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About doggitydogs

  1. Change a Letter Game

  2. Favorite Type of Music

    Electronica, say, Björk and Arcade Fire.
  3. Weird error

    Look, I am not editing my registry. (or, I will first thing after a backup. ) CD burning software? I use Windows' built-in, thank you.
  4. Weird error

    I tried that already.
  5. Weird error

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( I CAN'T GET THIS ING COMPUTER OF MINE TO DO A ING THING!!!!!!! (started happening after I installed an external 80G hard drive, they're supposed to be R: and L: drives.)
  6. Macintosh SE Error

    Erm... I have an SE/30 and an iMac dual-boot OS/9.2/OS/X.
  7. Vista Startup

    Forgot I posted this. I'm using Vista Ultimate, no it's not a screensaver, nothing happens if I press Ctrl-alt-delete. hard drive lights are on.
  8. What's the Best Photo Viewer Software?

    Uhh, Picasa. "Others" doesn't make sense. However, I no longer use Picasa, but Ulead PhotoImpact and Windows Photo Gallery.
  9. Best Motherboard

    MSI sucks. Use Intel.
  10. Which OS are you using?

    Vista Ultimate 32bit
  11. USB _________ (fill in the blank)

    No, not even my computer. My computer does, however, call my MP3 player a USB Mass Storage Device.
  12. What Browser Do You Use?

    What browsers do you use? I'd choose IE7/FX2/NS/Safari Beta, same, same (normal surfing).
  13. Macintosh SE Error

    Boot...disk? What's that? Uhh... all I have for it is a SuperDisk that is write-protected that is keeps asking to initialize...it booted into OS 4 just fine without anything in the drive the first time, then it got the errors.
  14. Macintosh SE Error

    I was working on a 17-year old Macintosh SE with a SuperDrive and accidentally clicked on "User Privileges" or something like that and got this message: "Sorry! A system error has occured! illegal instruction (restart)" I clicked Restart and got the "Welcome to Macintosh." screen followed by: "Sorry! A system error has occured! address error (continue / restart)" I pressed Continue. Same thing. I pressed Restart. Same thing. I flipped off the power supply. I flipped it back on. Same thing. No matter how many times I repeated this, the message kept coming back. Please help.
  15. What Windows Theme do you use?

    Aero w/ a strange shade of orange I made up