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  1. Hi everyone, Sorry for being mute during the previous weeks, but I was very busy with my job. I have noticed all the comments and I will try to fix all for the next beta (planned before Xmas). Concerning the patching process, I remind you that Energize patches the files only if they exist on the computer. I have designed a log function so that wa can easily share the bugs in the future. See U
  2. Bug known due to KB925902 update (Google it for more details). No solution as far as I know, sorry. My solution : uninstall Energize, uninstall KB925902 update, re-install Energize. The Readme warns users before installing : NOT compatible with Microsoft Windows Update KB925902 See U
  3. Sorry this feature is not planned to be integrated. When Energize will be released (no more beta status), I will also release the sources and perhaps someone will integrate this feature See U
  4. A new french one with some mistakes corrected. See U fr_FR.xml
  5. Hi, I was very busy with my job during the last weeks. I can not promise anything concerning the next release but I still focus on releasing the best package as possible. Stay connected. See U
  6. Hi, Just one value to tranlsate : "Ships with Windows". I do not know what it refers to. Could someone help me to understand and choose the best way to translate it. See U
  7. Hi, I can take care of the french one. See U
  8. First bug with comctl32.dll... Please uncheck it during the install. I am investigating. See U
  9. Hello, A new beta released! Screenshot removed In this new version : - NSIS Scripts improvements - New Extra: Vista Logo Startup Screen Download Energize 2.0 Beta 2 Please report bugs. Do not forget this is a Beta version, a ghost could be a good idea before installing Energize... See U
  10. Hi, 1. As I told you, it is a good idea, but I'm not using that method. I prefer checking file size (I will probably add file version in next versions). But this is not my priority now. 2. No, I'm not worried about resources right now. I want to have a solid and safe base and then start adding new things. 3. Same as above. Cheers Okay safe way of proceding! Good luck Hasta la Vista
  11. Hi XPero, Great job as usual ! Nevertheless some questions: 1. How do you check the files needed to be reloaded ? Did you think about my proposal (patching the version resources) ? 2. Did you succeed in patching the comctl32.dll in WinSXS folder ? 3. Why not integrating VistaGlazz ? See U
  12. No switches options for unattend installation. Someone could do it by using my sources and the ones from XPero. Concerning the shell32 and users32 bug linked to Activesync, I can not test it to solve it. Someone has to investigate since I have switched to Vista. Good luck
  13. Sources released See first post. See U

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