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  1. thanx so much for such awesome release thanx for fixing the desktop loading bug, it drove me crazy and I was depressed now I'm glad to hear the good news
  2. nice addon really but can I get the smaller version I mean no extras skins or pluging just the default winamp but silent switchless installer would be appeciated
  3. Sign Me In! Working On Arabic Enabled Windows XP SP3
  4. waiting for the complete compatible Darkside for SP3
  5. thanx guyz and waiting for other cool themes some links are dead , plz can you re-vive them? e.g http://www.wpiw.net/downloads/themes/evilvista.rar http://www.wpiw.net/downloads/themes/Kel_Vista.rar
  6. Wesmosis


    It's bin a Long Great Journey with Ya Thanx So Much
  7. Wesmosis

    to Nuhi

    You da Man Nuhi!
  8. oh thanx for confirming that was Russian I've managed to restore by the help of Mr Smartpants First, you'll need your original XP disc (not the nlitened one). Copy intl.inf from the CD to a folder on your desktop. Make a russian.cmd file in notepad with the following: COPY "intl.inf" "%WINDIR%\inf\" rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection LANGUAGE_COLLECTION.BASIC.INSTALL 00000419 %WINDIR%\inf\intl.inf Then run it. If it gives an error of "can't find xxxx.dll", the file will be in %CDROM%\i386\ Or, you could search for the file, copy it to the folder above and add a line in your Russian.cmd file as such: Code: COPY "KBDRU.DLL" "%SystemRoot%\system32\" COPY "kbdbhc.dll" "%SystemRoot%\system32\" COPY "intl.inf" "%WINDIR%\inf\" rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection LANGUAGE_COLLECTION.BASIC.INSTALL 00000419 %WINDIR%\inf\intl.inf
  9. oh thanx, gonna give it a shot I can define my problem in that the (Russian) option is missing from the Input Language only while the (Russian) option is still there in the Keyboard layout (Russian and Russian Typewriter) I hope this can make things more easy to solve
  10. Hi Zona I'm talking about a Window not a program while I'm installing a LingSoft dictionary in WPI, there will be a Windows with a shortcuts and stuff anyway, I got rid of it welcome to msfn TIA
  11. hey guyz How to Restore Russian Lang & Keyboard after Nliting?! I removed many languages including Russian by Nlite, now I want back In which I can type in Russian I have a tutorial which was **** good to restore other languages but failed to restore the Russian! plz help me out here is the tutorial: To restore Any languages, Turkish is an example here: Step 1: - Goto Control panel --> Regional and language option --> Tab Advanced - in the combo box, choose : English (United States) --> Apply - Restart computer Step 2: - Get update WindowsXP-KB897338-v3-x86-ENU.exe from : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=3fa7cdd1-506b-4ca0-bd47-b338e337a527&displaylang=en and install it. - Restart computer Step 3: - Goto Control panel --> Regional and language option --> Tab regional options - In the combo box, choose : Turkish - Goto Control panel --> Regional and language option --> Tab Advanced - In the combo box, choose : Turkish - Important note : insert CD original WinXp not Nlited XP CD) - Restart computer Bingo! TIA
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