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  1. Which Firefox 10 is working? According to http://kernelex.sour...Mozilla_Firefox : Firefox 10.0.4: Installs and runs unmodified. However, I failed installing 10.0.4esr on 98SE, it said: Sorry, Firefox can't be installed. This version of Firefox requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or newer. The wiki seems incorrect. Did you encounter this error too? The only Firefox 10 mozilla download link is from ESR (10.0.4esr). 10.0.2 download link redirected me to 12. According to your link installing the ESR (Extended Support Release) version avoids frequent automatic updates that can fail under KernelEx. When you click on the ESR channel link http://www.mozilla.o...ations/all.html it now takes you to version 10.05. Which version should I use? 10.02, 10.04esr, or 10.05esr? I have been wanting to do a fresh install for months now. I can't take the browser crashes (Firefox much longer. I want printing, bookmarks, flash, etc to be functioning. The info on all this stuff is spread out enough making this a fairly daunting task. Hello leo, unfortunately almost always there is any problem. Did you tried Firefox 3.5.19? Plugins: Flash Player or / Java 1.5 Update 22 Add-ons: IE TAB version 1.5.20090525 > allows printing via IE engine. For FF 10.02 - 10.05 you should install these add-ons: "HyperBK" (bookmarks, history) / "IE View" for printing via IE. Plugin: Flash Player (or use the HTML5 Player inside). You can't run Java applets. Notation: Firefox versions 10.02 - 10.05 aren't as stable as the versions before up to 9.01 for me. I have to do some more tests. I don't know which version of 10.02 - 10.05 is the best on 98/ME.
  2. Will the 9x/ME version handle the unicode VDF's with the unicode update? These new VDF's are for the NT kernel and beyond. Thanks, Dave Hallo Dave, I still use the progam, but only occasionally the scanner. I never had managed to run the guard with newer definitions than mai or june 2009. Since Avira stopped updating the definitions with 22.05.12, it's to lavish. One possibility still remain for me. The update still works for Antivir 8 (9) on my Win XP. I can copy the defs and paste them into my Win ME Antivir program folder. Update with defs 22.05.12: 1. Open the zip file with 7Zip or another zip app and paste the four vdf files in your Antivir app folder.. Don't paste the avpack32.dll, because it doesn't work anymore on 98/ME. The last avpack32.dll that works was released on 29.04.08. 2. Rename the downloaded zip file (22.05.12) "ivdf_fusebundle_nt_en.zip" to "ivdf_fusebundle_9x_en.zip. Start Antivir - menu - update - manual update (folder) - find and open the renamed defs file. A message appears "can't open guard vxd". Click OK. After the update has finished replace "avpack32.dll" (25.11.2009) with "avpack32.dll" (29.04.08). "avpack32.dll" (29.04.08) is included in the late 9x defs.
  3. Make sure that you install the 98/ME version and not the 2000/XP version and KernelEx must be disabled.
  4. Kexstubs now contains the follow definition for this API: [Advapi32.dll] ChangeServiceConfig2W=z3e That means: return zero, pop three parameters from the stack, and SetLastError (<invalid function>). You can also try changing the definition to "z3e0" / SetLastError (<success>). Yes, the msi (windows installer) of update 262 works fine for me. The player only works, if Opera runs with Win2000 mode! It doesn't, if Opera runs with default mode.
  5. Don't try to install with the exe installer. Install it with the msi .
  6. It's possible to install version 11.3 again with the msi installer. It installs with an error, but it works for me. (Opera 11.64 / Firefox 3.5.19 // but have a problem with Opera 10.63)
  7. Isn't it HTML5? Check it out with a right click.
  8. I've just installed new Opera 12 build 1467 and it works, but there are the same problems as before. (Plugins not detectet / can't add buttons to the toolbars)
  9. Java 6: The Bug doesn't seem to be fixed with update 33. Bug ID 7166889 The msi installer doesn't work and the Dependency Walker still shows this error. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM : The Installer failed on Windows 2000 on unzipcore fase. Because Data1.cab\regutils.dll includes GetSystemWow64DirectoryA in kernel32.dll
  10. I've installed Opera 12 build 1448 on a second computer and it seems to work stable so far. Ebay pages are loading fine, too. I can't add buttons to the toolbars and of course the plug-ins doesn't work (plugin wrapper caused an error in user.exe). Did you install the same build from the same page? KerneEX 4.5.2 (4.5.12)
  11. Interesting, same user.exe version here, I have RP9 installed which interacts with it so that may be why I get a freeze. More interesting is that you can use the flash plugin despite the plugin wrapper shutting down. I also have RP 9.7.2 installed. Also older versions of Opera can play you tube videos with disabled plugins. Version 10.1 can't do this, but 10.63 can (HTML5).
