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  1. @schwups. Thanks for your post. That was indeed helpful and I had a lot of clean-up in knowndll's to do !! Hadn't touched KernelEx settings in ca. 2 years ... @jumper. After removing all these ReactOS entries in knowndll's I only left the ones from XP that I think should not cause any problems. However, I am now also in the already by schwups and goodm reported situation that KernelEx 25 does not load properly/work. Maybe this helps because I think tyukok mentioned that he has no issues on his 98SE install. Thanks
  2. Thank you for the new version and the great work !! Unfortunately I have somewhat lost touch to 98SE in the last months and so I am stuck right now. I have installed the new version and I reach desktop but no KernelEx dependend prog starts. First error message msvcrt.dll -> ntdll:RtlAreBitsClear, then after adding this to kstub824.ini -> ntdll:RtlAreBitsSet I guess I have missed any other important development lately. Any ideas ? Thx, MiKl
  3. No regression so far, thanks !! Higher versions than 2.2.8 of VLC player do not work on a 98SE-Kex-system ??
  4. Hi Jumper, I am not sure if you meant me or GoodM but: - KEX disabled on unicows.dll both '\\system wide' with a setting in flags and also directly in the dll's kex-tab. - KEX all the latest builds. - Kext not in use right now. - After removing ReactOS I am now using a few MS files in known dll's.
  5. Hi Jumper, I can now print with SumatraPDF 3.1.2. using the 'Win2k_PD4: PrintDlgW_fwd' comp-mode !! The other three did not work. Haven't checked the ME modes. Will test other apps during the weekend. Thank you very much !!!! @Goodmaneuver. Thanks for looking into my SeaMonkey issue but I have to admit that I did not understood what you suggested to do. But no problem !!
  6. @ Goodmaneuver. You seem to be quite good in getting apps to run !! Much better than me. Can you maybe look into SeaMonkey 2.9. or 2.9.1 ?? Both are available as zip-files on Seamonkey's ftp. Higher versions won't run at all I think.
  7. @ Jumper. While 'cleaning' my system I noticed that I do not even need kstub any longer !! At least for the kernelex-depending apps that I use now. Awesome !!!! Everything works great with core.ini up to 18. incl. notepad++ 7.6.6 ! But when using a newer version of core.ini notepad 7.6.6 does not work. Depending on the comp-setting it either complains about 'IsProcessorFeaturePresent' or crashes right away. Please let me know if you want/need any error reports. Update: In the current setup Irfanview 4.5.2 now works !! Unfortunately settings don't stick so it does not remember to (re-)open in fullscreen, etc. Follow up: As a workaround you can activate write-protection on irfanview's ini-file. It then uses a temp-ini which keeps some but not all settings.
  8. Hi Jumper, still in the process of limiting/removing ReactOS on my system but I tested the new kexbases.22 and I receive error messages regarding: ntdll.vDbgPrintExWithPrefix - ComponentID: 4294967295 I think this is caused by mpr.dll from ReactOS - hope I can get rid of it soon but I thought I'll let you know just in case it might hint at something. Thank you for all your hard work !! Update: O.K., I am through now and kexbases.22 seem to be fine now. Will check the new core.ini again soon. Quick question. Now that I do not have msvcrt.dll as an auxilliary anylonger the VLC player won't start. Was there another solution for that ? I seem to remember that it was recommended to deactivate KernelEx in system's msvcrt.dll ??
  9. I tried all that of course, but only notepad++ did run with "legacy base enhancements" !!
  10. Hi Jumper, I am not sure if my problem is caused by all these ReactOs files on my system but when using the new core.ini none of my KernelEx depending apps are working !! The error message that comes up most of the time is related to: Missing export [kernel32.dll] IsProcessorFeaturePresent I am already in the process of removing ReactOS from my system.
  11. I also upgraded kexbases.map from .20 !! Maybe that does the trick because it works much better with all these ReactOS files that SeaMonkey loads in my setup like msvcrt.dll ??
  12. With this new kexbases my good-old Seamonkey 2.6.1. seem to run much faster !! Nice. Thx, Mikl
  13. With this new kexbases my 'old' Seamonkey 2.6.1 seem to run much faster !! Thx, Mikl
  14. @ Deomsh. Can you actually play all formats ?? On my machine only mp3 works - everything else crashes the player. Trying to open the settings of mpc-hc crashes the player too.
  15. Hi Jumper, just a quick note to let you know that one of the problems that I reported is fixed in v18 !! The email-client of SeaMonkey now creates correct msf-index-files. At first I was a little bit confused because the size stayed at 0kB when checking with the Explorer but was then updated when SeaMonkey was closed for the 'first time' after running under the v18-update. Thx !! Unfortunately still no progress with printing using SumatraPdf, etc. best wishes

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