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  1. I use a 4-port "home" KVM switch (Microsol, I think), which I connect my servers to. But this is purely so they can boot, I use RDP to connect to them via any other machine on the network.
  2. Could you not just use Remote Desktop and then right-click My Computer > Properties > Computer Name.
  3. Be wary of ticking any "Deny" boxes, it's probably safer to simply not tick any box for a particular permission rather than Deny.
  4. The ability to delete files falls in with the "Modify" permission. So, simply don't tick the "Modify" box.
  5. It's not normally a good idea to make predictions in the IT world.
  6. @Thunderbolt 2864 I didn't necessarily mean that prices would go up (but then I wouldn't rule that out completely), it's just that the prices won't come down so quickly than if there was competition.
  7. I doubt it, competition drives prices down. A monopoly usually means higher prices!
  8. FAT64

    Repairing XP

    Do you happen to know which item of hardware is causing the BSOD?
  9. FAT64

    Repairing XP

    Before you repair XP have you tried ... Click on Start>Run sfc /scannow But you are correct, a repair will leave all user accounts, device drivers and applications alone.
  10. Do any of these applications know of the existance of your printer and at least try to print? In any case what error message do you get? You could just delete your printer and reinstall. B)
  11. Have a look at ... Absolute Video 2 Audio Less than £15!
  12. Why not just use Windows Remote Desktop?
  13. Paragon Software for me every time
  14. I had mine taken out some years ago. I was given an introvenous sedative and I was away with the fairies. But there's no way I'm going to go through with it again!
  15. Try ... NT password recovery
  16. Well, with a Windows 2000 DC, I would use the "Domain Controller Security Policy" console.
  17. The only issue I would have with integrated components is that you might have to replace the entire motherboard at some point. According to the specs you only have 1 spare PCI slot for a replacement video or sound or network card. Other than that, there's no reason not to start to use this machine.
  18. I can't really see why you're hesitating to use this. Have you never heard of "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"? Specs look fine to me.
  19. Use Remote Desktop? It's free, it's encrypted and it works. Edit: Ahh, I think I misunderstood your post.
  20. Personally I think that Avira is a far superior Anti-Virus program. The only drawback is the "nag screen" every time you update the virus database. If you can tolerate clicking on OK, then go for Avira. There is a third free AV program, go to www.pctools.com.
  21. Why not simply use Mandatory Profiles. Roaming Profiles are a bit of a pain, and slow down logins.
  22. After yet more Google-ing, I have come to the conclusion that Logon scripts simply use the account of the person logging on. B)
  23. I think that there are only 2 possible account candidates: the user account of the person logging on or the SYSTEM account. My gut feeling would go with the SYSTEM account. Anyone care to offer an alternative suggestion? Edit: After much Google-ing, it seems that Startup and Shutdown scripts certainly use the SYSTEM account, so maybe a Logon script uses the account of the person logging on; hence the name?
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