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  1. ok thanx, now I have the latest BDPs I'll try with your proggy and feed you back I'm having ASUS F3F, the driver CDs only for Vista, looking for its sounds drivers that's my issue ATM
  2. I know but it's kinda difficult I'll do what I can do with it TIA
  3. yeah plz I need this answer too coz I face alot of PCs with already instralled windows and have missing some Sounds or LAN drives and I don't want to format the windows, just I want to use the cool Bashrat Drivers Packs POST-INSTALL
  4. oh thanx but we love your version becoz of the tiny size waiting for the Micro
  5. I collected many very small size bootskins for TuneUp Utilities 2007, I managed to uA install it and it's working 100% but couldn't succeed to apply a certain bootskin (boot screen) unattendely I used InstallItRite, but it didn't work any idea guyz?
  6. I got this error by installing Nero RC5 Micro with the switch /VERYSILENT on Windows what's the deal?
  7. Oh I see keep it up Xpero coz you da man!
  8. unfortunately too much work (I just made one last week lolz) Nliting,Ryan,Tweaking,Xpzing....etc I'll give it a shot plz can you tell me when you're gonna release the final?
  9. is this switch still Ok for the Silent Installation of Nero Micro Nero- /VERYSILENT
  10. Thanx but as my usual question is it safe to upgrade my ISO (Slipstreaming) over 4.7 beta 1 with beta 2?
  11. why Nlite asked me to activate the Unattended options, I'm already having a mofified winnt.sif and don't use the Unattended Section of Nlite (otherwise it will mess up with my predefined winnt.sif) so I said no and contine to integrate your addon, is that ok and thanx for removing the adware but if you don't mind, make the DT Silent Switchelss Installer to be run from WPI, while the SPDT via Nlite you sure asking what's the deal? the deal sometimes I want to install Dt on another PC via WPI only, so Addon can't be useful
  12. wow you **** fast! you da man btw, no adware from DT or some other crappy extra stuff right?
  13. DAEMON Tools v4.10 (with SPTD v1.50) has just released
  14. plz I need this one LogonUI_and_Boot_Randomizer.exe the link is dead
  15. plz how to install Boot Randomizer uA and make it work http://userxp.belchfire.net/indexlbr.htm
  16. am having some issues installing BootSkin http://www.stardock.com/products/bootskin/ and then setting it to randomize my boot screens plz any help or other alternatives without slipstreaming large ntoskrnl.exe files ( ~ 2 mbs for each) while bootksin with about 15 boot screens ~ 2.5 mbs!! TIA
  17. oh man, the file of Owi Vista_Sounds.cab (Vista Sound Scheme 1.1 by owikh84 - July 30, 2006) 4,41MB - 33 Sounds is working like a hell 100% peace
  18. Opsi! and you think that's good or bad?
  19. oh thanx, I'll check it out does the Sysinternals proggies became part of Microsoft?! coz I'm fan of the great Task manager replacement (Process Explorer)
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