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  1. or provide an unvalid/uncomplete Product Key . xp will ask you for a valid one. welcome to the MSFN .
  2. if you havent install drivers for video card unattended those settings will be ignored and the resolution will be the default , i think 800x600@60Hz do you use BTS driverpacks or other method to install your videodrivers before first boot ?
  3. i made a small program in pascal maybe 10..12 years ago simply write all locations in cmos (where is stored the password) with 0 value . 1 single condition : you must can boot any OS , because its an exe file . never tried on a laptop. normally after run of this program on a desktop, because of bad checksum the bios invite you : "Press F1 or F2...bla bla " i can post it . maybe i can recover in my archieves the source. but is pascal .
  4. i have more luck with CATALYST Uninstaller you can run it before install newer drivers . it will delete the traces of ALL old ATI drivers in your system.
  5. i did this yersterday . work for me with this observation came from MSFN's Unattended XP CD site advanced install of MS Office.
  6. if it is a reader for 15 kind of card memories (flash memories) you dont need drivers in XP . if nothing happends when you plug in to USB , is broken . /EDIT welcome to the forum !
  7. i do that myself . but not for control panel only , for drivers+control_panel pack . here i atach the script . you can modify it for your pack . i use some like controlclick there .., not send . setup_uA_ATI.au3
  8. i do NOT need a variable called %hotfixes% ( was just a very stupid sample , anyway i have other structure of my folders) and i WANT to use an option like BASEPATH . ok ? my point is that i want to know if it is possible to declare myself , my privat variables / constants if I WANT . if this is VERRRY simply , like one line somewhere i WANT to know. Do i make myself clear now ? ( i heard this in many movies and i like it)
  9. just a last moment ideea . maybe can be used for more then above , a real windows .ini file , with sections ..values ..etc easy to maintain (autoit work native with .ini for example) team ?
  10. you are right . i can live with that . was just a thought . but (on your sample) if can cost only a line to put somewhere %hotfixes%=%BASEPATH%\hotfixes or stringconstsample1='getOSver()=="XP"' or other things who can save my time when i use it ten or hundred times ! i have over 2100 line in my config.js
  11. What are the $OEM$ Distribution Folders? you copy all the content of your Applications folder from CD to HDD and after that you try to run from CD . problably work , depend only of syntax , but you dont need to copy Applications to HDD (this take time) you can make other folder you_name_it who will not be copy to HDD .
  12. this is most interesting thing (for me)is possible to declare other vars/const in config.js ? pathes like %drivers% , %hotfixes% , or more , maybe boolean expressions to use in cond[] or cmd1[] ...
  13. 1. this work fine now . 2. hide programs . i make 2 entries for most of my prgrams in config.js. my bs_player entries for example : differences are highlighted with red . i use this before WPI 3.0. this happend only with 4.3.5 . the logic (for me) is that i will have always only one entry in my wpi screen but i know IF bsplayes is installed or not from its colour . most of all this help great wit the 30 windows hotfixes . so it happend to have one category with 5 program showed and 5 hided . ALSO i use cond[pn]=['getOSver()==XP&quot] combined or not with fileexist . PS : all conds cost me ~2 second waiting time when i start WPI but is better. 3. an old issue (started since i double the entries) : when wpi count the needed space on screen for sorting for the category , if i have in one category 1 program showed and 10 hided , wpi will show 1 category with 1 program in a column , and the next category will begin in next column . 4. what is doing configs[pn]=['yes'] ? my config.js has 2129 lines, i can atach here , but above you have a resume .
  14. probably related with the other category feature you still working . after i remove all my numbers , work . but , of course exist a but : if in a category i have a hide program (hide because cond[pn] is false, so this program is not shown, but it exist in the category) and i use this feature , then when i click on category_check_box , all program became checked but the category_check_box remain unchecked !? . so i cannot uncheck all programs in this category .
  15. very strange. before i burn my separate_WPI_cd , i saw that category_check_box dont work . i had more changes , so i unrar again wpi.rar . there work . so.... after 1 hour i discover that IF the category name start with a NUMBER !? (my categories names start ALL with numbers like ['1) system'],[2) Basic Pack']...) the check box will not work ! i will remove the numbers , isnt catastrophic for me that , but i want to know if it is a reason for ?
  16. welcome to the forum ! conif.js i suppose is a typo . your wpi version is ? you try it as separate cd , unattended , from hdd ? can atach here your config.js ?
  17. 1. thanks for the optional categories selection features . must work hard here for the look of combo box , and please move the focus on start . anyway since appear here the checkbox for categories , i dont need optional categories . 2. tip : i use this for close media player too when wpi is closed . 3. needed tip : my wpi dont autostart the player .i read before that can be writed autostart=1 or something like that in a file . i cant find this now . can you help me ? [EDIT] found it in themes\...\wpi.htm
  18. much of old reported problems are very past now. congratulations to you WPI TEAM . anyway , i have a very little smallest inconvenience . help me please. with old versions , when i run wpi , my mouse doing scroll into my 3 pages of wpi apps . now , when i run wpi THE combo for multiple options GET THE FOCUS and my mouse scroll the options there and much . of course enable all , disable all.. scrolling options take time . if when i run wpi and first i click somewhere on the screen THE combo lost the focus and i have then scroll between apps. so , in essence i want combo do not have the focus when i open wpi . (mainly i want this combo optional, but i dont want to push the things , so if i can delete some lines there to dissapear ... i can be more happy) i am very glad for the rem before deleting *.lnk from desktop too.
  19. i dont like to play a movie with winamp , and play an .mp3 with powerdvd. so , i use powerdvd for DVDs , bsplayer for .avi , winamp for .mp3. what reason have you for playing an avi with powerdvd ?
  20. so silence around ... ----------- clone CD . isnt cool ?
  21. this is a native way to be of WPI before version 3.0 . if you have 20 programs and you restart after the 8th , after reboot will continue with same list from 9th to 20th ! without loose some there ! or maybe you wish anything else ?
  22. Did you make any changes to it??? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> all english , windows+wpi , just a rem in wpi.cmd to prevent deleting of desktop links . i have it once . not other changes . the error come when i press the begin install button
  23. i cant enjoy yet . XP_PRO_SP2 here downloaded 3 times , unrar and run from hdd (just saving my son's desktop links) same line 138 ... so silence here . i was waiting for a similarity ... but is already midnight here . combo box for selections can be optional ?

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