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  1. oh thanx, I've bin using IntallRite for ages what is the difference bet InstallRite and InstallWatch?!
  2. yeah me too, used Both the Mod RegShot and RegSnap and RegSnap was away better than the former by finding vital reg changes
  3. plz , I used RegSnap to detect some reg changes, generating 2 files then compared them, but didn't know to export a reg file?!! plz help
  4. what is the switch to install the latest version 2.1.6 unattendely? I couldn't make it work (unlike the 2.1.5)
  5. I still havent implemented the IE7 switches. Thanks for pointing that out. Oh you're welcome
  6. off topic: why the 6.1 Download WPI 6.1 Here! still in your sig?
  7. @XPero how can I tell xpize to XPIZE IE7 via switches? I mean it's be default doesn't expize IE7 right I'm using the following switch in WPI XPize47bLite.exe /S /noskins /notask /noboot /nowall /nocmd /norestore also I slipstreamed IE7 into the i386 source
  8. @Digitalwingx nice elegant report
  9. og thanx, can you give us the original post so we can feedback
  10. oh thanx for the answer, I added your awesome addon but it didn't become the default sound for my uaXP any idea how to make it the default sounds for my uA XPSP2?
  11. thanx but plz how to apply the registration keys unattendedly
  12. any idea how to integrate the LATEST version of IDM into an uAXP CD?
  13. now is the site is goood! thanx, plz finalize the version plz
  14. thanx Xpero I have already Patched ISO with the 4.6, is it ok if I patch it again with the 4.7 or should I make a new ISO? btw, your site is down I wanna see the changelog
  15. BSPlayer Pro 2.22 Build 952 is out TIA
  16. You da man Arco (Inferior)! keep it up
  17. Xnview look really good, did you try it guyz? I've uninstalled ACDsee 9.0 !
  18. I love the micro (12 mbs) but why the size jump from 12 to 20 mbs!! Nero- was 12mbs Nero7960_eng_micro.exe is 20 mbs plz I need the smallest ever Nero
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