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  1. I took this line from you self-extractor rar file: [code]Setup="%programfiles%\Wesmosis\mplayerc.exe" /regvid[/code] it wad so good and worked with my self-extractor rar file named (MPC.exe) but one more stupid thing, how to disable the association with Playlists?! I'm using MPC only for Videos, Winamp for sure for Audio files
  2. plz I need those visual tweaks especially Disabling the stupid Sidepanel e.i. I need Classic folder look if they don't work in Nlite, why they are still there! just to confuse the users! maybe
  3. Microsoft is the Idol of Monopolization so they deserve what their policy lead to, as they steal other thoughts, people steal them fair and square
  4. [quote name='Shark007' post='578052' date='Oct 26 2006, 10:22 PM'][quote name='Wesmosis' post='578004' date='Oct 26 2006, 01:10 PM'] nothing worked[/quote] There is an unattended installer on my repository of MPC. It is specific to my liking. It is a WinRAR archive making it easy for you to manipulate the install commands. You can change the install directory etc, hope it solves your issues. shark [/quote] You da man shark! but does the MPC when silently installed take the VIDEO file association? that's my object I made a self-extractor silent installer via WinRAR (mplayerc.exe + mplayerc.ini) but still facing the ASSOCIATION prob, I hope your file can solve it EDIT [quote]It registers video file-types and places a shortcut in the quicklaunch bar[/quote] Oh thanx, but can you teach me how you made the association trick?! EDIT2 btw, your Repository Bookmarked!
  5. [quote name='donbi' post='385298' date='Sep 6 2005, 01:14 PM']for unattended settings, you can also configure any setting in mpc and then check the option in the menu view/options/player "store settings to .ini file" and copy the file (C:\Program Files\Media Player Classic\mplayerc.ini) at install time... donbi[/quote] for unknown reasons, the file association option not stored in the ini file, others options is ok
  6. here is a torrent file contains 12 MUI Interfaces: Arabic Danish Dutch Finnish French German Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish http://mihd.net/68ab09
  7. thanx again the bottom line, can I get any USABLE mui for my XP?
  8. ummmmmmmm thanx Ctrl-X but what's Windows Embedded exactly?
  9. Oopsi! so it's not possible to install them on Ordinary Windows XP?! man! that's horrible, once again Microsoft proves their SUCKIBILITY
  10. hey guyz I downloaded the French and Geman MUI from Micro$ site but I don't know the MAGIC way how to install them they aren't straight forward install and they cost me large BANDWITH to download Download Link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Direct Links: French MUI 93.7 MB http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/f...c171/LANGFR.exe German MUI 85.8 MB http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/f...171/LANGGER.exe Some gibberish explanation (as usual with Micro$) telling me to extract the e.g. LANGFR.exe any one understand this hieroglyphic Explanation?! plz this is a matter of Live or Death (like the Brand new album of Iron Maiden!)
  11. @muiz O'right, I'll download it your file, is it SILENT? Can I Slipstream it via nlite to replace IE6?
  12. I think Resource Hacker is gonna be your frined
  13. aha so it can be slipstreamed via Nlite to REPLACE the crappy IE6
  14. works like a charm! I like the hidcon.exe

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