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  1. yes it is useless on SSD prefetch or superfetch (that super had to be hype for vista lol) was just a way to use fast RAM instead rotating HDD but SSD isn't rotational/mechanical, its now just chip as RAM is even win7 when detects SSD automatically kills superfetch service
  2. if i for example wish to use older Kubuntu 14 which is i think like 4 years old but newest wine on it, does Linux accept this kind of things or has same crap like windows has, a some version limitations per install ?
  3. lol wtf ... ? must be a new feature of win10
  4. they simply refuse to realise that touch-ui and desktop-ui don't go together ... guess its simplier to bang with head against wall till you crack it
  5. mmh ReactOS was ran over time IMO not worth using it
  6. how can you be sure they are "programmers" ? maybe they only short-employ high-school kids for practice hours
  7. people will always find a way... for MS to make force bypass, will have to constantly patch high level system files, which IMO ain't worth it...
  8. youre brave I stopped at 2015 only the spectre-meltdown ones are "newer"
  9. i'm actually amaized how winblows 10 survived this long unfortunately i can't seem to see "light on end of tunnel" can you ?
  10. thing is that question "how is it better" doesn't apply anymore they do what is easier for them, old method meant prolonged support for X version of winblows now they spit out every few months a whole gigantic crap, and support for previous "build" is gone and their excuse is simple and effective: you have to use latest quality = zero
  11. lol, last sentence was best "you'll get this update, if you want it or not" ahahaha
  12. dunno if Stardock's Winblinds work on winblows 10 but yesterday i saw few skins that quite changed the fuglyness of winblows 10 you might consider that as last option
  13. agreed hes just 1 and how many devs are out there ? ...
  14. mmm maybe it can't backup activly used system files these are usualy tagged with $ prefix
  15. it was always that year for Enterprise and Pro SKU's, since they are VLK
  16. thats a lul remember older times when upgrading from 98 to XP took maybe 1 hour and maybe some bit more yet hardware was crap comparing to now now you have freaking warp speed and it takes 20 hours (probably coz of all winblows 10 garbage stiffed in) what happened to - protect/lock programs and user data and simply overwrite every other system file ? -> winblows 10 happened maybe before "upgrade" they are scanning your HDD's to see what toilet paper you use the most
  17. but what powers the UI the DWM (D3D) or "classic shell" (D2D) ?
  18. soo does this mean M$ is done with any mobile platform ? will they return to desktop ? or what ...
  19. since i only touched winblows 10 ONCE how does Server display UI ? also via forced DWM or without it ?
  20. even if it did, it does it by forcing machines to upgrade without any consent
  21. space isn't problem anymore thats why I copied whole SxS back over, but you can still save 5 GB if you filter out all _language_ (except en-us, _none_, and yours) and remove backup folder
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