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  1. guyz, what is the final solution for applying your favorite bootskin unattendedly?
  2. nice tutorial and nice proggy! but plz, how to apply one of the .bootscreen files unattendedly? I tried but didn't work
  3. thanx but plz man, why you insist on that dead boot screen?!!!!! WE NEED A PROGRESS BAR man! TIA
  4. thanx but how to extract the SYSDM.CP_?!!!
  5. Oh thanx MadBoy yeah It worked for some drivers, I'll to improve myself using it
  6. @ gunsmokingman thanx , gonna try though it looks a bit complicated
  7. I need this too: Show Icons instead of Tiles Unattendely
  8. thanx laze, gonna try it out ASAP I'm using WPI, how can I use IE7 with WPI?!
  9. My question is, Sometimes, I face a PC without Sound or Proper VGA drivers, and I don't want to format and install the Unattended DVD (which of course contains whole DPs), but I just want to install the Sound Driver for a Sony Laptop for instance, how can that happen?
  10. thanx SigiNet I'm waiting for the PP RC9 I admired the Multiple-SIF feasture can I use one sif for booting and the other by installation from inside already installed windows i.e 1- sif from boot having the next value UnattendedMode=FullUnattended 2- sif from installation by the ordinary autorun having the next value UnattendMode=ProvideDefault any idea how?
  11. thanx IcemanND ummm but now I need 2 winnt.sif by your way one for installation from inside the windows (UnattendMode = ProvideDefault) , and other when I boot (which I want it UnattendMode = FullUnattended) how this is is feasible? and then how to integrate the switchline %cdrom%\i386\winnt32.exe /unattended in the autorun windows by setup.exe? TIA
  12. I added the screenshots to clarify my requests I hope it's obvious now coz you got me wrong guyz
  13. thanx, gonna try it asap but could you plz post some typical examples for its use

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