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  1. camarade tux what are you talking about? Sounds like jibberish.. LOL Is there a way to fix the advanced inf error and are these multiple cmd windows part of it. Thanks
  2. That site requires a invitation code... Darn it. I will use my other resources to find this if i can. Can you invite me to that site? If so PM and ill give you my email address or whatever is needed. This tweaknt prog seems interesting. This might be exactly what I need. If i can make 2003 like xp in almost everyway and its faster then this will be better then xp. If anyone knows of a thread for 2003 reg tweaks id like to know about it. Also anyone use 2003 with nlite and had good results or tips for me that would be good to. Thanks lamer
  3. Here you go. This just goes to show that MSFN is to big. I did not even know this type of app exsisted and here a fellow msfn'er has made it. I could have used this months ago and it would have saved me 3 months of torture trying to find one bad reg entry that causied huge system crashes. Ahhh well at least i have it now and so do you. Does anyone know. Are reg tweaks interchangable between xp and 2003. Granted I know not all will be but are some of the bigger ones the same. Is there a 2003 reg tweak thread out there? Thanks RegCheck_1_2.rar
  4. what do you mean commit charge? Do you mean ram usage? OK i'm looking at this guide How to convert your Windows Server 2003... to a Workstation!. This looks like it takes place after you nlite or this guide is unaware of nlite. That does not make sense. When you nlite this version arnt some of these options removed to save space & so they wont come up in your install in the first place. Either with a tweak or nlite. like the section on Manage Your Server or CAL section. Can't nlite remove that so it wont show during setup. Or is nlite not capable of removing these sections to make windows server a workstation before install. Where is the posting with all the reg tweaks that do all of this for you during setup? Where are the custom scripts people have written to make 2003 almost exactly like xp. I think i might be expecting to much here. Has no one jumped into customizing or reg tweaking 2003 yet?
  5. ok thanks. Post back here when you finish. I have just gotten server 2003 and i plan to test it myself. Hopefully drivers, reg tweaks, other apps and scripts i wrote will work in 2003.
  6. Has anyone nlited 2003 server? I am considering doing this for a performance gain with my new system. I'm like to know the following: Can you get it as small as XP? what size? How different is it from windows xp? What sort of perfromance difference is there really 20% 30% or more? Can the same things I have written to work on XP work on server 2003? batch files? reg keys? (within reason I understand I'll have to do some tweaking to them) etc Thanks for your responses
  7. Seems like it might be better to get this release: http://www.nforce.nl/index.php?switchto=nf...o&id=100353 Then nlite it yourself. That way you can make it as fast as you want.
  8. Yeah Glad you like wifi hopper. It does not need any of the services and surprisingly that was the first one i found and tried. I got lucky because it just makes the connection on this pc with nothing to depend on. I attached my last session.ini for anyone to review. As you will notice I do not remove anything for wifi to stop working. This same install works on other pc's great, so i know it is something else. Perhaps the total rebuid of this cd will fix it. Either way I would like to get some more feedback after people see the last session and tell me what they think about it. Thanks Last_Session.ini
  9. i'm surprised you have not gotten the inf error (Advanced INF: Access Denied error). A lot of people have gotten it as it comes from the nlite inf on first login. The nlite.inf has some custome settings and reg edits as near as I can figure it. Kinda hard to figure out what each line of it does in mine. I have tried to fix it a few ways and only had it disappear once and that was with more problems occuring. I have had the same items removed from my install for a long time. The only changes I have made were to the manual keep/remove files which have had problems and I had to stop using that recently. How many people have the advanced inf error on first login? Has anyone successfully fixed it using nlites options? Thanks
  10. I think I know why the login issue is occuring. I have all the drivers installed but I used my old nlite disc with different integrated drivers. I need to update the disk for this computer anyway. I bet once i update the disc and reinstall this issue will go away. I believe the old drivers that are also intel are causing issues being left behind. Thanks for all your help! I have a few things to work on now that some of you have confirmed what I was thinking. If this is not fixed I'll repost this problem again. For those that wanted to know the wifi program I am using to connect to wifi. It is called wifi hopper. This is a great program. The strange thing about windows with wifi hopper is that sometimes the connected icon never shows. If anyone has any ideas about the wifi issue please post this is still a mystrey to me and does not seem to have a source like the login problem does.
  11. I have those 2 cmd prompts come up on my first login also. Then I get that error "Advanced INF: Access Denied" like I always do. I think all of it is the nlite.inf. I have heard a fix for the Advanced INF: Access Denied error but have not gotten it to work. Involves copying the nlite.inf into $$/system32 dir and changing it to ini. Supposedly that fixes that error. I dont know how and so far I cant get it to work. Does anyone have a fix for that Advanced INF: Access Denied error?
  12. I'll add my last session.ini after labor day. Thanks for all your help. I know for a fact I dont remove anything for wireless zero config. MY other computer uses this and this is the same install just different PC. These 2 problems only occur on 1 of the 2 computers. The other one is fine thats whats strange. I was playing around with the computer again with wifi what I found was very interesting. I do get the wireless zero config icon to appear and say i'm connected when i use this new app. However when I right click on that icon and say browse for wifi it will not find any. I dont get the error WZC service not started. I believe I checked that it was started also. I'll have to make sure on that. However I dont think its not started. This is most likely a nlite issue something with my new pc. I'll post my last session and see if that helps. Any other ideas?
  13. I recently installed windows XP on my new desktop with the following parts: MSI 945 Express board (945 chipset) Ati AIW x1900 256mb 1gb 667mhz ram 500 watt power a few to many fans 1. The issue I am having is the load time on the login ui is super long. I am waiting like 60-90 seconds for the icons to appear once logonui is loaded. Why is this happening? Anyone else had this? What can I do to fix it? 2. My USB wifi card will not work with Windows XP. Its a G card in USB format and works on my laptop with the same install. What happens is the zero wireless config tool used to connect to wifi signals will not pick up a connection. I figured that card was not installed but thats not it, its all setup. I downloaded a different connection manager and it worked great. So why not with Windows zero config? I really would like some thoughts on these too issues with nlite. Thanks for your help..
  14. Wait so the Nlite.in_ goes into these directories as nlite.ini or nlite.inf "You can prevent the error from occuring by extracting the "nlite.in_" file to nlite.ini and placing it the $OEM$\$$ and another copy of the nlite.ini in the $OEM$\$$\System32.... The error does not appear again..." Was that a typo or is it supposed to be changed to ini? Thanks
  15. WOW sweet... thanks.. Ill try that lil trick. I actually have all the visual tweaks done with other reg entries so not a big deal there. I was missing one of the security reg tweaks the nlite.inf has in it so hopefuly your trick will fix that,, THANKS A BUNCH
  16. Yep thats the same error i get. I think the nlite inf adds those custom reg tweaks at that point. CAN someone confirm what nlite.inf does? Even better maybe a way to fix this from happening?
  17. Anyone have a clue about this failed inf install at first boot?
  18. OK - i found "nlite.in_" why don't all the settings that i did in nlite - when i was creating the unattended install. why dont they work ? Any file with the _ on the end of it is a compressed file. To uncompress it: (At the command line) expand nlite.in_ nlite.inf then to recompress it: makecab nlite.inf NLITE.IN_ As for your last question, that is likely the MOST vague question ever asked. Actually I have a very simular problem but I have been ignoring it for a while now due to much larger nlite problems that thank god recently I got working. Anyway I know the issue is with nlite.inf or an inf of some kind. At the first reboot after my guirunonce is finished I login and I get an error advanced .inf install failed. All I can do is click ok. I have no idea what that is and my best guess is that its the nlite.inf. Is this the same error you get troyquigley? I looked at the nlite.inf so I know that the nlite.inf does not do much so its not a big deal. I believe its just a few extra reg tweaks actually. I have experence building install inf's for apps and drivers and I have also done one with reg tweaks however I cant diagnose how to fix this unless I know where its starting from and what calls it. I think its just a runonce command thats added to the registry and even though I use alot of tweaks writing or rewriting one I have never attepted, yet... LOL So does anyone have an idea whats wrong with it? Has anyone fixed it?
  19. Madhits45

