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  1. there are many defected updates 1 year ago when I did custom install for both x86 and x64, had to trace back alot of them, some are well listed and documented on MDL, and such have to be avoided at all cost and this is where research always come in handy BEFORE you slipstream things or do blindly auto update if sfc repair didn't fix it, then you're out of luck
  2. i'm not tracking winblows 10 so much but seems it will get 3rd (turd :D) major upgrade soon ? anyone know will UI change in any aspect, or will uglyness still stay ?
  3. by doing simple google of win7 error 800736CC you will find bunch of bunch of links not that hard eh ?
  4. 0 as in ZERO they can name it whatever they want, its still same piece of s***
  5. no wonder they are all free
  6. when talking about android, to me this is very grey area... I always thought, as per wikipedia, and per rooting my device as it looks, that "Android OS" is nothing more than Linux as core and I guess Java as shell ? but if its Linux at core, then how can it be prone to malwares that brick the system ? wouldn't it be just voulnerable to java part and just screw the UI and maybe gadget behaviour ? then comes the "antivirus" part on the online "markets", there are so many of them, even brand ones (avira, avast, sophos, norton, nod32....) and all are free, but, do they even work ? , some of what I have read on net, they don't do much, except scanning for "potential threats", but supposedly they don't detect trojans and such... ?
  7. i'd call reactos more like obsolete project than dead if it was stable during vista days or even win7 days, that would be still ok but now ... its not worth it other than for "geeks" to i guess learn how OS works on code level ?
  8. that wasn't port that was vista with 2k3 recompiled kernel you can see bunch of his "builds" just being server 03 with different kernel number stiffed with some vista beta files while he used true transparency and simmiliar emulating visuals nobody ever yet ported DWM to XP the closest was Stardock with winblinds 6 that actually used GPU for transparency and blur but that wasn't compositor, just their own com object for skinning shell every other imitation apps used brute CPU power which lagged the shizzle of the OS
  9. nope fully dunctional DWM works with XP drivers on early vista versions it relies on .net 2 and DirectX 9 //samuka can't do nothing, he's using leaked WRK which is not x64 and uses butchered parts of alchi components and some reactOS ... things he never even managed to port DWM, all he does is some compatibility layer for vista apps to work on "XP"
  10. that goes to web dev's any video dependant on *flv or any variant within swf will need flash but they are not necessary anymore, as flash videos are low quality anyway just compare youtube flash "HD" and html5 HD (h264) the HTML5 is so much crispier and sharper
  11. mmm if XP was recompiled with proper x64 support with added DWM and win7's taskbar - I'd ditch any other NT in its favor
  12. yes, losing compatibility support for previous system (apps for xp) yes, you'll get auto telemetry code embeded in VS '15 projects
  13. the incompatibility will be solved when you do it "run as vista" via properties if it works on your current vista, it will work on 7 drivers should work from vista (even xp if i'm not mistaken) but usually you'll get generic ones, so again if it works on vista, it will work on 7 since you aim for 7 RTM, SP1 installation is a must unsupported ? win 7 will come to same phase very soon ... you ain't gonna miss anything, except garbage updates
  14. its shame after so many years Linux hasn't become "average user OS" if they just did some easy predictions in late 2009, Linux would replace winblows for home OS by now...
  15. another reason in bag full of s***, why not to use that POS it became as as android is, pushing crap you can't avoid...
  16. uhhh I never could and never will be able to imagine usage of cloud apps same goes for personal storage its just ... "ugh" i'd rather carry portable apps on stick
  17. mmm, i use my "carriying mobile technology" (device) to play MAME games hahahahaha
  18. even 1 is enought no frown, let alone "few"
  19. yes it is you have Enterprise "E" and Borg cube attacking Earth fleet
  20. they can't kill "win32" so soon otherwise alot, alooooot apps will break and without win32 (or 64... whatever you wanna call it now...) what will power up .net, which is their ultimate next platformic garbage for long time... ?
  21. how they count statistic, I wouldn't be suprised MS counts in every install within VM as "new device" there you have your fill-gap for 1 billion
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