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  1. myself, I'm using IDM & FlashGet (+FlashGot) for years now nowadays, I added the Orbit Downloader for Youtube, an live streaming videos download but heck yeah, IDM is the fastest, I liked the new torrent and emule capability of flashget what i don't like about both, is there is no Windows Context Menu when you right click on certain downloaded file like for instance copy/move/delete (except Orbit Dowloader) the bottom line, like dexter, it seems to be that there is no BEST downloader, but there is favorable downlodaers
  2. I think we should add the legendary VCP (Vista Codec Pack) from Shark007
  3. there is alot of downloaders up there, many which is the best , fastest, stable, good integration, ....etc
  4. where is the image?!!
  5. any idea how to overcome this?!
  6. yeah plz, I'm interested in slipstreaming but I need (some) extras here is the extra that I need uA: 1- Luna Royal VS 2- Logon Screens 3- Shutdown & Logoff Screens 3- Custom Icons 5- Screen Saver 6- Cursor plz guyz, TIA
  7. waiting for the switchless silent installer
  8. thanx dude, does it replace the default sounds? coz I wanna spare some space
  9. what a useful topic! thanx guyz and waiting for other suggestions
  10. thanx dude, but Foxit still can't open some PDFs which AR can EDIT: it's ok, it's just you have to download a plugin
  11. is there anyway to edit it? ot should I have to start a new poll?! EDIT: now multiple selection is sat, added some new viewers It's still messed. You still have TWO polls. becoz I can't make more than 15 choices for each poll? any idea how to Not mess it up
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