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  1. ****! that worked so fine and here is my final batch file cmdow @ /HID start /wait lingvosoft.exe /S start /wait crk.exe CMDOW "C:\DOCUME~1\XPPRESP3\STARTM~1\PROGRAMS\LINGVO~1\LINGVO~1" /CLS pskill notepad.exe
  2. thanx I'll give it a shot and I suppose that will not interfere with the whole installation process of WPI / RunOnceEx
  3. no my Q was about: How to close certain Window by command or unattended
  4. Hi fellas during my RunOnceEx , some software opens some windows interfering with the general idea of the uA I know how to close the softwares by: e.g. cmdow @ /HID Pskill YPager pskill yahoomessenger.exe but I don't know how to close a WINDOW that pop up during the installation I bet it's so easy and that I should googled about it, but I'm kinda tired and wanna know it asap
  5. thanx for the lite and waiting for the micro
  6. can I use other name for winnt.sif e.g winnt2.sif and plz , can you tell me the complete command if the winnt.sif is going to be on CDROM ?
  7. looks good but Spanish, I don't think so
  8. This I can help you with. Install the program. Set everything up as you wish. repackage my installer with the new winamp.ini file you just created when you set everything as you wish it. It is in the main winamp folder. For those not so inclined to repackage my installer, you can just copy your winamp.ini file over top of the existing one after installation. shark nice idea, I sat my Winamp Preferences as I like, grabbed the winamp.ini from C:\Program Files\Winamp copied my preferred skin to \Skins folder and my preferred plug in to \plugin folder of winamp535ML but I'd like to go with the re-packaging teach me master
  9. good work RaGhul , waiting for your magic work
  10. ok I'll go with WinAmp AudioPlayer btw, any how to idea set a certain skin or equalizer values? peace sharky
  11. @codejunkie thanx buddy but, I've used the d:i386\winn32.exe /unattend but it didn't ask me whether I need an Upgrade or New Installations! it jumped everything and it started UPGRADING!, it didn't even consider the file unattend.txt, still uA even in the absence of unattend.txt from the i386 so what's the purpose of unattend.txt !? I just converted my winnt.sif to unattend.txt, is that ok? how different plz the unattend.txt from winnt.sif? I mean I need everything like normal for instance, setup gives you the option to choose between Upgrade or New Installations, then when it comes to insert the SN, either already inserted uA or bypasses the step also uA @Shark007 thanx, I've download the modified winn32.msi and the upgrade.exe, but as I typed above, it's not only about Upgrading, it's about Options for me to choose with uA auto-insert the SN if you teach how to modify the winn32.msi to insert the SN or you modify one for me
  12. it would be great to let Winamp can run Video files along keeping the Library coz sometimes, I have mixed folders with both Mp3s and Videos Clips and I want to (Listen) to them plz plz
  13. nice work dude, waiting for other cool stuff from ya but when I press the Install Windows XP, a cmd windows appeared referring to winnt.exe rather than the winnre32.exe which is the one correct to install Windows from already installed Windows (not from boot)
  14. plz guyz I'm hungry for the 5.35 plzzzzzzzzzz where are man?! :)
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