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  1. I've checked and It definatly isn't dust thats the problem, I'll check the mobo make and that tommorrow as I don't have access to my PC right now.
  2. Is it a problem with the HOSTS file? I don't know whether or not Vista has one or much about it myself so I can't really comment.
  3. The CPU fan on my pc is annoyingly noisy, it really puts you off the game your playing or film ect.... Does anyone know of a good replacement fan or processor that is virtually silent and cheap? Thanks.
  4. It takes longer on the admin account, if I turn off auto logon and log onto the limited account the problem doesn't occur.
  5. I've always used the classic windows logon screen. It always used to start up and you'd barely see the logon screen before you got to the desktop and explorer had loaded up (It automatically logs on to the administrator account). Now I have created a second 'limited' account. Now the logon screen stays up for about 10 seconds (Windows is starting up) and then when it finally logs on the background displays but it is a good 2 minutes before the explorer process starts up. Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Thanks.
  6. When I used to use Sygate it went a bit strange and decided not to let me connect to the internet even when it had been uninstalled.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I got them to work. In the on Bios the 'On board USB chip' was disabled so all I did was enable it and now windows has picked the ports up and they're working no problem.
  8. This computer originally had Windows 98SE and although power was getting to the USB ports (lights blinking on memory sticks) but there were no drivers installed. I installed Windows 2000 over this thinking it would automatically pick up and install the ports but however it hasn't. There doesn't seem to be any power getting to the ports at all now (though I will try with more devices later) and nothing is showing up in the device manager. The motherboard is an Iwill ALADDIN5 - I don't know the exact version or anything but from the googling I've done it seems as though Iwill don't exist anymore. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Chozo4 I will try this script. I have to use frames as I am using them to bypass a program which my school uses to block websites
  10. Is there a script which uses the basic frame layout but will have a text field in one which a user can put a URL and it will open the URL in the second frame? Thanks
  11. When you use active desktop is there anything you can do to cause it to show the 'restore active desktop' screen? Thanks.
  12. Well its all in german but I'll give it a try, thanks.
  13. All I've managed to do is get a battery icon show in the notification area. Can someone please tell me how to get it to look like the one in this screenshot http://img701.mytextgraphics.com/photolava...d-48jyxojuz.gif (the green battery) Thanks
  14. dwarfer


    This would explain why my Acer laptop is only 728mb of RAM when it should have 1gb.

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