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  1. hi my friend plugged his usb and my antivirus detected a virus .. although that file was deleted but after that a folder is created on all of my harddrives named "RECYLCER" now whenever any1 plugs his/her usb then a virus goes from my pc to that usb .. a virus is residing in my pc but i have used 4 antivirus none could detect it .i even tried trojan remover , spybot ,windows defender.. also that virus creates "desktop.ini" files then i reinstalled my windows some other friend plugged his usb and that recyler folder was again created on my pc.. help me plzz
  2. Best CPU Rating

    if u have used AMD Phenom and Intel then what would u preferr AMD or INTEL ?
  3. Disablining DVD & CD rom/RW

    how to Disablining DVD & CD rom/RW for guests ?
  4. how to block

    how can i block standard user from accessing cd drive & how can i block stan..user from access a program or folder i have vista home basic
  5. local policies

    how can i edit my group and computer policies i.e user rights ?????
  6. Best Motherboard

    my cousin have an intel celeron board its too old maybe 5 year but its awesome on these things 1)error resistance 2)fast speed (even 32mb rocks) 3)till now its running as rocking as it was when it was bought what i have noticed that usually after a year or two display goes .i mean u turn on the power button but nothing happens CPU is running its power light is on but monitor shows nothing & this problem usually can't be solved & company changes ur board so such mess didn't happened on his pc & that is too good
  7. no i want to a clean install of that i mean 1)boot to dos 2)format c: 3)now install vista home from dos don't ask why or suppose i have a pc without any win & i got vista home in its harddisk & a bootable cd & no dvd rom
  8. there is no problem i have a cd written wat i want to do is that to install vista home (both basic & premium)from harddisk using CD/RW but no DVD rom .plzz tell me the procedure of that stuff i got 1)vista home dvd image 2)bootable cd (dos) now u just have to tell me steps of installing this new OS .i searched it on net but instructions were available for vista ultimate now i am waiting for my answer thnkx in advance
  9. Best Browser

    firefox 1 is good ..i think...
  10. i dont know why but firefox become so popular.what i noticed is that version 2 is a hell badly managed heavly slow + crashes. i just want to know do u still think its good if yes why ?
  11. ISA Firewall

    brother i have unchecked on automatically detect isa server click on refresh & its working its even working in automatically detect but the green ball that appear on its icon showing that isa client is connected to isa server that is not comming that ball which have two circle on it which is green & other circle is of white colour if that ball is not comming utorrent can only work if that ball will show ?? plzz help this problem is only with me isa is working fine with other clients
  12. therez a site youtube.com which shows online clips i want to save them to my harddisk they run on macromedia flash
  13. ISA Firewall

    Salam my brothers Microsoft Firewall Client doesnot displays a green ball near its tray icon that indicates that it is connected to ISA SERVER unsure.gif sadly right not unsure.gif it just says Configured ISA SERVER:SERVER i can browse use messengers but cannot use utorrent blushing.gif if it won't connect to ISA SERVER my network admin dont know why this happened any 1 help me plzzzzz