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  1. I think you have to be wired to set it up, but once you do that you should be able to be wireless.
  2. You simply enable and configure Routing & Remote Access on your Domain Controller.
  3. You can, it's called a Domain Controller
  4. The Print Spooler Service is not running. Click on Start>Run, type "services.msc" and press enter. Find the Print Spool Service and change the startup to Automatic.
  5. I suppose it depends on the specifications. My only advice would be not to install Exchange on your Domain Controller. A Domain Controller is mainly for authentication, so you could install Terminal Services on your Domain Controller.
  6. FAT64

    Domian Issue

    Possibly a DNS issue. Do you use your DC for DNS and does it think it is a Root DNS Server?
  7. You could deny them access to iexplore.exe.
  8. Printers are not the fastest of peripherals! Disk space (for spooling) might be required if you will have large and numerous print jobs. Other than that, I'm sure it will be fine.
  9. The PC needs to know the IP address of the Domain Controller to join the Domain, you can't join a Domain via DHCP. Manually enter the IP address in the DNS settings of your NIC. Once you have joined the Domain then you can use DHCP. (Assuming you haven't done this, of course).
  10. Thanks, nmX.Memnoch, I'll give it a whirl
  11. Always used Maxtor. They've done me proud over the years.
  12. This must be available in Windows 2003 Server, it doesn't appear in Windows 2000 Server.
  13. I'm with dwarfer on this one. I seem to have to login multiple times with the new version, so I've removed it as well.
  14. Err, sorry ... you are?
  15. Renaming a site is not the same as renaming the domain.
  16. If I simply rename my AD site (using AD Sites & Services) to something more appropriate, will that have consequences or is it just like renaming a file??
  17. Click on Start>Run Type "gpedit.msc" Expand Computer Configuration>Windows Settings>Local Policies>User Rights Assignment Check out: Shut down the system.
  18. The build quality is second to none, and they use quality internal components. Edit: I'm a "Senior Member" now, is this a polite way of saying that I'm an old git?
  19. I've used "BGInfo.exe" in the past. Free from BgInfo
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