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  1. here you go. tested and functioning fine. It needs to reside in the system32 directory on 64bit windows. shark pthreadGC2.x64.7z
  2. some people still use XP? and yes, you're right, it is a modern environment variable my alternate suggestion would be %appdata%\Adobe shark
  3. The 7z sfx should be directed to extract (cache) the installation files to %programdata%\Adobe and not deleted. This will help with user rights access issues / self repair of MSI installations / svcpack compatibility shark
  4. excellent researchand an 'idea' I would support. shark
  5. my two cents worth ... good move mickmack. In my experience svcpack compatibility for MSI based installers is achieved by caching the install files before installation and not having them removed by the sfx method of repakaging/re-distribution. shark
  6. I suggest a 'corporate version', all the tweaks, no removals. shark
  7. IMO form filling is a priorty, it should stay. EDIT1: in todays world of terabyte drives etc etc, size does not matter so much. The Lite'ening of this product has more to do with RogerDB's sentiments posted HERE. There are few people with actual concerns of hdd space. MANY people are concerned about background processes running without any way of stopping them. Please keep this in mind when trying to make the product as small (in bytes) as possible. EDIT2: I have read the comments on the internet by small minds comparing 20 MB to 25 MB etc etc Ignore these people. This Lite product isnt for them. They have no idea whats running in the background, and never will. Those with real knowledge seek this product for the reasons posted above in EDIT1 shark
  8. RogerDB, thanks for sharing your opinion. i agree with everything you have said here. Also, the fact that your post is well thought out and presented shows, you care about this project. to add, you went through the hassle of registering on this forum simply to share you opinion. My hat is off to you, I truly appreciated reading your post. shark
  9. It is a new feature aspect of 9.1 that is why my version doesn't have it.shark
  10. 3D is one of the removed components. You will need to create your own Lite version using the tutorial or install the full version. shark
  11. comparing the size of the MSI from one version to the next is pointless. My original tutorial was complete. It had all the steps taken to create a Lite version. I am quite satisfied that XhmikosR has successfully created a 9.1 Lite version worthy of re-distribution. I will private message contact information to XhmikosR so that MajorGeeks can begin public re-distribution. shark
  12. I moved the relevent posts to its own thread. I hope this hasnt inconvenienced you. This gives you access to the 1st post allowing you to edit important information such as download URL's etc. XhmikosR, glad to see you're making an effort to pick this up, i hope you keep it up ... shark
  13. I like simple and this is as easy as it gets. Nice posting elajua. shark
  14. TAKE NOTICE Once there is a consensus by the msfn community that a viable 9.1 Lite (english) version is worthy of public re-distribution, MajorGeeks.com will re-distribute it as a replacement to my previous work giving the new author full credit. You are probably aware, this is a high profile release and extremely sought after. I am in no hurry to authorize MajorGeeks to take up this release. I will wait to see comments from seasoned msfn members before I make this move. Good Luck. shark

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