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  1. I have the iphone 10xr and have been reluctantly using cloud storage for PC access of media. I just discovered the SanDisk iXpand flash drive model SDiX40n, courtesy of my wife. You have to use the SanDisk app to back up media to the drive but stores it on FAT32 so Windows 98, with nusb 3.6 sees it as a Usb storage device. I find it much more convenient than using cloud services. I had to tweak some camera settings because "live" pics save as .mov files which can be annoying when all you want is a pic on a PC.
  2. There is a newer version of the driver you have. It might help. If not maybe installing the driver before updates would work e1000w9x it's dated 01/06/2006 133kb version http://www.driversguru.com/hardwareid-PCI---VEN_8086-_-DEV_1077-_-SUBSYS_055B1014 The file is sp33671.exe
  3. I never realized you could do that. I set to "identify as internet explorer" and now I can view some youtube videos. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Bookmarking a video will not let me watch it but if i seach for the exact video sometimes it will play. I couldn't find the override.ini
  4. posting from Firefox 9.01 in 98SE so I'm not sure how well this will look. attached are the files. I've installed HDA on my Precision M90 and sounds works. no surprise since it's identical to the 9400. The waveout doesn't seem to have an effect on the volume HDAcfg.ini Hdalog.txt
  5. @ Deomsh & Dave-H. I've been following your work here and finally got some time to give HDA a try on my Dell Inspiron 9400. It has Sigmatel 9200 audio. I followed pg1 of this topic instructions. The driver loaded and I could see HDA in the multimedia sound options however I got a BSOD with an "application error" when desktop loaded but was able to continue-no sounds heard. I then copied HDAICOUT.HDA to my Windows directory and on reboot heard 2 pop sounds- but still got the BSOD. Then I added the minfilecache,maxfilecache=8192 and rebooted. No more BSOD and the Welcome sound played at full volume. I grinned like a kid at Christmas at this point. That's all I have time for today, but thanks for all your hard work. I'll try to look into the volume control another time as I read you got that working.
  6. I was also trying to get the SDhost controller to work on my Dell laptops when Wdmcheck showed no missing imports on the sys files. Dell uses Ricoh chips . The drivers are in their download R141246.exe. Files are dated late 2006. there's an earlier version from mid 2006 or late 2005 but i cant find the exe package. I wasn't able to make 9x inf files. Maybe you can use something here since you have an inf file.
  7. your ethernet chip is the same one Dell uses on their 915 laptops (and 945 too). bcm4sbe5.sys , b44win98.inf I use Broadcom version 4.28 and haven't had any problems. ftp://ftpt.distec.nl/drivers/mainboard/Fujitsu/Amilo1310g/FSC_1003115_lan_broadcom/Drivers/Win2k/
  8. I've found a good use for my Linksys WUSB54GC usb 2.0 adapter. They are still not to hard to find these days( they grey colored ones). You can have WPA2 ( referred to as AES) also with Hawkings HWUG1 utility still available for download on their site. https://hawkingtech.com/product/hwug1/?pid=1131&download=driver_winXP_HWUG1.zip . I just had to go into the inf file and add my device id for it to work. I guess you could do this for anything that uses the RT73 chip.
  9. yea, i agree with above, you have to disable usb emulation in BIOS on Dell laptops that were designed for XP and Vista if you want 9x to detect devices. As for CDROM, set your IDE controller to primary only then run add new hardware non plug and play and it should find the CDROM but DMA won't be available.
  10. Nvidia 7800GTX v2 256MB (Dell X8764) actually out-performs the 7900GS. It's got a massive heat sink and runs quieter than the 7900gs. It's fairly cheap now; just unscrew the extra mounting hardware that's attached to it. SLI capable
  11. http://support.creative.com/downloads/download.aspx?nDownloadId=7476 AUDLS_PCDRV_LB_1-02-00.exe The official site has a working 98SE driver for Sound Blaster Audigy LS PCI\VEN_1102&DEV_0007. It's from Feb 2004. When you run the program it tells you it can't find a SB card. While the message is still on the screen, go into your C:\Windows\Temp folder and copy the Crf000 folder to your desktop. In there is a Drivers folder, inside that is the Win2K_XP folder- it's actually for 98SE too. I just got my Audigy LS working. I thought my card was fried, the last time i used it a few years ago. it made garble sounds but I guess it was just a driver issue.
  12. I don't consider myself a big gamer, but recently I wanted to see what my laptop could run in 98se with or without KernelEx. I bought Far Cry and later Far Cry 2. The Far Cry that I got is a "SoldOut Software" package which says Vista compatible. It installs but doesn't run-it just kinda fizzles out after a couple seconds with no error, although it's suppose to be win98 compatible. It installs a version 1.4 patch for the game. I see in earlier posts here Far Cry has worked in 98SE. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it because I have an updated installation DVD aimed at Vista compatible? Far Cry 2 installs (set to KernelEx WinXp mode ) and eventually crashes with an error when it tries to update directX before the installation is over. It has C++2005 SP1 package and dotnetframework 2.0 on the DVD-the same versions that can be installed in 98se. I didn't realize when I bought Far Cry 2 that it needs to "phone home" to unlock the game. It was giving me a "security" error when i tried to run the exe on DVD. So I guess this one's out of the picture
  13. you could try Airlink AWLH6080. I can't confirm it works but I can confirm that AWLC6080 works and runs at 130Mbps in 98SE.
  14. Glad to hear... I have the DWA-130. However, I can't find WDMex on Rloew's site to purchase. I have the first three versions of the rt2870.sys file from 2007-all missing only NdisInitializeString. I hope to use it with this utility(contains rt2870.sys driver also): https://web.archive.org/web/20071110223821/http://www.airlink101.com/support/index.php?cmd=files&id=103
  15. I'm surprised how well ACPI works in 98SE with ICH7 on my Inspiron 9400. The system powers off when I shutdown or when the lid is closed. In all my previous dell laptop experienced ACPI didn't work at all--ICH4-6 Inspiron 5150,8600,or 9300.
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