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  1. Hello, I'm going to be posting this on several different message boards because I'm not really sure who will be able to help. If anyone has any suggestions as to other websites I can post this question on, please feel free to suggest. The other couple that I'm going to post to first is tech-forums (dot) net and xda developers forums I am having problems connecting Sharepoint workspace mobile to my Sharepoint 2010 server. I have winmo 6.5 pro and the sharepoint app is running. I have an unlimited data plan, and I have tested this where my data works fine. I have tested this inside my network and outside also using wifi. I have one standalone Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise server installed. The server is working. I can get to the website using a web browser and it is running off of port 80. I can browse to the site from outside my firewall as well as inside with no problems. So I know that Sharepoint, in and of itself, is working. I have tried two other phones running winmo 6.5 with data plans, and office 2010 mobile and am getting the same error. Basically, I open sharepoint mobile 2010, go to the address sharepoint.domain.com (just an example) and I get the error: "Cannot connect. Sharepoint mobile doesn't support the authentication scheme that this server requires. Do you want to open this in your web browser?" If I click yes, it does open the sharepoint site in IE. All I really want is to be able to sync docs between a doc library and my phone, and my PC using workspace. Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA
  2. I'm not sure what you're talking about as it's not very clear, but here are a few ideas. Maybe you're talking about a user class in a DHCP scope that allows a specific device to grab DHCP lease, but with different options than your standard scope (such as DNS servers, and a diferent gateway) This would be in Windows Server, not in NETSH You can use standard DHCP Reservations, also for Windows server, not in netsh. You can set a DNS Suffix to your computer, or your network connection, not sure if you can control this with NETSH, but I believe you can through the registry. You could also just set a static IP through NETSH Are any of these what you're talking about? Thanks, Luke.
  3. We're using Zenworks 7 on NDS right now, and about to migrate to ZEN10 and we've been pxe booting for years. That said, I've noticed that after imaging, especially on our old systems, I work in a school district and 60+% of all our computers are single core P4s with 256 megs of RAM running XP Pro SP3. It takes about 3 - 5 minutes for me to be able to use a USB mouse or keyboard because the computers are so old and slow. It sounds like because you're in device manager watching the driver get installed, that you're past my problem, just thought I would share my input; and also that my issue is not directly related to using ZENworks or PXE booting the images. We also are not using sysprep
  4. thanks for the replies... i ordered with an i7 and plan to buy 8 gb of ram as soon as i have the $500. thanks for the input
  5. Hey guys, Looking at the newest Lenovo Thinkpad line... I just sold my 14" ThinkPad T61 which consisted of: Intel C2D T8300 2.4 GHz 4GB RAM 500 GB HDD Integrated GFX the usual... I also have a ThinkPad W700 with the 2.0 GHz Q9000 Quad core, 8 GB RAM, a 250 and a 500 GB hard drive, hi res display..etc The w700 is absolutely incredible, I love the machine, it's just not mobile enough (I'm carrying that back and forth with me to work daily, and it definitely does it's part of the job) I need something to replace my T61 for the high performance mobility side, the T61 was incredible. A fellow colleague burst my bubble this morning when he told me the newest i7 mobile processors were not ALL HT quad cores, so I searched on intel's website, and sure enough, hyper threaded dual cores. I have all my options picked out now except for the processor. my two options now are the newest Intel i5 540m at 2.53 GHz (3MB L3), or the i7 620M at 2.66 GHz (4MB L3) with a 70$ price point for the i7. I was all set to order the i7 until I found out that both this i7 and that i5 are only hyper threaded dual cores. I understand I have bragging rights with the i7 just because it's the i7, but is the 130 MHz and the 1 MB of L3 really worth 70 dollars? I don't do any graphics, photoshop, blender, video, etc...My power is all for my virtual machines (I'm a network admin/engineer so I use a lot of them), media players, a few web browsers, IM clients and the other usual stuff. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, who would've thought I could beat myself up this much over a stupid processor Thanks
  6. hmm, strange, have you tried rebooting the server? Existing RDP sessions really shouldn't effect your ability to connect to a file share. Have you double checked permissions? Is that user able to connect to the share from a domain joined PC?
  7. When attempting to contact the share, and you receive the question about credentials, have you tried domain\user or user@domain instead of just the username? Often times I still run into this.
  8. Hello all, I'm trying to grasp this whole NAP thing for Server 2008, and I'm starting to kinda get the hang of it and I can get clients denied, and computers with static IPs are fine. My question is, if my network has a DC, a file server, a web server, an RODC, and say a Novell Zenworks ZCM server for OS deployment, and WSUS. I put the RODC and WSUS in the remediation network group, I'm using DHCP NAP. well if my clients aren't already in AD, they can't get the NAP policy. If they can't get the nap policy, they're denied network access. how then do I join the machines to the domain without setting a static IP on each one. Especially, if, say I sysprepped an image, and want to push it out to 30 workstations using ZENworks, even if I temporarily set a static IP on the image..those 30 workstations being deployed are going to attempt to join to the domain at the same time using the same IP? Just looking for a bit of insight, and maybe I'm just too much of a n00b and am completely missing something?
  9. I also installed server core, and the DCPromo button is greyed out and unavailable.
  10. Sorry for the delay in getting back. I removed the server core DNS ip from all server's DNS settings, found a couple old dns records from older DCs that hadn't been cleaned up. Still getting this error. The wizard cannot access the list of domains in the forest. The error is: The network path was not found. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  11. Hey no problem, thanks for the suggestions, haven't had a chance to give them a try yet.
  12. Thanks, I'll give it a try, and assuming I also remove it from the other DC's DNS list? Also, you cannot do a manual dcpromo in server core. What I did was put up another server, do a dc promo, export the answer file and cancel before the install started. This is what's typically done afaik. Thanks
  13. Thanks for looking. DNS resolution is fine. I have mapped drives to the sysvol of the domain just fine. (that's where I have the dcpromo answer file stored). The machine is also joined to the domain with no problems and as said before DNS is installed. Thanks
  14. bump. Really want to get this going, my eval licenses are going to run out soon! Cluberti?

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