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  1. Do you mean "Launch folder windows in a separate process"? I can check this on Win ME.
  2. Look into the Kstub Spoiler on the first page. Or here (Api GetSystemWow64DirectoryA=z2e120 for Java 6 updates 32 and higher).
  3. I'm able to install Java 7 with the msi. Thanks to Kext. Also InterlockedPOPEntrySList is now supported. Of course it doesn't work. I think the main problem is VC++2010 - msvcr100 as with Gecko based browsers like Firefox 13 and higher. At the end of the setup a message says "Error loading jvm.dll" (...\bin\client). If I wait a while the message disappears and the setup finished successfully. The Java Control Panel doesn't open. It also says Error loading jvm.dll. Pluginchecker on Firefox 3.5.19 gives the same message. The ImportPatcher generates this ini file for jvm.dll: jvm.zip After uninstalling remain some entries of Java 1.7 in the registry - HKLM ... Software/JavaSoft. I had to delete them manually!
  4. Confirmed: The method of the Kext topic post 58 fails for the new versions 2.2 and 2.2.1. The other method of (topic) Printing with KernelEX - post 27 is still working for me (tested for single app).
  5. Java 7 Update 11 released - Bug Fixes Release Notes CVE-2013-0422 and see link of submix8c (post 5) revised: 14 Jan 2013
  6. Hello jumper, you added winhttp.dll with four api's in the Kstub822 update (post 116) to experiment. I've good experience with this dll of XP in my system folder. It already supports WinHttpCloseHandle, WinHttpGetIEProxyConfigForCurrentUser, WinHttpGetProxyForUrl and WinHttpOpen. It makes no problems so far. The Foxit Reader updater of latest versions (5.3 and 5.4) needs it, the msi of the Flash Player versions 11.3 - 11.5 and Google Earth 6.0 to start, too.
  7. Installing Kext is a little off topic. But yes, GetSystemWow64DirectoryA=z2e120 must added to the .ini file. 1. Paste the downloaded Kstubxxx.ini and Kstubxxx.dll in your KernelEX folder. It doesn't matter which version you use 626, 730 or 822 it should work. 2. Add GetSystemWow64DirectoryA=z2e120 to the ini file under [Kernel32.dll]. 3. Add Kstubxxx to the core.ini in the kernelEX folder: contents=Kstub626,std,kexbases,kexbasen 4. reboot => msi or silent and check out the vulnerability on 98
  8. You must install KernelEX and Kext. Read the Wiki and the Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions topic.
  9. Commenting out Kernel32:CreateActCtxW isn't enough (experiencing R6034 runtime errors). After commenting out all ActCtx api's ActivateActCtx=f2e AddVectoredExceptionHandler=z2 CreateActCtxA=t1e CreateActCtxW=t1e DeactivateActCtx=f2e FindActCtxSectionStringA=f5e FindActCtxSectionStringW=f5e ReleaseActCtx=f1 OpenOffice 3.2.1 works again. µTorrent 2.0.4 doesn't. Kstub822.log: = Iphlpapi.dll:GetAdaptersAddresses=>iphlpapi4: = It works, if I commented out GetAdaptersAddresses=>iphlpapi4: GetPerAdapterInfo=>iphlpapi4:
  10. My first results for post 116 (Kstub822.ini and iphlpapi4): µTorrent 2.0.4: It doesn't start. Message: C:\Windows\System\iphlpapi.dll: IpHlpDll Entry not found (7b340000 0) Kstub822.log: [Kstub822] = Iphlpapi.dll:GetAdaptersAddresses=>iphlpapi4: = = Lz32.dll:MiniDumpWriteDump = = Kernel32.dll:CreateActCtxW=t1e = = Iphlpapi.dll:GetAdaptersAddresses=>iphlpapi4: = OpenOffice 3.2.1: The Installation failed. Message: The E/A process was canceled because of a thread end or an application request. Log => no entry. Opera 12.5+: Still no success. Version 12.5 build 1583 and 12.12 build 1707 Log: [Kstub822] = Iphlpapi.dll:GetAdaptersAddresses=>iphlpapi4: = Thanks for your efforts. I hope.
  11. Method: add to core.ini contents: (with or without Kstub822) contents=std,iphlpapi3,Kstub822,kexbases,kexbasen KernelEX didn't work anymore. I reinstalled it. After several attempts with different order it is sufficient to take iphlpapi3 out again. Usually reinstalling isn't necessary.
  12. Method: add individual function(s) to Kstub822.ini: [iphlpapi.dll] ;any or all of the following: GetAdaptersAddresses=>iphlpapi3: GetPerAdapterInfo=>iphlpapi3: GetTcpTable2=>iphlpapi3: Opera 12.10 and 12.12 crash on start. Kstub822.log: = Iphlpapi.dll:GetAdaptersAddresses=>iphlpapi3: = Supplement: Also Opera versions 12.5 build 1546 and higher crash on start. µTorrent 2.0.4 runs fine.
