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  1. How to Apply Xpize5 Silenty in uA

    only slipstreaming?
  2. Release 7

    The UxTheme.dll patcher built-in to xpize 5 supports Windows XP from RTM through to SP3, and you can only install xpize 5 on an SP3 system so there would never be a case where you'd install SP3 after installing xpize, unless you're refering to XPize 4.7, which I recommend uninstalling before installing SP3, or better yet: reformat your system. am using Xpize5b6 via the patching method but even though I still can't apply unsigned MS themes like (Luna Roayle) why we can't let xpize make a default theme for us?
  3. How to Apply Xpize5 Silenty in uA

    am preparing a Sp3 with a Post-SP3 updates (user_hidden's Pack) but am facing issues with applying Xpize5 (since it's the right version for SP3)
  4. small nlite problemen with themes

    you need the SP3 theme patch
  5. xpize 5 lite

    I like the idea how to apply it in a silent unattended installation does it have the same older switches?
  6. Release 7

    waiting eagerly plz how to let Xpize make SP3 theme patch un uA installation of SP3?
  7. UXTender 1.2

    nice and working but how to apply it to an Unattended SP3 Installation??
  8. Slipstreaming Xpize 5R5

    me too found Nlite complaining about the uxtheme.dll, don't know whyy Slipstreaming is a must for me
  9. xpize 5 Release 6

    you da man gonna test tonight and feed back ASAP
  10. xpize 5 Release 5

    There is a logfile saved to %user%\Local Settings\Temp\Anolis nice, then here is my log file: Anolis.Installer.log.txt
  11. xpize 5 Release 5

    can't recall exactly is there any log file like nlie?
  12. xpize 5 Release 5

    I received this error after slipstreaming into SP3 Source: When I Run System Properties any idea what's wrong?
  13. xpize 5 Release 5

    in Xpize 4.7, when I slipstream it ion to the source, there will be a text file called XPize.txt in i386 in wihch I can know it's xpized in Xpize5, I can't see such text file please re-add in Xpize5R6
  14. Release 6 Status

    You da man still waiting, please improve the sliptreaming into the XP source TIA
  15. WPI 7.8.0 Feature requests.

    emails sent as a PM TIA