won't see them. best regards
  8. YES!!! THANX OK my disk is built with easyboot as the base, but instead of 2 XP folders I only have 1 and one is setup to recognize and use "autoi.sif" (Renamed Winnt.sif file) and the OEMpreinstall=yes in that for custom files, themes and such. Then 2 is a standard-non-extras setup for when I need to reinstall on a pc that isn't my main one. I am attaching a pic of my simple boot menu. Right now I am working on adding ubcd4win (The legal thing, not the pirated boot disk) to it so I will have an extra option. Thanks for the comments!!! Hi. my multiboot dvd built with easyboot utility and wpi with windowsxp and other utilities, now I am trying use window 7 to make multiboot dvd instead of windows xp. any instruction would be much appreciated. king regards
  9. Thanks, gamehead200, Is windows 7 use same methed as windows vista ? thanks.
  10. Hi All, I like to make windows 7 unattended but I do not know how to go about it any instruction would be mush appreciated. best regards
  11. thanks mritter. the problem is that batch1.cmd start up and than windows say could not find the path to (MyFile.msi). thanks.

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