  13. 1. right click on the app (file) 2. choose properties 3. go to KernelEX TAB 4. check "disable KernelEX extensions" 5. Apply B)
  14. Hello toughcustomer, KernelEX doesn't delete data. There are many possible reasons for data loss. Maybe KernelEX has awakened a malware on your system. Some weeks ago my wife has a Backdoor-Server (logonmuser.exe) on her Win XP. This rascal destroyed the Firefox profile. Did you download KernelEX on sourceforge.net ? Piriform Recuva free version 1.31 recovery tool is one that supports Win98 or TuneUp Utilities Undelete (30 days trial) up to 2007. Many recovery tools don't work anymore on Win9x. Often older versions work.
  15. 1. Yes I could add ICH8USB, but USB works on my ICH7 machines with xrayers driver in USB 1.1 mode. Therefore I installed on each of my ME systems the MS ME USB 2.0 driver. You could try NUSB for your 98SE. 2. I also install them by hand.
  16. The Universal VESA/VBE Video Display Driver VBEMP 9x should work for Nvidia 8xxxx, but it's a very simple driver and does not provide any kind of 3D hardware acceleration (DirectX & OpenGL). The VBEMP works with the Nvidia 8600GT 256MB PCI-E. In most cases 512MB (and more) VRAM isn't possible. The unofficial Nvidia drivers 82.69 doesn't support NV8xxx cards! 512 MB system RAM is safe. CPU HT support? On some machines I've to disable Hyperthreading. Important: 98 and ME only support four IDE devices. If you use only SATA devices disable the onboard Gigabyte SATA/IDE controller in BIOS. Set the "SATA AHCI Mode" of the ICH8 SATA controller to disabled. It switches to IDE Mode. Set "SATA PORT0-3 Native Mode" (ICH8) to disabled. It switches to IDE Mode. Or does your system boot with the onboard Gigabyte SATA/IDE controller enabled? Do your HDdrive work with DOS compatibility mode? If not, did you enabled DMA for the drives? Better answer in the P965 topic.
  17. My first try failed. I couldn't start Opera 12.5 builds 1513 and higher, except build 1578 (12.02). Message: "Opera Error - Failed to load Opera.dll because: A device attached to the system is not functioning." The setting W2k+t5 wasn't kept. The comp mode window changed to default mode. I'll try it again.
  18. [iPHLPAPI.DLL] GetAdaptersAddresses=t5 works for µTorrent 2.0. => Kstub822.log: " = IPHLPAPI.DLL:GetAdaptersAddresses=t5 =" GetAdaptersAddresses=r50s5 or r120s5 doesn't work for it. => Kstub822.log: "= IPHLPAPI.DLL:GetAdaptersAddresses=r50s5 =" or "= IPHLPAPI.DLL:GetAdaptersAddresses=r120s5 ="
  19. It seems not clear and ambiguous. link link 2 Until clarifying I removed it in the Wiki.
  20. Hello jumper, versions 10.61 up to 10.63 are the most stable on my ME systems and the history has always worked. Versions 10.5x didn't start, so they were unusable for me.
  21. I tried to check Motherboard Gigabyte ga-P35-DQ6 (ICH9 chipset). Unfortunately it died during testing. It went into an endless recurring restarting loop, like xrayer had experienced with the Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G (Post 189) - random?. The graphics card was a Nvidia 7900GS and the CPU an Intel Celeron 430. I rewrote xrayers driver (inf files) for ICH10 to ICH 9. Also I wanted to test the original inf files for 2K/XP. I changed the signature "WINDOWS NT" to "CHICAGO". What worked until the mobo died: The Win ME USB 2.0 driver Graphics card - driver 82.69 with added 7900GS Lan Realtek 8169 PCI card What didn't: - ICH9 Family PCI Express Root Ports (Device Manager - yellow exclamation marks) and hence LAN onboard Realtek. I'm not sure about the three exclamation marks, where they were. Device status message was something like two PCI.VXD bustypes existing (Code 2). - Serial ATA Storage Controllers and Gigabyte SATA2 controller (10 devices). Primary and Secondary IDE controller (single fifo) had yellow exclamation marks. There isn't an option in BIOS to set compatible (four devices). I set them all to IDE mode. The PATA HDD was switched in the DOS compatibility mode, as was expected. (- Onboard sound set to disabled => no driver) Before I could restore the registry to get rid of the DOS compatibility mode, the board died. OS Win ME
  22. Did you try to change your font(s). => right click Desktop => Display Properties => Appearance => choose item and font. I use Tahoma (Western) Size 8.
  23. Hello jumper, if I paste this uxtheme.dll in opera directory ( Opera 12.10 build 1652 portable or USB version ) then it starts without error message and the firewall asks for permission, but Opera doesn't open. It only runs in the background. Replacing uxtheme.dll in the KernelEX folder doesn't effect. There is an improvement for Opera 12.5 builds 1577 and 1581 (GetAdaptersAddresses=t5). These versions now open, but the internal communication error remains. Also see the Kext-topic.
  24. µTorrent doesn't crash with "GetAdaptersAddresses=t5"
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