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  1. Ok, so the 5950 ultra wasn't as good as the 9800xt, but for 20$ its a great card for a windows 9x rig, I just ordered the single fan one. I also ordered a Arctic Cooling NV SILENCER 4 REV. 2 made specifically for the 5950, for 23$ (more than the card but well worth it). I know this probably isn't the right section but I thought the people running windows 9x would appreciate this because everyone hates the Nvidia 5 series because of poor shader performance, but people don't run windows 9x for games using a lot of pixel shading, right? http://www.ebay.com/itm/XFX-NVIDIA-GeForce-FX-5950-Ultra-PVT38FUC-256MB-AGP-4x-8x-Graphics-Card-4419-/360643453309?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item53f806617d http://www.ebay.com/itm/PNY-NVIDIA-GeForce-FX-5950-Ultra-VCGFX595APB-256MB-DDR-SDRAM-AGP-4x-8x-4420-/390584261189?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item5af0a2da45 http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-in-Box-Arctic-Cooling-NV-SILENCER-4-REV-2-high-performance-VGA-cooler-/321097796658?pt=US_Video_Card_GPU_Cooling&hash=item4ac2eb8c32
  2. Yeah when I just tried a fresh install to get it to output to the pci-e card that's the setting I use, it works fine on the bootdisk and for the first half of setup before it detects hardware, then it just goes black. Otherwise it uses the onboard graphics. I don't have a PCI video card or another PCI-E card besides a 2x gtx660.
  3. I've narrowed it down a bit. Fresh install always keeping it plugged into the pci-e card, setup continues until it starts configuring plug and play hardware, after it detects hardware, the screen goes black and I can't get it back. I tried with Windows ME and Windows 98SE, same results. So as soon as it starts configuring devices the screen goes black, just like when Windows was fully installed. If I keep it plugged into the onboard video it works all the way through, but after install the PCI-E card only shows up in safe mode. I don't think its an IDE problem, I install from IDE DVD then disable the IDE controller after the first part of setup completes when it reboots to solve that problem. The only settings for video in the bios are "1mb/8mb" "DVMT/FIXED/COMBO" "Internal/PCI-E/PCI". That's it I can't find a setting to completely disable. Thanks again for the responses and keeping Window 9x alive!
  4. My motherboard is 945GCM5-F V2 (FSB 1333) http://www.msi.com/product/mb/945GCM5-F-V2--FSB-1333-.html#/?div=Detail I tried lowering the memory to 256mb, I tried updating with the INF's on the site you gave, everything. But I can't get the 7300 to show up outside of safe mode. I'm going to try editing the bios to look for hidden settings reguarding disabling the onboard video. I tried all the APCI settings. Its just weird that it shows up in safe mode. I feel I am so close, but so far. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. could you update the link of the winme sp3 link above, it doesn't work with or without adding exe, thanks
  6. (when connected to internal graphics) when I boot in safe mode, the 7300 shows up, when I boot in regular mode only the internal shows up (when connected to 7300le) can boot into safe mode internal graphics shows up, when I boot regular it goes black and either reboots or just seems to hang, cant tell because screen is black. thanks for the quick responses will try that VBEMP driver right now That pagefile command worked, now rocking 1995 mb of ram AND ddr2 dual channel mode. Happyest OS ever.
  7. OK I wanted a nostalgia build and I had a 945 chipset msi board around, I was able to install drivers for almost everything. At first it wouldn't boot with 2 gigs of ram, but now with 1 gig it boots. I don't have any 512 sticks to test as it is ddr2. ANYWAY I have a PCI-E 7300LE 256MB. When I boot into safe mode it installs with the modded 82.69 drivers. Everything looks fine. And whenever I boot to safe mode, the 7300LE shows up. But When I reboot normally the screen turns off after a second. The computer will come up if I use the intergrated video, but the card 7300LE is not there. Maby the 256MB+1GB is too much. I heard people can use up to 1995MB on windows ME, how do they enable that. I tried using the XP chipset drivers and they did install but on the PCI to PCI ports that the drivers recognized as PCI-E ports. I get this error twice. One for each pcie port. Windows could not load the driver for this device because the computer is reporting two PCI.VXD bus types. (Code 2) Other than that, the system has no exclamation points, usb works. Everything works, the intergrated video has a proper driver loaded from xp but it doesn't work, stuck on 640x480x16. Ill try anything, thanks for reading and ANY suggestions you may have
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