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  1. @pietpuk Many thanks for the Dutch translation v.1.8.5 Added Dutch GUI support Fixed French GUI Updated first post to v.1.8.5 Enjoy! CF
  2. I hope kSaMi will agree with your changes ... Will implement and repost as soon as I can! Thanks for contributing! CF
  3. You can try compname.exe from here. I have also created a small program with similar functionality - you can find it in this thread, however it will not (yet) join the computer to a domain, but it will provide a GUI which can be useful in some cases (or it can run on full unattended mode based on an INI file that you generate). Hope this helps, CF
  4. @midiboy I have not used Vista nor have I access to it so I cannot really tell you how the program will behave there ... Judging from the amount of security issues that I see on the NSIS development forum I would say that it would not work at its current status, but then again I have no way of checking this. Folder redirection is a matter of changing registry entries which is easy to implement and I had thought about it in the past, however everything breaks when the order of mounted drives changes and as such I have not added that option. For example, in my setup, at T13/12 there is a certain layout for my HDD which changes at GUIRunOnce, but my user is created at T12 so any folders that would be associated with the user's profile are bogus after a few reboots based on the new layout (assuming that the folders are not on 'C') CF
  5. @Ulrich Yes that doesn't sound right ... After a close look it appears that AutoLogon would be set to 'on' for strange reasons. This value is tied to ForcedLogon as well as the Parse directives. Long story short, it would not behave. I am releasing yet another version of this program: v.1.8.4 Fixed AutoLogon (combination of parameters would result in AutoLogon being 'on' although it would be explicitly set to 'off') Updated first post to v.1.8.4 Enjoy! CF
  6. That is not a glitch Ulrich, but a feature. You have ForcedLogon=1 either at the [securityInfo] section or at one of the MACOverride sections, so AutoLogon is set to 1 as well (if you try to force a logon without having autologon on then the call will fail!) CF
  7. This is embarrassing ... Lesson learned, always test a lot before releasing something ... It turns out that if I use a timeout of 30sec, as in Ulrih's case, the timeout fails. However if I use 10 or 20 or 60 it works. The real problem was hidden away in the code that calculates the position of the count-down bar which results after a few simple math operations to a negative value in some cases. Unfortunately for me the condition to start execution after the countdown is over expects to have a value of zero ... Long story short, I think I fixed it so I am updating the first post yet again! Thanks Ulrih for trying out several times the different versions! Hopefully this one works flawlessly for you as well Updated first post to v.1.8.3 v.1.8.3 Fixed (again!) timeout code Enjoy! CF
  8. @Ulrich Excuse my ignorance but after watching your video I cannot quite understand why you are creating a user called Ulrich giving him admin privileges (in the User Details frame), then you are renaming the Administrator account (whatever that name is in Russian) to Ulrich in the Security Options frame ... Obviously this will not work since a user called 'Ulrich' already exists at that point, and happens to belong to the Administrators group ... You are also renaming the Guest account from whatever name it has in Russian, to ... 'Guest' (!) Not much use is it? Anyway I hope this versions works for you and you don't get the timeout problem again CF
  9. A bug indeed. Strangely enough I missed it because if I set Confirm=1 at the [interface] section the timeout occurs and the program is executed. However with your settings it does not execute! Updated first post with v1.8.2 of the program. v1.8.2 Fixed timeout when Confirm was set to 0 Rewrote the user/group enumeration function Rewrote the Administrator detection function CF
  10. The timeout works as long as you set EnableTimeOut=1 in the [interface] section and you do not make any changes to the window while the program is running. This was implemented so that the program would run automatically and at the same time give a GUI for the user to change the created user/computer etc details if need be. In my scenario the program runs and sometimes I need to change some option so by clicking anywhere in the GUI the countdown stops. If you want to have a countdown you should make sure everything is in place in the INI file before calling the program and you should not disturb the GUI while the program is running. CF
  11. Huh? You lost me there ... No worries. Updated the first post to v.1.8.1 changing the Russian GUI label for Registered Organization so that it fits in the interface CF
  12. Yet another update, this time with a major change on the way that values are parsed from the INI file. Ulrih suggested yesterday to somehow tie the MAC address detection to specific User and Security info besides the Computer name/workgroup etc info. It turned out to be really easy to implement just by adding one flag to the [interface] section that allows for extra flags to be parsed if a matching MAC address is found in a [ComputerInfo_n] section. In the new program version if the MACAddressOveridesSections flag is active in the [interface] section then the following values can also be parsed from the [ComputerInfo_n] section that contains a matching MAC address: ParseSecuritySection FirstName LastName Description UserName Password UnlimitedPass AutoLogon Admin FakeAdmin FakeGuest RenameAdmin RenameGuest DisableAdmin ForcedLogon NewAdminName NewGuestName HideNewAdmin These values will now override the ones in [userInfo] and [securityInfo] sections! If however there is no match of the MAC values from each section to the MAC address of an ethernet controller on the target PC then the values from the initial [ComputerInfo] [userInfo] and [securityInfo] section will be used instead. This way one can have different users and security options applied to different machines Updated first post to v.1.8 Enjoy! CF
  13. Thanks for the translation Ulrih Updated first post to v.1.7.2 adding Russian language support to the GUI Enjoy CF
  14. Thanks for the translation iperoni Updated first post to v.1.7.1 adding Spanish language support to the GUI Enjoy CF
  15. @iperoni Glad you like it Check this part of the thread and download the file with the English strings. If you post here a file with the spanish translation (in ANSI) I can implement it into the main executable and change the dimensions of the interface to accommodate the Spanish button labels. You need to edit both the InterfaceEN.ini and LangStringsEN.txt files. The $xxxxx$ entries are variables so you do not need to edit them. The program should not fail to change the default Administrator account in any language as it looks for accounts by their SID which is language independent. However if you are logged using the Administrator account and then you try to change the name of that account, the process will fail ... CF

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