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  1. for the Drivers issues, use Basharat's Driver Pack
  2. is there anyway to edit it? ot should I have to start a new poll?! EDIT: now multiple selection is sat, added some new viewers
  3. plz there is a new editions 1.8.8 waiting
  4. make a it a Poll dude Metal here
  5. simply Flash or USB e.g you see my new usb?
  6. most of us (99%) are using some proggies to view photos in cool fast manner, with simple flipping auto-expposure capability ACDsee was the big hit till 3.1, then collapsed as some said I start using Xnview, and I'm gonna use to it soon as my ACDsee 9 became hoggy and crappy the Poll is Multiselection, so you can choose more than one browser/viewer anyway, choose your best from the above Poll Fixed --Zxian
  7. who hasn't and who doesn't!
  8. Firefox definitely for all EDIT: but yeah , weird that you forgot Opera
  9. I noticed issues with MrNxDmX' Internet Explorer 7 Addon http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?...asc&start=0 when I integrate MrNxDmX's Addon, xpize not more functioning 100&, I got some changes but many dialogues not xpized e.g. winver (About Windows) I don't think this is XPize's problem. Please PM me if I'm wrong.
  10. wow! working like a charm but I still need My Computer like: - Show In Groups - Arrange by Type plz dramaley can you change your reg tweak accordingly
  11. plz, can I apply the Icons view instead of the ugly Tiles view uA?
  12. yes me too I need how to change the ugly Tiles to Icons view unattendely
  13. I meant I need Icons view rather Than Tiles view how to set that unattendely?
  14. @elajua I see, I'll try to do my AIP @Shark the link for Orca in the tutorial rtf file is down maybe you can replace with this one URL REMOVED - please do not post URL's leading to my repositories. This action will lead to massive leeching and the ultimate shutdown of the repositories permanently
  15. you've bin a real king EDIT: yeah I managed to repack your installer with my fav settings and plugins, so far I'm happy 99,9% but the depressing thing that the desktop shortcut, I can't get that good looking icon, how did you make that lovely shortcut unlike the boring ordinary shortcut?
  16. I'm sorry to inform you that there will not be an update from me for this release due to the lack of highspeed internet. I am using dialup for the next 2-3 months. If during that time, this happens to go FINAL, I will make an effort to release an update, with a new editting tutorial. shark Ops, I'm sad to hear such news, 2 to 3 months, it's ages man god be with ya
  17. ok I'll do a self-extractor from your files after applying my settings and preferences Sharky you da man! EDIT: my needs: 1- Removal of Modern Skin 2- Never in my time used the Visualization (I'm listening to music not watching it lolz ) 3- Quick Launch Shortcut is a must, (since winamp the most usable proggy ever)
  18. Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1238.0601 is Out

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