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  1. you want to preserve your old install of xp + app's ? because the right way is choosing to format c: partition , quick or not of course, all data will be lost , but you will have a clean install there and the default folder will be c:\windows , if you do not set another one?!
  2. the same problem is on also with any nVidia versus a clean install of XP with SP2 included . I have also a solution , maybe a little bizarre , but it is a solution.
  3. I have a solution for your problem the problem appear only if you install a windows xp with sp2 included first, download from ATI , ATI Maintenance Utilities an executable file named cat-uninstaller.exe run it , press only left button in one or two questions , restart the computer and after that reinstall the 5.4 , restart for twice and you will be pleased. good lock.
  4. My son (5y) links (50,all to games) are crying. in WPI_3_5 read WPI.cmd before use. there are a command who <Cleaning up the desktop>. anyway, thank you for this piece of art .
  5. I post here the romanian version of lang.js But they are only 2 ways to work with : 1. a small change in "optionswizardtemplate.htm" (add there <romanian> as choice of present languages) 2. modify one of existing languages in "lang.js" (I use this way for now) I hope hasi will choose first version .

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