  12. I've installed Opera 12 build 1448. It doesn't freeze my OS, but the plugins still don't work. Opera starts with an error message: Opera plugin wrapper caused an error in user.exe. Opera plugin wrapper will now closed. BTW: In spite of that Opera plays youtube videos. user.exe version
  13. You can try this: Download the latest definitions link. Open the zip file with 7Zip or another zip app and paste the four vdf files in your Antivir app folder.. Don't paste the avpack32.dll, because it doesn't work anymore on 98/ME. The last avpack32.dll that works was released on 29.04.08.
  14. I'm very surprised, that the latest Foxit Reader works again. Installed version - comp. mode Win2000 or XP. It installs with an error (Necessary files updates has caused an error in MSXML3.DLL), but it works. For updates it asks for winhttp.dll. I added the file (XP version) to the system folder. And the update works. It also has asked for mfc42u.dll, but if I added it, Foxit crashed on exit (error user32.dll). The mfc42u.dll seems not mandatory required. The bookmarks don't work correct for some documents. The install error doesn't occur, if I have installed MSXML4 SP2.
  15. Are you saying this out of experience? On the basis of your post I downloaded speedfan again and it's business as usual with it, it recognizes no drives in my system. No IDE drive because I use the VIA IDE drivers instead of Microsoft's ones and no SATA/SCSI either as usual. Hallo loblo, yes out of experience. Nothing is perfect also Speedfan and HWMonitor. Speedfan 4.46 works on my current ME machines. Indeed it doesn't detect the hard disk at the VIA 6410 IDE RAID Controller of a MSI MS-7058 ( i915 chipset ) Board. My current machines are: 1. Asus P4 P800 VM (i865G) NV 5900XT Pata HardDisk // 2. MSI MS-7058 - 915P Combo (ICH6 / VIA 6410 IDE RAID Controller ) NV7600GT PATA HD // 3. AsRock M266A R3.0 ( VIA P4M266A ) NV 5900XT PATA HD // 4. MSI MS-7592 ( G41) NV7800GT SATA HD .... .
  16. Speedfan is freeware and Win 9x/ME is still supported. It is a program that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips. SpeedFan can even access S.M.A.R.T. info and show hard disk temperatures. SpeedFan supports SCSI disks too. ...
  17. HTML5 support Test A little comparison Opera 12.00 beta 385 points out of a total of 500 points Opera 11.62 338 points Opera 10.63 240 points Opera 10.10 126 points Firefox 10.0.2 327 points Firefox 8.0.1 323points Firefox 3.5.19 173 points Pale Moon 8 338 points Pale Moon 3.6.31 188 points IE 6 SP1 26 points
  18. I installed Opera 12.00 beta1 (04/25/2012) successfully with comp. mode Win2000. Main problem: Opera doesn't detects any plugins on Win ME, so that I can't open many pages. It works (not quite stable), if I disable all plug-ins. Opera detects them on WinXP SP1 and SP2 .
  19. I've the problems with the display of speed and size of files being downloaded only on a very few pages. My KernelEX version is 4.5.2.
  20. I've modified an installed version. altered dll's in the app folder were : xul.dll, ComDlgEx.dll And these dll's in the system folder: SHLWAPI.DLL, SHELL32.dll, SETUPAPI.dll Here ComDlgEx.dll only in the app folders (Firefox / Sumatra) method 4b I tried to repeat the procedure on this machine two times. I had deleted all walked files in the system folder, the app folder and reinstalled FF 3.6.28, but unfortunately now it crashes in order to print or after printing once. Error in Kernel32.dll
  21. Hallo vilyathegreat, I tested it again. For Firefox 3.6.28 I have to walk the dependencies (click yes in the first step). Paste the downloaded ComDlgEx.dll (25.03.12) in a. <system> folder (for multiple apps) b. app folder (for single or portable app) Drag and Drop the Firefox.exe on the ImportPatcher.exe. Click yes. In the first step the ImportPatcher generates two files (ini and log - marked with #) in the program folder. Open the ini file with the editor (NotePad) and paste COMDLG32.DLL=ComDlgEx.dll under [DLL replacements] and save it. After that (second step) press the retry button of the ImportPatcher. Then you cancel the ImportPatcher. This works for me. Also I can't print if I click the no button.
  22. This zip package includes the IE version 32bit, the not IE version 32bit, msi installer and more.
  23. Latest version: link (Released 3/28/2012).
  24. What were the error details and Kernel32.dll version? It is the orig. Win ME Kernel32.dll / 08.06.2000 17:00
  25. I get an error message in order to print with Palemoon. It can also be after printing of one page. Palemoon caused an error in Kernel32.dll. Palemoon will now close. Tested on some ME machines.

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