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  1. now that i think of it, i don't think windows 7 is fit for a computer that was "Designed for Windows XP". I probably should just going to try another operating system that is better for my laptop( windows xp again maybe?)
  2. speccy say my cpu is at 93 degrees celsius, my motherboard is at 85 degrees celsius and my hard drive is at 36 degrees celsius. I took out the battery and i am still geting the same results. The laptop is making an awful smell( better turn it of) and cpu usage is at 93%
  3. Hello, i have an HP Compaq nc6400 which i installed windows 7 on. it previously had windows xp on it, and i upgraded by doing a clean install. On windows xp, it ran at 47 degrees Celsius while browsing the internet, but on windows 7, it once went to 95 degrees Celsius while browsing the internet. The laptop already has a cooling pad and i had dusted it just recently. i searched the internet about my problem but none of the answers seemed to work. should i try another operating system rather than windows 7? i also havent installed all the drivers yet. The laptop: Hp compaq nc6400 Windows 7 home premium 64 bit 4gb ram intel centrino duo 1.83ghz dual core
  4. It didn't work (the system.cb) . I think my problem is i am at the part when the system install the drivers in the background that says something like "98 setup" on the top
  5. I can't access device manager because all i see is the safe mode background, and the task man thing was for jaclaz. Sorry about that.
  6. In task manager I only see explorer
  7. When i went to safe mode it told me it can't install drivers in safe mode. When i click okay, nothing i can click is on the screen.
  8. Hi, i am trying to install Windows 98 into a SanDisk cruzer micro 4gb. I used hp format utility to make a dos boot drive on the usb disk, then i dragged the installation files into usb disk. When it booted into the usb disk, i ran the setup and selected to install it on the usb i am using, after the reboot, it shows the looking for drivers animation, then i get the bsod, then i click enter to continue, and i get a blue box, where i can move the mouse only. My computer hp compaq nc6400 1gb ram SanDisk cruzer micro 4gb
  9. Cool but is there anything free? i can only find a 45 day trial on microsoft.com and it says i need validation.
  10. Hi,i'm trying to install virtual box 1.5.0, which has a msi installer. The program say it requires windows 2000. the compatibilty tab wasn't there, so i used xp.reg. that didn't work. Kernelex 4.5.2 i used an old version because the newer ones complain about ntdll.dll help would be appreciated
  11. Hi, i have a problem with kernelex v.4.5.3. i don't know if anyone else has this problem, but when i try to install flash player 11.6.602.168, the program says Error r6025 on crashes. i am using windows 98se. help would be appreciated.
  12. Everything works now great except when i shutdown it says power meter crashes and when i open firefox (with the kernalex project i saw on msfn) it says " The MSVCR100.DLL file is linked to missing export Kernal32.dll:InterlockedPopEntrySList"
  13. Hi,i have (another) problem with my Windows 98 os. When it goes to setup my time and date,it crashes when i click apply or close. Then when i tried to change the month, it crashed again. Even when it crashes, i noticed the system continued to work. Just no the date and time box My pc: HP Compaq dc7800 intel vpro samsung 160gb sata hdd 1Gb ram Windows 98 Help would be appreciated
  14. you're extremly awesome! i knew i could get good replys on msfn!
  15. hi, can somebody please help me fix my problem?it would be appreciated.you see, a few days ago i clean installed Windows 98 on my pc. When i first boot it, it showed the boot screen, then i got a black screen with just a blinking text line at the top left. when i rebooted,it showed the advanced options, so i entered normal. it showed me the advanced options screen unresponsive, with the text line at the top left blinking again.Safe mode worked,but i needed to setup the drivers My pc is : Windows 98 HP Compaq dc7800 1gb ram samsung hdd sata 160gb model hd161hj intel vpro cpu using the same on-board video slot sorry if this was to much to read. Help would be appreciated.

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