    nLite 1.0.1 Final

    in nlite in the compatability options for removing things, check the 'Terminal Services' option, i remove a CRAP load from mine, but i tick that and it hides 3 things, always works! Thanks for the HELP!!! Interesting. I did not try that but I figured out what was causing the issue. Turns out that by removing parts of the accessibilty options (I only like the magnifier and the on screen keyboard) that somehow this removes terminal services. I had these in the remove box and more then just them were being removed. accwiz.exe narrator.exe utilman.exe narrhook.dll not sure if these were causing problems either but i kept them off as well. msconfig.exe clock.avi calc.exe I decided to leave them off and delete them at another part of the setup. There only 300-400k so no biggie. This is definately a bug in nlite. You should be able to remove the parts of something and not have it kill other things as well like terminal services. Well there is a bug you can fix nuhi. I love the app and hope you keep making it better.. Thanks a million..
  20. Madhits45

    nLite 1.0.1 Final

    Well I tried nlite 1.01 final and rvpack 2.10 with the same results as before. This time I used ryans integrator to do that part and basicly whenever nlite touches the install it causes the issue i'm having. Without nlite its fine. So I know for a fact that something I'm removing is causing terminal services to also be removed. If someone can shed some light on this PLEASE DO. I'm completely LOST. I've been able to detirmine that it is none of the following: ryans update packs any of them 2.06, 2.07, 2.07a 2.10 any custom files I add on after nlite. any install that occurs during the install from oem's folder any drivers any reg tweaks Basicly I cut out each of these to figure this out and all at the same time and nlite is the only piece of the puzzule thats left. If someone can look at my last session file and tell me what I need to leave in there to keep terminal services that would be helpful. Thanks Last_Session.ini
  21. Madhits45

    nLite 1.0.1 Final

    I also have been having some strange issues with services with nlite 1.0 final. It seems that no matter what i do terminal services keeps getting removed. I have tried ryans update pack 2.06, 2.07 and 2.07a with nlite and his own integrator. I do not remove or disable terminal services and yet its gone every time. If someone could shed some lite on this that would be very helpful. Thanks I attached my last session file also.. I also have the internet explorer icon disappear off the desktop, yet thats easy to put back after first start up. Not sure if thats related or not. I hope to see if nlite 1.01 will change anything. Last_Session.ini Last_Session.ini
  22. I believe this is a bug in ryans most recent update pack. 2.07 & 2.07a. Both seem to do the same thing with nlite rc8 and nlite final. If anyone has a copy of update pack 2.06 that would be great. Thanks
  23. i actually have the same issue with 2.07 & 2.07a. No terminal services and some other problems. I also need 2.06. Who has it. I have 2.05
  24. I just noticed another nlite final bug. Even if you do not select terminal services to be removed it is removed anyway. This might be part of the other problem I have or completely unrelated.
  25. Interesting. I did not even know that but these flash drives are really useless to me anyway. I have 5x 128mb and 3x 64mb flash drives that i got for free. So if they wearout i'm not the least bit concerned. I'd like to use this readyboost thing with them because otherwise there useless.

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