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  1. What permissions (Share & NTFS) do you have on the shared folders/files?
  2. Whenever you want a dual-boot system, you should always install the different versions of Windows in chronological order (oldest > newest). That way all should be fine.
  3. Oh, the joys of a peer-to-peer network! Could you not just create a dummy account on every client (identical username & password), that way it should only ask for a username & password once and after that it will use the same credentials.
  4. Some time ago I gave a member here on the Forum some drivers for the above-mentioned PCI card. I don't suppose that person could send them back to me, I have lost them somewhere in the network ether! Thanks.
  5. Use Acronis Disk Director?
  6. We use Lexmark. Fast, reliable and cheap (but not cheap and nasty!)
  7. For that you will need a CD with SP3 integrated. However, you will still have to enter a CD Key within 30 days, I think.
  8. It plays for me. Kind of sounds familiar, I'll give it some thought.
  9. Unless you are an official beta tester, I've never understood installing the beta version of anything.
  10. The drive letter of an installation of Windows is so embedded, I doubt you would be successful in changing the letter.
  11. You've only got to wait a week or so, you've waited this long. It won't kill you.
  12. I wouldn't bother with FAT32. NTFS all the way, end of.
  13. Delete the partition and re-create it?
  14. Theoretically it should be possible. Maybe you should contact the laptop manufacturer?
  15. I'm actually rather looking forward to it, I've decided to skip Vista altogether.
  16. Surely a DHCP reservation is for a specific MAC address. Does this range idea make sense?
  17. Who knows? Only one way to find out. Try it on a test machine first.
  18. It might help to know what is on Line 6.
  19. If your router has a hardware firewall, why are you using ZoneAlarm?? That's "belt and braces", and causes more problems than it solves.
  20. Oh dear, you do seem to be having problems. I hate to rub it in, but my two Windows 2000 Advanced Server installations have worked without a hitch for the last three years! Are you fully up-to-date in terms of updates and service packs??
  21. Why would you want to deny users from having full control of their own files? Seems a tad draconian to me!
  22. Active Directory relies on DNS and will always try to use DNS first. Personally, I would avoid WINS like the plague. Upgrade any 98 machines to 2000.
  23. I installed IE8 Beta today and promptly removed it, it did seem to have some annoying bugs. Hanging when trying to open certain websites, not scrolling properly on others. I was disappointed that the interface wasn't like the fake images which have been making the rounds.
  24. OK, so maybe not quite a Guitar God, but I have been playing for more years than I care to remember. Had lessons from two excellent guitar teachers, played with multiple bands. I own a Gibson Les Paul and Tanglewood roundback acoustic. I keep meaning to buy a 12-string.
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