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  1. -------------------unfortunately using win2k version of this file will simply disappear all network connections from that menu, so I recommend, for now, everyone to use this replacement only AFTER your finish configuration of your network interfaces, and you might wanna keep a backup of those replaced files in case you will want to perform configuration again.--------------------- Ohh lord that sounds like way to much work. Just use resource hacker and shrink the xp shell32.dll. Anyone wanna try reshacker. Just google it. Once you open up shell32.dll youl see the icons and junk just delete and replace as you see fit and there you have it. I'll work on this when I get a chance but I like icons so mine might not be what all of you are looking for.
  2. footballking3420 can you report back how it works for you and what you think. You can PM me I'm gonna try it to and we can compare notes if you want.
  3. why not just reshack the xp shell32.dll and replace all the icons with 1 size. That reduces the heck out of it and should make it run faster. So that would be better then w2k ver of shell32 right?
  4. Well I found a project that is already replacing explorer. Check out http://www.microwinx.com/download.php# & This the 58 page thread. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...5003&st=840
  5. Has anyone tried to put explorer.exe in the remove box. I bet it wont work but worth a try. Also I believe the windows setup wont run without explorer.exe at least around t12 mark or after. The only way I can see you doing this is through a batch scrpt that shuts down explorer deletes the backup copy & the running one then replaces necessary reg entries & finally loads it. I delete & replace my explorer during setup so replacing it outright at that point seems possible.
  6. ha ha.. yeah its better then a lot of other things.
  7. Please please stop calling us your babies. LOL & you can silently install office and I believe itunes also.
  8. I have experenced many issues with importing reg entries late in the game (once your logged in). Now I have a multi teared reg entry procedure that works great. First reg entry which is universal to pc is at cmdlines. If you do an entry then it will almost always work unless its corrupt. Second is right after first logon but I kill explorer & runonce runs then and third is once finally logged in. Try that and it should make it all work.
  9. Usually usb which is looked at like a HD to the bios will try to boot first over a cd or dvd. I've seen that happen. However your getting into setup and then it freezes well thats easy. Thats windows checking the usb to see if it can install on that usb. Also the issue with the HD is that you need to format. Most likely windows sees an old install and is checking it to repair.
  10. sweet. sounds like a fix for the next nlite.
  11. Madhits45


    I had a blue screen with vmware and did not with the real life machine. It was on 1.2.1 and not on 1.0.1 & everything was the same. Try it on a real machine. If it works the PLOT thickins.....
  12. Ya know jcarle your right. the 800x600 makes the message go away I forgot about that. Still It kinda defeats the purpose of setting a custom res when you enter windows.
  13. Yeah what are those entries for I think that question has come up but was NEVER answered. Id love to know what are we missing if those dont get applied? Also what is the fix to make them go into the registry. I honestly dont mind the error if I got everything nlite was trying to do to make the system good. Oh and for the record I dont get this error in 1.2.1 but I get a lot of other problems with the version so I use 1.01.
  14. Well 1.2.1 has had all kinds of lil annoying problems causing me to change a lot of my setup and it still does not work right. I decided to go back to 1.01 and everything works great except for internet. For some reason the internet hi-cups before a connection is made. Once its made everything is smooth. Not sure if this is nlite or a driver or just that my wifi card is 3 yrs old. If I dont get this issue fixed I am going to start seeking answers on this problem.
  15. Yes this is in vmware and real life. Happens everytime with nlite 1.2.1 and 1.0.1. How did you guys get rid of it? Its always been there from my knowledge and no way to get rid of it.
  16. I thought there was no way around it if you set a resolution. I set mine to 1024x768 and I have always gotten that pop up. If there is a way to stop it from comming up that is great and I wanna know. Plus there are 2 pop up's actually. One is asking you to adjust then a second one confirming it and it has a count down. Don't you get 2 jumpman? I do. If you found a way you would have to get both. :-)
  17. I agree with both sides. But I have to say on some of the bigger sized items the descriptions can be a little better. I find myself wondering what those things work with in windows. It would be nice to have some of the info from that topic "what not to remove for some apps" added to nlite for MS app's. You cant possibly add info for 3rd party apps to nlite, there are simply to many but at least if someone was having trouble with a part of windows or office & nlite had that info that would be great. Also how acurate are the sizes for the files in nlite. Are those a guess or the actual size of the componet removed? I have always wondered could something I remove actually be bigger then what it says there or smaller?
  18. I found a way to install IE 7 without Autoupdate present at all. Its a bit of a work around. If anyone is interested PM me.
  19. CBC I see your point but boot up time does have to do with productivity so that is a human performance measure. So I can see it both ways. & I had at one time noticed a nice gain from nlite with boot up time. Now with the 100's of updates I am starting to see some loss.
  20. I have the same problem. The thing is its only on certain systems (same nlited xp disc used) so it has to be a hardware issue. I have disabled all networking except the one I use for internet. Any other ideas? What I can disable to change. I have alot more services running since there were so many issues with services comming up on my install. Could all those services be causing this?
  21. Madhits45


    There some issues when you use a none slipstreams sp2 source as I have seen. I have the ability to use both a slipstreamed and none slipstreamed source of SP2 and amazingly I have less issues with the slipstreamed source then I do with the none one but ONLY with nlite 1.2.1. 1.0.1 reacts the same to both soures. I hope this helps nuhi.
  22. Yeah I dont have a problem reinstalling. Anyone have an idea what fonts these are? I'll try the MT extra. I would like to add the right one to my keep list. Thanks
  23. My girlfriend noticed an issue in MS office with Microsoft equation. I could not figure out what the problem was after reinstallin Office. She is usng an install I made with nlite where I removed some of the fonts and keyboards and languages from the install. The problem is the symbols for the equations do not display correctly. You end up getting strange symbols for things like - and + signs. I know there was another person who had a simular problem but it was with power point. I'm not sure if he got an answer. Could what I removed cause this and if so what exactly? what font is it? Does anyone have an idea on this?
  24. hmm interesting using both nlites to do the work. I never thought of that. I believed the issues I had with nlite stemed from integration but I never got an error when installing just everything acting weird part way through the install or once I was in windows. So your lil test difinately shows something. What parts of nlite 1.2.1 did you use? I will also try this and see what happens with my install.

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