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  1. Sharky You're really a Magician by making such nice awesome releases
  2. yeah I'm using it almost always thanx
  3. with that chicky in the turnoff window, I'll never turn it off lolz well done
  4. @cro-man thanx bro You're using XPPRESP3, seems familiar (WW)
  5. I deleted the files you mentioned guyz, I plugged an External HDD, it took a while this time (kinda less time than before but still long time ~ 7 minutes) @jcarle yeah I think I have to defrag my C: asap by Diskeeper Pro Premier v10 I'll feedback once I plug a new USB storage device TIA
  6. plz what's the best (real) PC Speeder available? of course besides a good hardware set
  7. I know, the best results is a clean XP on Clean C but just for the knowledge, what if I forced to do just Upgrade Option from installed windows, then I'll be asked for a god **** SN, I want it auto-inserted , not unattneded EDIT here is exactly what I wanted to do
  8. guyz it's really long! may for more than 15 minutes ! is that safe? I kinda scared to delete such system files
  9. plz SIMPLE SIGNIFICANT way to re-enable the WFP in order to let the sfc /scannow working?
  10. thanx guyz for the response if I use the switch unattended, do I still get the optional (New Installation or Upgrade) selection right? i.e. the uA process start right after I choose which type of installation I like
  11. hey guyz I just wanna ask about how to auto-insert the SN windows ask for it in Upgrading from windows xp, then I press Next ok I know the winnt.sif trick but that's ok when you boot, but what if I just want to upgrade and I'm lazy enough not to type the SN manually?! i.e like with Windows Me, during uA installation you will find the SN is already waiting for ya in the these boxes , just press Next
  12. I just want to restore the H&S to the windows not the ISO it's a challenge , isn't ?
  13. maybe someday bro Muhammed our dream will come true
  14. it's gonna be so useful, I'll try it out and then feed back
  15. hi guyz I've removed the crappy Help & Support Files (which is about a 21 Mbs) by Nlite, but now for some reasons I have to re-add them to my Installed windows not to the ISO so any Idea how? btw, I've searched
  16. [quote]I suggest you run the winamp installation after the mpc installation.[/quote] yeah good idea

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