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  1. Thanks for the tip:) so it only clean places that should be cleaned and not other things ?
  2. Hi Got it down to 500MB installed Everything works perfect in Windows Start in 20sec. Iso is 244.8MB. So everything is good now:)
  3. It did not work at all Any ideas?
  4. found it thanks Made it 233MB before install. Hope it works
  5. Hi. Thanks for the fast answer. It say the disk minimum have to be 1287MB. I only have 1GB CF Card. And don't wont to buy a new one Thanks
  6. Hi. I need to get my XP Home under 680MB, The ISO is just 280MB when I start installing it say I need at least 1287MB!!! Any advice? Any ini file I can use? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi. Could somebody recommend a Anti virus product for Exchange 2003? Do it need to be a special version or could it just be a regular that support Windows 2003 Server? Thanks in Advance
  8. Hi. I have watched some videos about Exchange 2003 and have installed it. There is one thing am not sure about yet. Today I have my web domain at 1and1.com (eg. www.mycompany.com) and of course email also. 1. Do i need to host the domain at my server so email can work? 2. If am making a email address for a user in Active Directory (user@mycompany.com) do I also need to set this account up at my admin page at 1and1.com since they are hosting my domain? Thanks in Advance
  9. Hi. I find a lot of guides how to install Exchange 2003, and I have installed it. But I don't know how to access the Exchange/Outlook remotely (OWA) Somebody that can help me? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Just bought my first SBS2003 and Exchange 2003 server. I have no idea how to set it up correctly. Anybody that could recommend some goods books I can buy that would help me configure this correctly. Thanks
  11. Hi. I just installed Exchange 2003 on a 2003SBS. Anybody that have a esay guide about how I setup Outlook Web Access? It's the first time I have installed Exchange so am blank on this Thanks in advance
  12. Hi Do anybody know if its possible to close a computer totally from Internet, like the cable was unplugged but you could still access it with VPN from another location? Then it will be no chances of getting virus, spy ware etc, but still be able to remotely access it Thanks
  13. Hi, but how can I contact it then? (New York - Huston) The only reason why I need this is because I cannot risk that the computer is beeing attacked by Virus or Hackers. (The computer in huston is on a Mobile Phone line so updates with Virus software will take to long time I guess)
  14. Hi The 192.168.1.x was just a example . So i need a hardware firewall to block internet completely for the computer in Huston? Yes they are connected to internet. is there any software that will block everything expcept traffice from A to B / B - A Thanks in advance
  15. Hi Is it possible to disable internet, etc in Windows XP, so XP can only access a special IP ( Because then XP cannot be attacked by hackers, virus, etc So the only communication that can go in and out has to go true (I don't want it to be "online") (Just online in my network(one computer in New York and one in Huston) Thanks
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