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  1. the Zoom 4312 PCMCIA used Widcomm software, looks like version 3. The manual for this has very useful instructions for using all the bluetooth capabilities of Widcomm software. https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/legacysupport.minim.com/documentation/bluetooth/BTUSB-PCC_Manual_Eng.pdf best/easiest/cheapest? choice is IOGEAR GBU221 Bluetooth Adapter or better yet IOGEAR GBU321 Bluetooth Adapter -both are broadcom 2045 chips and will work with previous posted software D00748-001-002.exe
  2. Windows 95C on a Dell Latitude D510 farfigs11 replied to jholt5638's topic in Windows 9x/ME yea, i agree with above, you have to disable usb emulation in BIOS on Dell laptops that were designed for XP and Vista if you want 9x to detect devices. As for CDROM, set your IDE controller to primary only then run add new hardware non plug and play and it should find the CDROM but DMA won't be available. January 21, 2018
  3. did the installer program work to install everything, drivers ect.? or did you have to install the driver manually from device manager?
  4. my bad, I didn't realize the latitude was that way. I assume you are using the modified ICH7-9 inf files found here & ACPI is installed/enabled. ICH2CorM.inf has the following lines %*PNP0C15.DeviceDesc% = GLB_DOCK_DRV, *PNP0C15 ; ACPI Global Dock *pnp0c15.DeviceDesc="ACPI Dock Device"
  5. if you don't have driver success with the Quadro NVS you can swap it out for a Dell 7800GTX 256mb. Bluetooth? absolutely- Dell 355 bluetooth module and D00748-001-002.exe (license will be an issue) Wireless? yes, if you can find Gigabyte GN-WS30N 802.11n mini WLAN Card, a 9x driver does exist if your dock device is flagged in system devices, Intel ICH2 has the driver I went through all this when I had my Precision M90
  6. I have one desktop system with a 7800GTX PCI-e, and a laptop with a 7800gtx- Both are 256mb but both have artifacts with NFS games: underground 2 & most wanted 2005 with 82.69 I'll test when I can I've recently started switching my systems over to ATI, I prefer better openGL than more framerates.
  7. I have the ASRock 775i65G also, worked fine for a while then got progressively problematic. Seems to be USB 2.0 and/or BIOS related but maybe it's just bad caps. The first boot attempt fails, usually gets past BIOS on the second or third attempt. I can say which board to stay away from in that era- MSI -particularly 7211 -every one I saw had leaking caps. I never had a cap problem with a Dell.
  8. if you want the VIA Sata driver to work you have to set the BIOS to RAID mode. I remember I had to to that for my MSI 7211 ver 3 board.
  9. you do have the option of PCIe sound using the CMI8738 chip sound card. I just dug mine out of storage and got it working in my Asus Pk5e using a driver I found googling -Philscomputerlab driver from 2003. I have kernelEx installed and had to set the install program to windows ME compatabilty for it to autoinstall on 98SE
  10. I've had some success, was able to get FF 35 running. the portable exe crashes but the exe in the App folder worked, occasionally. I have FF 3.5 and 9 installed so I'm sure I have a profile conflict. When FF35 was running I was able to get to MSFN and youtube but it froze so I was not able to scroll
  11. if you want 945 chipset and 4gb ram you'd have to get the Precision M90. Of couse you won't have AC97 as HD audio comes with that chipset. I had one running Windows 98SE with a Geforce 7800 GTX, and Gigabyte GN-WS30N-RH for wireless- those wifi cards are hard to get. It ran hot and didn't seem much faster than the Inspiron 9300 which is a better experience because the on-board audio works
  12. you may need R Loew's Sata patch. I remember getting a black screen and freeze during boot without it.
  13. on some of my machines I had to install with setup /p j to install ACPI, it helped clear up the PCI bus issue. My P35 chipset desktop works fine with ACPI enabled. Do you have any ACPI devices showing under System Devices? Just a suggestion, I would only disable ACPI as a last resort
  14. I tried to get the Quadro Fx cards to work on my Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop but they never did-not even the 256mb . I even tried a 7950gtx but that didn't work either-with or without R Loew's patch so I settled for the 7800GTX. I did experiment with SLI with two 7800GTX PCI-E cards on my desktop (Dell X8764) Windows 98se detected the SLI link as a PCI to PCI bridge but there was no SLI benefit as the driver did not detect anything but another video card
  15. I have the iphone 10xr and have been reluctantly using cloud storage for PC access of media. I just discovered the SanDisk iXpand flash drive model SDiX40n, courtesy of my wife. You have to use the SanDisk app to back up media to the drive but stores it on FAT32 so Windows 98, with nusb 3.6 sees it as a Usb storage device. I find it much more convenient than using cloud services. I had to tweak some camera settings because "live" pics save as .mov files which can be annoying when all you want is a pic on a PC.

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